2024 Auction Items


The CIM National Steering Committee, Local Patrons Groups, the 400+ current CIM students at our five program universities around the country as well as the more than 1,500+ graduates of the program wish to give sincere thanks to all of the companies that donate to our auctions each year.  Stay tuned, as the items being donated to our 2024 auction will be listed beginning this fall. These items will be sorted by category of donation – Ready Mixed Concrete-Focused Items, Contractor-Focused Items, Other Industry Segment Items, Items for Everyone, and Cash Donations

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Ready Mixed Concrete-Focused Items

Donor: Alamo Cement
Item: Three (3) Loads Portland Limestone Cement –
Three (3) loads (approximately 75 tons) of Portland Limestone Cement (PLC/Type 1L) or Type I-II, whichever product is available at the time of pickup.

Donor: Argos Cement
Item: Five (5) Loads Portland Limestone Cement –
Five (5) loads (approximately 125 short tons) of bulk Portland Limestone Cement. FOB manufacturing facility at either Harleyville, SC, Newberry, FL, or Roberta, AL.

Donor: Astec
Item: $25,000 Parts Credit – An open credit available for any Astec owned concrete brand to be used for new parts orders placed on or after the date of the auction. Applies to St. Bruno (Canada) BMH parts, Blair (US) Con-E-Co parts, or Burlington (US) RexCon parts. Cannot be applied to freight or taxes.

Donor: Beck Industrial, Inc.
Item$10,000 Parts Voucher – Beck Industrial builds the safest, toughest, and most innovative rear discharge mixers in North America. The winner of this lot will receive $10,000 in credit for replacement parts in 2024.

Donor: CalPortland
Item: Five (5) Loads Portland Cement or Advancement HS Portland Limestone-blended Cement (if available) – Five (5) loads (approximately 125 short tons) of Portland Cement or Advancement HS Portland Limestone-blended Cement (if available). FOB Cement plant or Terminal site.

Donor: Capitol Aggregates, Inc.
ItemFour (4) Loads of Type IL Cement – Four (4) Loads of Type IL. FOB San Antonio, TX.

Donor: CEMEX
ItemTen (10) Loads of Vertua® Low Carbon Cement – Ten (10) truckloads of Vertua® Low Carbon Cement at approximately 25 short tons per load, picked up a CEMEX US plant or terminal location.

Donor: CEMEX Admixtures
ItemOne (1) Pallet of ISOCYCLE 9200 – Returned Concrete Admixture – Turn your project’s returned concrete into gravel by adding water soluble bag(s) into the ready-mix drum and spinning it for about two minutes. Benefits include: Time-savings, no required additional equipment and allows for reusability as road base or aggregates. Available out of Cemex Admixture plants in Brooksville, FL; Victorville, CA; Houston, TX.

Donor: Coast 2 Coast Chipping
Item: One (1) Day of Concrete Chipping – One full day of concrete chipping at a plant (12hrs max).  This can be used for silos, central mixers or ready-mix trucks.

Donor: Command Alkon Inc. 
ItemCOMMANDbatch Dispatch & Customer Portal – A new COMMANDbatch system with options up to a value of $28,000. Option to add on cloud-native Dispatch and Customer Portal with up to 10K tickets for Year 1, valued at $26K, at no additional cost. Does not include installation, implementation or shipping.  FOB manufacturer.

Donor: Con-Tech Manufacturing
Item: Con-Tech 10.5 Yard Extreme Duty Mixer (Mounted on 2024 Peterbilt 567 Chassis) – Extreme Duty 10.5 Yard High Performance Mixer Drum with 46” Discharge opening, including the following options: ¼ Fin and ¼ Skin ▪ Tip Up Hopper ▪ R/E Electric Cab ▪ Controls with Omnex Wireless Option ▪ PMP Gearbox With 52,000 ft/lbs Of Torque ▪ Eaton RE Heavy ▪ Duty 54 Series Hydrostatic Drive ▪ 125 Gallon Poly Side Mount Water Tank ▪ White Poly Fenders ▪ Safety Vision One Camera System ▪ Lightweight Aluminum Extension Chute ▪ Rear Step Bumper with Safety ▪ Grab Handles ▪ Front and Rear Roller Guard

Donor: Continental Cement
Item: Five (5) Loads (approximately 125 short tons) of Cement – Five (5) Loads of Portland Limestone Cement. FOB any Continental plant or terminal.

