Sub Committees of the National Steering Committee

Marketing Committee

The CIM Marketing Committee focuses on a few key areas to promote the CIM programs and build the CIM brand. The Committee employs several strategies and tactics to increase awareness of the CIM program. Our key goals are directed at helping educate prospective students and influencers about educational and career opportunities in the concrete industry. The Committee developed a marketing plan to reach a variety of targets, including the construction industry, the concrete industry, the general media, the academic community and potential students and student influencers. Our approach includes advertising, association and patrons’ group support, auction support, collateral and promotional materials, digital media, events and trade shows, public relations and video production.


Auction Committee

The CIM Auction Committee consists of over 40 industry professionals that worked together to solicit items and promote the event. CIM program universities are the primary beneficiaries, as the CIM Auction has increasingly become the major source of NSC funding.

Because of its strong nucleus of members, the committee has become increasingly effective and has developed a game plan to assure a successful auction. Once one auction is completed, the committee is hard at work on the next. Hanley Wood, The World of Concrete, Informa and Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers have been tremendous partners for CIM. Without their commitment and support, the auction would not be possible. The World of Concrete management ensures that the NSC has the full support of the entire WOC staff. All of the promotion for WOC, both leading up to the event and at the convention center, highlight and advertise the auction. Ritchie Bros. has provided the NSC with their expertise in both promoting and being on site conducting the auction. Through Ritchie Bros., we are able to include online participation for people who are not able to attend the auction. We are pleased to note that a significant percent of the live auction proceeds come from online bidders, a percentage that continues to increase each year.

Finance Committee

The role of the finance committee is primarily to provide financial oversight for the National Steering Committee. Responsibilities include budgeting and financial planning, financial reporting, and the creation and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies.

Long Range Planning Committee

The vision of the CIM program is to be a resource to provide the concrete industry with professional leaders for tomorrow. The mission is to develop, support, promote and sustain a network of higher learning institutions with programs that produce future professional leaders with degrees in concrete industry management. We represent a national, broad-based industry coalition in partnership with CIM institutions and local industry patron groups, dedicated to a collaborative process to accomplish this goal.

During 2017, this Committee met to review the overall plan, the vision, the mission and the strategic goals for the CIM program. These five strategic goals that will drive our future actions.

Goal 1:  Monitor the needs of the concrete industry and adapt the scope of the Concrete Industry Management program curriculum, network of institutions and local patrons to meet those needs.

Goal 2:  Preserve, protect and enhance the value and integrity of the Concrete Industry Management brand.

Goal 3: Promote the use of the Concrete Industry Management university network to conduct coordinated research and collaborative activities that benefit both the Concrete Industry Management programs and the concrete industry.

Goal 4:  Facilitate the generation and appropriate allocation of National Steering Committee (NSC) and patron funds in support of the Concrete Industry Management program.

Goal 5:  Ensure the NSC is configured and operated to lead and provide for the continued success of the Concrete Industry Management program.

Education Committee

The Education Committee focuses on assisting the CIM programs with recruiting and developing students to become future leaders in the concrete industry. With a growing demand for CIM graduates, our programs have enhanced their student recruiting efforts. The National Steering Committee (NSC) and the local Patrons have continued to provide matching funds for scholarship to increase the number of majors in the CIM programs. The Education Committee monitors how the funds are utilized and suggests ways to allocate them effectively.

The Education Committee is working with the Association of Technology, Management and Applied Engineering (ATMAE) to determine if the entire CIM program (NSC, Patrons and CIM programs universities) can effectively transition our industry accreditation requirements into ATMAE while retaining the original CIM goals and objectives.

Recruitment Committee

The Recruiting Committee works closely with other committees to increase the number of students in the Concrete Industry Management programs. Some CIM schools are reporting up to three times the number of jobs than graduates and well more than double the number of companies recruiting on campus than they had graduates in recent years. In addition, the job outlook shows faster than average growth in the industry through 2028, according to the Department of Labor.

Working with the Marketing Committee, the Recruiting Committee develop materials targeted toward school counselors and another toward parents of prospective students. In addition, a summary of career paths in the industry is now available to show prospective students the variety of potential jobs resulting from a CIM degree. These materials are available here and were printed and disseminated through CIM program universities as well as at trade shows with CIM representation.

Partnership with the Membership Committee has identified several employer supporters to pilot a program to distribute CIM program information to their employees and families. The goal is to ensure all industry constituents are aware of the opportunities within the industry resulting from a CIM degree and to connect them with the local CIM program for information on scholarship opportunities and application. If your organization can help spread the message about the value of the CIM program and the graduate opportunities, contact us to find out how you can be a partner!

Membership Committee

The demand for graduates of the Concrete Industry Management program is far surpassing supply. CIM graduates enjoy fierce competition for their talents as well as higher starting compensation than most of their peers upon completing their degree. While this demand is wonderful for the young professionals who chose to pursue a career in the concrete industry, it is a concern for the industry leaders who need a greater supply of CIM graduates to ensure the continued success of their companies.

This Membership Committee has succeeded in increasing involvement from many targeted companies. Our focus is on member companies – making sure that current and future employees know about the abundant opportunities a CIM degree provides. In doing so, they might not only help a family with an important life decision, but also help their company with a future leader as well!