Executive MBA in CIM

The CIM Executive MBA degree program is designed to expand the industry/academic partnership by bringing CIM to the business world through an Executive-type MBA. It stands alone in its focused curriculum on the concrete production and concrete construction industries. The program – offered through the Jennings A. Jones College of Business at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) – is the result of many years of close collaboration between MTSU, the CIM National Steering Committee and companies in the concrete industry.

This customized MBA is a rigorous, highly interactive degree program that thrives on diversity of cultures with mutual benefit to participants and sponsoring companies. Its major themes are globalization, leadership, strategy, and execution. The program, administered in 7 week blocks and includes distance learning and webinars, is designed to cater to a busy working professional’s schedule and can be accomplished in as little as 15 months. Currently, most students complete the degree between 18-21 months.

The program, which began in the fall of 2012, takes participants beyond basics to a true understanding of forces that will shape the concrete and construction industry CIM MBA LOGOand will impart the skills necessary for leadership and team building, as well as the motivational skills to create synergy.

Getting Started

Students can apply and enter the program any semester and a custom plan will be designed based on your desire to complete the degree in 15 months or longer. The distinctive partner structure is designed for networking and sharing experiences, while fostering a collaborative learning environment. In addition, the cost for the program is $25,000 per participant. This fee represents the total academic cost of the program per participant, except for books.

Other Requirements

  • The CIM Executive MBA requires three years of related experience to waive the GMAT.
  • To apply, applicants will need the following:  resume, transcripts, three letters of recommendation and a statement of intent which describes how the applicant thinks the MBA might help them in their career.
  • The Jones College of Business requires a 2.8 GPA from an applicant’s undergraduate degree.

Interested in learning more about the CIM MBA? Visit our website or contact Associate Professor Jon Huddleston  at  jon.huddleston@mtsu.edu or (615) 494-8785 .

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“After graduating the CIM MBA program, I was hired by CHRYSO admixtures and made the move from Colorado to the headquarters in Texas. I was initially brought on as the regional sales manager, but I have since become the U.S. vice president of sales and marketing. Honestly, having the MBA under my belt was a major reason that I was given the opportunity to be considered for the position. So long story short, thank you for helping to facilitate my success!”  

Daniel Bentz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing


CIM Executive MBA Class of 2019