Donor: CRH – Ash Grove Cement
Item: Five (5) Loads of Cement  Five (5) Loads of Type I/II cement or Portland Limestone (if available) (approximately 25 short tons per load). Pick up at plant or terminal.

Donor: Eagle Materials – Central Plains Cement Company
Item: Two (2) Loads (approximately 50 short tons) of Portland Limestone Cement (PLC) –
Two (2) loads (approximately 50 short tons) of Portland Limestone Cement (PLC).  FOB our Sugar Creek, MO, cement plant.

Donor: Eagle Materials – Fairborn Cement Company
Item: Three (3) Loads of Type I or Portland Limestone Cement (if available) – Three (3) loads (approximately 25 short tons per load) of Type I Portland Cement or Portland Limestone Cement (PLC- if available). FOB Fairborn Cement Plant only.

Donor: Eagle Materials – Illinois Cement Company
Item: Three (3) Loads Portland Limestone Cement –
Three (3) loads (or approximately 75 tons total) of ASTM C 595 Type IL (12) Portland Limestone Cement. FOB (customer pick up) at Illinois Cement Plant in LaSalle, IL.

Donor: Eagle Materials – Louisville Kosmos Cement Company
Item: Three (3) Loads of Type I or Portland Limestone Cement (if available) – Three (3) loads (approximately 25 short tons per load) of Type I Portland Cement or Portland Limestone Cement (PLC- if available). FOB Kosmos Cement Plant only.

Donor: Eagle Materials – Mountain Cement Company
ItemTwo (2) Loads of Portland Limestone Cement (Type IL) – Donation is for two 25st loads (total 50st) of Portland Limestone Cement to be picked up at MCC’s Laramie, WY, plant.

Donor: FORTA Corporation
Item: FORTA-FERRO® Macro Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement for Concrete – Two (2) pallets, totaling 960 lbs – packaged in 2.5 mixer-ready bags. Known for its superior mixing and finishing capabilities. This fiber reinforcement reduces plastic and hardened concrete shrinkage, and temperature-related cracking.

Donor: FullForce by ABC Polymer Industries
Item: Four (4) Pallets of FiberForce Micro Fiber – Choose four (4) pallets of the same type or two + two from FiberForce 100, FiberForce 150, FiberForce 300 or FiberForce 350.

Donor: GCC
Item: Five (5) Loads Type – Five (5) Loads of Type IL Portland Limestone Cement (PLC) (approximately 25 short tons per load – MAXIMUM 125 short tons). Pick up at plant or terminal.

Donor: Giant Cement
Item: Two (2) Loads of Type I/II Portland Cement or Portland Limestone Cement (PLC) (if available)  Two (2) loads (approximately 50 short tons) of Type I/II Portland Cement or Portland Limestone Cement (PLC) (if available). FOB Dragon Cement, Thomaston, ME, Keystone Cement – Bath, PA or Giant Cement – Harleyville, SC.

Donor: Golden State Pozzolan
Item: Pozzolan Class N  Natural Class N Pozzolan, ASTM C618 Standards, CAL Trans and NV DOT approved for supplemental cementitious materials (SCM) and low carbon, green cement applications. 100 Tons of Class N Pozzolan, FOB from our Sacramento Terminal.

Donor: Granite Construction Company
Item: Construction Grade Aggregates – Type TBD by bidder and donor. Ten (10) loads (up to 27 tons each and ~270 tons) of construction grade aggregates. As available at Granite’s Bradshaw, Capay, Vernalis, and Coalinga Aggregate Plants. Details to be discussed and agreed after auction.

