May 2023 Digital Marketing Campaign Results

The following report is an overview of CIM’s first national advertising campaign. This 70-day campaign began on March 6 and ended on May 15. The National Steering Committee (NSC) hired Andy Busalacchi of B Media to develop and administer the campaign. According to Busalacchi, the campaign performed well-above market expectations analytically and has given us meaningful behavioral insights into CIM’s target audience.

The goal of the first campaign was awareness and to introduce CIM as a field of study to potential students. We utilized a healthy mix of ad platforms that focused on awareness and lower funnel, which is a more targeted, action-driven approach.

This report will cover high-level key metrics as well as our analysis. Further data can be provided upon request. We utilized Google Display & Video 360 (display, CTV/OTV, YouTube), Google Ads (search/display), Spotify (audio/video), and Reddit as our main methods of promotion.

This report covers the full period of the campaign from March 6 through May 15, 2023.

During our NSC meeting in May, the results of the campaign were presented. You can view the entire presentation by clicking on the image below.