CIM Patrons

CIM Patron

John Cunningham

Title: Executive Director

Employer: Aggregate & Ready Mix Association of Minnesota

“The CIM program helps tie together all the disciplines that are needed to run a business that is reliant on technological expertise, environmental understanding, transportation logistical knowledge and much more. CIM grads are starting from a higher base of knowledge that will take them to an ultimately higher level, along with their companies and coworkers. ”

What is your involvement in the CIM program? Why did you get involved with the program? 

I became involved with the CIM program in response to Minnesota’s need to attract younger and more diverse workers into our industry. It’s been a profound blessing for me to have been part of the concrete industry in the Midwest for more than 20 years, and I want more young people to have the opportunity for a career like mine. 

Why have you and your company made the commitment to the CIM program? What benefits do you think it will bring to your company?    

The Aggregate & Ready Mix Association of Minnesota (ARM) represents the aggregate and concrete industries in our state. A large part of our mission is focused on education. Additionally, it becomes more apparent every day that our industries flourish when we increase everyone’s level of knowledge. Minnesota and the Midwest are home to some of the best concrete experts in the world, and we want to see that continue to be the case well into the future. 

Why should other companies in the concrete industry get involved in the CIM program? How can they get involved? 

The CIM Program, especially at SDSU, is going to continue to grow and turn out students with a fundamental knowledge of business in the concrete industry. We all have direct and indirect reasons for wanting that to happen. On the broader level, the more knowledgable our industry leaders are, the farther we will all go. At the company level, being one of the Patrons and getting involved with the program gives one the opportunity to connect directly with the best and brightest future industry leaders. 

Anybody who is even contemplating getting involved with the CIM program is welcome to call or email me. I regularly hear from potential Patrons who just want to learn more. I welcome the opportunity for these conversations. 

What is your vision for the CIM program? 

Personally, I’d like to see the CIM program open the door for us with a much broader cross-section of potential leaders. The CIM program, across the country, is well known for developing excellent leaders and well-prepared professionals. My vision for the future is that this reputation would be held by far more than just industry insiders.