Donor: Heidelberg Materials North America
Item: Twelve (12) Truckloads of EcoCemPLCTM Cement – Twelve (12) truckloads of EcoCemPLCTM cement. Pick-up is limited to Heidelberg Materials Cement US Plan locations only in Nazareth, PA; Evansville, MD; Union Bridge, MD; Mason City, IA; Mitchell, IN; Logansport, IN; and Leeds, AL. Truckloads are limited to 27st/load.

Donor: Holcim
Item: 15 Loads Type I/II Portland Cement or Portland Limestone Cement (PLC) – Fifteen (15) truckloads (approximately 25 short tons per load) of Type I/II Portland Cement or Portland Limestone Cement (PLC). Picked up by bidder at Holcim US facility.

Donor: Innovative Concrete Solutions & Systems
ItemOne Chute Wash Recovery System – An efficiency tool saving producers up to 15 minutes per load – meets Federal EPA guidelines for handling chute wash, ROI of 3-5 months common with current customers. Fastest and easiest system on the market, leaves “zero footprint” at customers site, no pumps, hoses, buckets or valves to cause problems and improved safety – no buckets to carry and cleaner sites.

Donor: Mack Trucks, Inc.
Item:2024 Mack Granite GRFR (with Revolution mixer mounted) & Pre- loaded Card – The truck is a Mack Granite 2023 GRFR mixer. Specifications include: Engine – Mack MP7-395C, 395 hp, 1550 lb. ft. torque ▪ CARB + EPA Warranty for Mack MP7 Diesel ▪ Engine Brake – Mack PowerLeash ▪ Cleartech® One emissions system ▪ Transmission – MACK mDRIVE HD 14 Speed, Ultra-Low Creeper/ Multi-Speed Reverse ▪ Wheelbase – 248-inch ▪ Frame – Steel 9.5 x 90 x 300mm – (0.37″ x 3.54″ x 11.81″); RBM 2,470,000 LB-IN ▪ Front Axle – Mack FXL20, 20,000 lb. ▪ Rear Axle – Mack S462R, 46,000 lb., CRD 150/151 Mack Carrier, RAR 3.98 with Diff Lock ▪ Rear Suspension – HMX EX 460 Hendrickson Haulmaax Rubber Suspension 46,000 lb. ▪ Tires: Front 425/65R22.5 L Michelin XZY3,  Rear Drive 11R22.5 H Michelin X Works D ▪ Wheels – 22.5×12.25 ALCOA 82462x & 22.5×8.25 Alcoa 88565x Clean Buffed Aluminum ▪ Brakes – Meritor “S” CAM 16.5”x6” front, 16.5”x7” rear Q+ drum ▪ ABS – Mack Road Stability Adv. Bendix ABS/ATC/RSA w/yaw control w/mud/snow 6S6M ▪ Bendix Fusion 2.0 Front Collision Avoidance & Side Blindspot Warning System ▪ Fuel Tank – Polished LH 72 Gallon 26-inch Aluminum sleeved ▪ Driver’s Seat – Black Mordura Mack-Air, High Back, 4 Chamber Air Lumbar, Bolster ▪ Bulldog Stylized Mirrors – Heated & Motorized and Illuminated ▪ Stainless Steel Exterior Sun Visor ▪ Premium stereo, CD-player, MP3, weather band, Bluetooth ▪ Power windows and locks,  Self-cancelling turn signals ▪ Flat bottom steering wheel with cruise and radio switches ▪ LED work lights (steps & ground) on both sides ▪ Interior – Trim level: Base Steel Gray ▪ Paint Color – WHITE; 900884 ▪ GuardDog Connect With 4G/LTE and WLAN system with diagnostic services.

Donor: Martin Marietta Materials
ItemFive (5) Loads Cement  Five (5) Loads of Portland Limestone Cement (Type lL) FOB Martin Marietta’s cement plant at Midlothian, TX. (Not to exceed 135 tons)

Donor: Masters Builders Solutions
Item: Chemical Admixtures for Concrete – The successful bidder with receive up to $25,000 of chemical admixtures for their daily use in concrete operations. Such products as MasterFiber, MasterPozzolith, MasterPolyHeed, MasterGlenium, MasterSet, MasterSure, MasterLife,MasterSuna RCT and MasterAir are included. Additionally, MBS’ sustainability enhancing product, Master X-Seed and a new liquid integral waterproofing admixture, MasterLife 300L, are included. Master X-Seed is an advanced solution to help the concrete producer extend their available cement supply and to reduce their carbon footprint. MasterLife 300L liquid waterproofing admixture addresses the safety concerns of breaking and adding bags, as well as ensuring the dosed amount is recorded on the batch ticket. Delivery included for bulk product. Cost of shipping and package charges will be subtracted from the value of the packaged product or paid separately.

Donor: Mitsubishi Cement Corporation
Item: Five (5) Loads Type II/V Portland Cement – Five (5) truckloads of Type II/V Portland Cement. FOB cement plant.

Donor: The Monarch Cement Company
Item: Three (3) Loads Type IL Portland Limestone Cement – Three (3) loads (approximately 75 short tons) of Monarch Type IL Portland Limestone Cement. FOB Humboldt, KS, Plant.

Donor: Morris-Shea Bridge Company, Inc.
Item: Total of 540 Bags of water soluble Retarding/Hydration Stabilizer –
Thirty-six (35) buckets with fifteen (15) each two (2) lbs bags (total of 540 bags) of hydration stabilizer/retarding admixture. Two bags treat nine (9) cubic yards of concrete. This product is powder-based and packaged in water soluble bags.

Donor: National Cement Company-AL
Item: Two (2) truckloads of Type IL Portland Cement –
Two (2) truckloads of Type IL Portland Cement at approximately 25 short tons per load picked up at the National Cement plant in Ragland, AL.

Donor: National Cement Company-CA
Item: Three (3) truckloads of II-V Portland Cement or Portland Limestone Cement – Three (3) truckloads of II-V Portland Cement or Portland Limestone Cement at approximately 25 short tons per load. Picked up at a National Cement plant in Lebec.

Donor: Nevada Cement Company
Item: Two (2) Loads of Nevada Cement – The Nevada Cement Company will provide two (2) loads (50st total) of Type I/II cement or Portland Limestone Cement (if available). FOB our Fernley, NV, plant.

Donor: Owens Corning
Item: One (1) Pallet Anti-Crak HD Concrete Fiber – Anti-Crak HD18 Concrete Fiber is designed to provide plastic shrinkage crack control and high-quality surface finish to decorative hardscapes.

Donor: Ozinga
Item: 100 Tons of Class F Fly Ash –100 tons of ASTM C618 Specification Class F Fly Ash. Material available for pick up at the Belle River Power Plant in East China Township, MI.

Donor: Pan Pacific Cement
ItemThree (3) Loads Type II/V Portland Cement – Three (3) truckloads (max 27 short tons per truckload) of Type II/V Portland Cement.  FOB at Pan Pacific location.

Donor: Peterbilt Motors Company
Item: 2024 Peterbilt Model 567 Chassis (with Con-Tech Mixer mounted drum) The Peterbilt Model 567 with 115” BBC set back front axle is equipped with: PACCAR PX-9 diesel engine rated with 380 HP and 1,250 lb.-ft ▪ CARB Emissions Warranty Included ▪ 236- inch wheelbase ▪ Allison 4500 RDS-P Transmission ▪ Paccar FX-22 front axle, 22K lbs. ▪ Meritor RT46-160 rear axle, 46K lbs. (4.89 RAR) ▪ Hendrickson HAULMAAX EX 46K lbs. ▪ Continental Tires ▪ Alcoa High Polish Aluminum Wheels ▪ Sterling Gray Prestige Interior ▪ Stainless Steel Sun Visor ▪ Chrome Mirror Housing ▪ Polished features including Fuel Tank, DEF tank and Battery Box.

Donor: Ready-Jet Solutions, Inc.
Item: Ready-Jet Operating Parts Package – This package includes the parts needed to service all Ready-Jet: carriage, control panel, filter stand, pump, and torpedo. Great for new and existing customers.

Donor: Revolution Concrete Mixers
Item: 11YD Revolution™ Bridgemaster™ Mixer (mounted on 2024 Mack Granite chassis) – 11YD Revolution™ Bridgemaster™ Mixer equipped with our INSIGHT Mixer System™, Fuel Saver™, GradeGuard™ & Revolution™ Gold Package (Gold Package includes: Fuel Saver powered by INSIGHT to help save on fuel costs ▪ GradeGuard™ to help ensure the load stays forward in the drum on inclines ▪ Remote Water Add to help save time and add water from the cab). Additional details include: Split Composite Water Tank 15/135-gallon ▪ AutoLoad to allow operators to perform other tasks while they wait ▪ Buildup Detection to detect buildup and help avoid overweight fees ▪ Outfitted with an abundance of operator assurance features, many patented and exclusive to Revolution (Lightweight Aluminum Extension Chutes ▪ Spring Chute Assist on foldover chute for an extra layer of protection for operators ▪ Front and Rear Roller Guards to help protect operators from potential pinch hazards ▪ Backup Camera ▪ Two-Step Bumper with four grab handles for easy access ▪ Ladder Assist for more control and help minimize pinch points ▪ Ultimate Lighting Package with night pour lights, drum headlight and midship lights ▪ Armrest with 3-Button Joystick for operator comfort ▪ Orange Rock Blocker)

Donor:  Roanoke Cement Company, LLC/a Titan America Business
Item: Five (5) Loads Type IL Portland Limestone Cement (PLC) – Five (5) loads (approximately 125 short tons) of bulk Type IL Portland Limestone Cement, FOB Troutville, VA.

Donor: Rogers Group, Inc.
Item: Two (2) Certificates for One (1) Load of Crushed Stone/Gravel –
Two (2) Certificates (each sold separately) for one (1) load of crushed stone or gravel. Winning bidder may pick up from any Rogers Group location.

Donor: Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals (GCP / Chryso)
Item: Admixture Package – Recover® Hydration Stabilizers (Market value: $15,000) An aqueous solution specifically designed to stabilize the hydration of portland cement concretes. Used to stabilize mixer wash water and returned or left over concrete for extended periods, allowing for re-use of the materials when required. Also used where controlled set of concrete is needed./V-MAR® 3 Viscosity Modifier (Market value: $10,000) High efficiency liquid admixture designed to enable production of Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC) by modifying the rheology of concrete./CONCERA® SA8080 (Market Value: $5,000) is a high efficiency polycarboxylate-based, rheology-enhanced high-range water reducing admixture intended for the production of concrete applications. CONCERA® SA8080 is formulated to extend slump-flow life while imparting extreme workability without segregation./CHRYSO® Quad 842 (Market value: $15,000) is the latest generation of Water-Reducing Admixture designed to enhance the use of low-cost aggregates such as manufactured sands.

Donor: Salt River Materials Group
Item: Eighty-one (81) Tons Class F Fly Ash – Three loads of high-quality Class F Fly Ash, picked up at SRMG facility.

Donor: The SEFA Group
Item: Class F Fly Ash Two (2) Loads – 25 tons of Kingston Class F Fly Ash and 25 tons of Cumberland City Class F Fly Ash. Delivery is not included.

Donor:  Shumaker Industries, Inc
Item: Mixer Truck Drum Ready Mix Truck Drum with paint (1 color). A replacement mixer drum to fit any typical front or rear discharge mixer in the USA or Canada. The winning bidder will select the make, model and order specification they require. The drum will be produced and ready for shipping by April 1, 2024.

Donor: Sika Corporation
Item: $20,000 Admixture Package –
Winning bidder can build a custom package of Sika Concrete Admixtures of choice, up to a value of $20,000 (based on winning bidder’s purchase price at time of payment), including such options as Viscocrete high range water reducers, other Sika water reducing products, Sika Air products, accelerators, retarders, corrosion inhibitors, and Polypropylene fibers.

Donor: Silo Pros
Item: Voucher for $6,000 for Silo Pros Service – $6,000 worth of bag house, gust collector service parts or labor. This is only valid in the following states: AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, NC, SC, TN, and VA.

Donor: Stalite Lightweight Aggregate
ItemTwo (2) Loads Lightweight Aggregate (23-25 tons each) – Two (2) loads of 3/4 or 1/2 aggregate. FOB Gold Hill, North Carolina.

Donor: Stephens Mfg.
ItemTwo (2) Stephens SOS-1020 Vents or a $12,000 Credit – SOS-1020 x 2 silo dust collector. Designed for a two-compartment silo. Three cartridges per compartment (450 sq. ft. each), that can be replaced from outside the vent housing. Cartridges are cleaned by pulse air reversing through the cartridges. Air manifold supplied. Filter regulator included to supply “dry air”. Cartridge replacement is quick and easy, no tools required. Adapter flange for silo included. Or a $ 12,000 credit on customer’s account for future equipment or parts purchase.

Donor: St. Mary’s Cement Inc. (US) a Division of Votorantim Cement North America
Item: Five (5) Loads Portland Limestone Cement (PLC) – Five (5) loads (approximately 125 short tons) of Portland Limestone Cement for pick-up at St. Mary’s cement plants or terminals in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio and/or New York. Freight (FOB) is the responsibility of the buyer.

Donor: Sysdyne Technologies
Item: Cloud-Batch Two (2) Year Subscription –
The world’s 1st Cloud-Native batch control system, setting a new standard in excellence. Cloud-Batch Two-year Paid Subscription (requires a five-year commitment for CloudBatch subscription), including shipping to plant, installation, Plant Tuning and Training; Up to three (3) Digital Weight Indicators. Does not include Travel & Expenses.

Donor: TCC Materials
Item: Tenon Concrete & Mortar Dissolver RM – Tenon Concrete & Mortar Dissolver RM is an environmentally-friendly liquid alternative to acid-based concrete removers. It is specifically designed, for use in the ready-mix industry to clean equipment while the concrete and mortar are still in their plastic state.

Donor: Teichert Materials
Item: Concrete Aggregates – 15 loads (26 1/2 T) of 1×4 concrete or sand, FOB from a Teichert or Santa Fe plant.

Donor: Terex Advance Mixer
Item: $10,000 Parts Credit – Parts credit of $10,000 through our Parts & Service Solutions Department.

Donor: Texas Fly Ash
Item: Two (2) Loads of Fly Ash –
This package includes two (2) loads of ASTM C- 618 Type F Fly Ash up to 300 miles from Eagle Pass, Texas..

Donor: Vince Hagan Co.
ItemVH-245JP Silo Top Dust Collector – This unit has the following features and specifications: Silo mounted flange and top access hinged door. 245 square feet of cloth filtering area. Cloth is spun bound polyester. Seven (7) – 8” diameter cartridges. Cartridges are 36” long. Remove and replace cartridges from the top. Cloth weight s 8.1 oz/square yard. Permeability is 28-33 CFM/square foot at 0.5” water. Exhaust opening size is 0/226 square feet. Filter efficiency is 99.995 at 0.2-2 microns. Included air filter and regulator unit (60-70 psi typical setting, 75 psi maximum) mounted to air manifold. Unit requires approximately 9 CFJ at 70 psi in collector manifold to operate bag system. QUICK RELEASE toggle clamps to allow easy access for filter cartridge maintenance. External air piping and wiring is not included. Automatic timer switch at 0.75 psi senses when the silo is being filled and turns on the silo top dust collector’s cleaning cycle and it will continue to run and for 30 minutes after filling is completed.  Electrical specifications are 115V/1PH/60HZ for the power unit input. NOTE: external air pipping and wiring is not included.

Donor: Volvo Financial Services
Item: $2,500 Parts Pre-Loaded Card – Volvo Financial Services to provide a $2,500 Smart Commercial Account card, which can use towards parts purchases, rentals and attachments at your local Volvo Construction Equipment dealer.

Contractor-Focused Items

Donor: Allen Engineering Corp.
Item:  Pro446TC Walk-Behind Trowel – The Pro446TC Allen Walk0Behind Trowel is equipped with a variable-speed torque converter clutch in the place of the standard weighted centrifugal clutch.

Donor: American Concrete Institute
Item: Ten (10) Copies of ACI/ASCC Guide to Quality Concrete Construction – Now 262 pages- over 100 pages longer than the previous edition- the guide includes full-color photos and illustrations, a new, easier-to-read layout, and substantial content updates. Also included in the fourth edition are 43 Position Statements from ASCC, details on ACI Certification programs, and an appendix introducing several legal issues of interest to concrete contractors. A summary, review questions, and additional recommended reading list accompany each of the 12 chapters.

Donor: American Concrete Institute
Item: Two (2) Tickets to the Excellence in Concrete Awards – The Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards honors exceptional concrete construction from around the world. Projects are recognized for the degree of innovation, complexity, achievement, and value that concrete as a material provided. Recently completed and nominated concrete projects were juried by an independent panel of industry professionals for first- and second-place category awards. The awards presentation will take place at the ACI Concrete Convention in the fall of 2024 in New Orleans and will highlight project details through short videos that will accompany the presentation of each award. Only one project will stand out by receiving the overall Excellence Award. The night will conclude with an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of those recognized at the red-carpet reception. A cash bar will be available. Sponsorship opportunities are available. Cancellation policy: Tickets are non-refundable.

Donor: American Concrete Pipe Association
Item: Registration for ACPA’s Annual Business Meeting in March 2025, Including Hotel – Package includes registration for the ACPA meeting and lodging for three (3) nights at the Wild Dunes Coastal Resort.

Donor: BlastOne International
Item: Nova3Blast Hood, Yeti and BlastOne Hooded Sweatshirt – The Nova3 Blast Hood is an air-supplied respirator helmet for abrasive blasting. NIOSH approved. 20dB noise attenuaton. Come complete with a protective cape and cool air tube. Package also includes BlastOne Yeti and hooded sweatshirt.

Donor: Bosch Tool
Item: Bosch 18V Pro Factor Cordless Kit – Cordless kit include: 1-7/8” Max Rotary Hammer, 7-1/4 Circular Saw, 5” Angle Grinder, ½” High Torque Impact Wrench & 18V Starter Battery Kit 12ah.

Donor: Bullard
Item: Bullard CEN10TM Safety Helmet – The CEN10™ Type I Safety Helmet has a minimal brim, a foam insert for improved balance and additional side impact protection and comes with an integrated chinstrap to ensure the helmet stays on the head. It includes removable suspension and comfort pads made of breathable and machine washable materials.

Donor: Bullard
Item: Bullard AboveViewTM Hard Hat – The patented AboveView™ Elevate Hard Hat features a wide brim with a see-through visor, increasing upper peripheral view by over 50%, allowing workers to see hazards overhead. It has the FlexGen™ suspension for quick, smooth adjustments to find the best fit, and a rear pivot pad to improve overall comfort. The AboveView™ Elevate includes a 3-point non-elastic chinstrap and comes equipped with accessory slots for a variety of attachments.

Donor: Calculated Industries
Item: Six (6) Model 4225 Concrete Calc Pro (each sold separately) – Model 4225 Concrete Calculator Pro with Model 7210 Digital Torpedo Level. (Note: Six (6) are donated and will be sold separately).

Donor: COMMAND Center
Item: COMMAND Center Wireless Starter Kit – 10 COMMAND Center concrete temperature and maturity sensors. One Sensor Reader Module (SRM) for wireless data transmission. COMMAND Center Sensors- 301006-X4 (10). COMMAND Center Sensors carefully measure and store temperature readings at fixed intervals depending on your specific needs for monitoring concrete temperature and strength gain. Four feet in length. Sensor Reader Module- 3011006-AC-SRM (1). A reusable Bluetooth 5 LE Long Range transmitter for use with the COMMAND Center iOS app.

Donor: d.p. dorfmueller co. inc.
Item: Two (2) Print Reading for Construction Textbook and Videos – Print Reading for Construction 8th Edition textbook including the Video Training Series. This is the #1 textbook in United States and Canada for learning to read construction drawings, also used by the CMI program. This textbook is accompanied by a series of 17 videos, one for each unit, covering the information in each unit with the answers to the activities at the end of each unit… the winner will be sent a copy of the 8th edition textbook and a free access code to the Video Training Series from my website www.printreading.us.

Donor: Euclid Chemical Company (The)
Item: Concrete Cure & Seal Package –
Three (3) pallets (108 five-gallon pails) of premium Euclid Chemical concrete cure & seal of their choice: three pallets of solvent based Super Diamond Clear, OR three pallets of low-VOC solvent based Super Diamond Clear 350, OR three pallets of water based Super Diamond Clear VOX. (Mixing of products on a pallet is not permitted.) Shipping is included.

Donor: ForneyVault
Item: Forneylink Touchscreen Compression Machine Controller –
ForneyVault is a machine-integrated, cloud-based platform that automates how data moves through the CMT workflow. The software integrates directly with your concrete materials testing machines, enhancing data integrity by creating an unbreakable, auditable link between the specimen, the machine, and the test. The integration with your testing machine is enabled by the ForneyLink Touchscreen Controller package, which displays relevant material testing data and specimen information for manually controlled testing machines. It works with most manufacturers’ testing machines. Includes a one-year subscription to ForneyVault QA/QC Software.

Donor: Gilman Post
Item: Box of 20 each of 3”, 5”, 7”, 9” and 11” Gilman Posts – How much time and money do you spend setting embeds? Gilman posts provide many benefits including allowing you to save money on labor costs, eliminating time for each pour cycle, increasing safety by removing the use of power tools, increasing precision with setting the embeds at the right elevation and ensure quality with posts that can withstand any pour. The posts are easy to install. Each set of 20 sold separately.

Donor: International Concrete Repair Institute
Item: Concrete Surface Repair Technician (CSRT) Certification Program – One complimentary registration for full CSRT certification program.

Donor: International Concrete Repair Institute
Item: One set of ICRI’s Concrete Surface Profile Chips – Concrete surface profile chips, including the new 10th chip designed to reflect a more aggressive profile used for concrete Repair. Set of 10.

Donor: Makinex
Item: Makinex Hose2Go – The ultimate portable pressurized water solution. Forget manual pumping and complicated elextrics. This pumpless system delivers 3.6 gallons of portable pressurized water (7-10psi) for dust suppression, blade cooling, and more for up to 20 minutes. No batteries, no electrics, no worries. Lightweight and ergonomic, offering two carry positions. It’s not just a tool – it’s a versatire solution for multiple convenience and compliance.

Donor: Makita U.S.A.
Item: Ten (10) Refurbished Makita XSR01PT 36V Rear Handle Saw Kits – Makita, a pioneer in brushless motor technology and battery innovation, combines both in the 36V (18V X2) LXT® Brushless Rear Handle 7-1/4” Circular Saw (XSR01PT). Each refurbished unit sold separately.

Donor: MESA Systems Co.
Item: HD2-Kit Portable Aggregate Moisture Measurement System –
A complete kit for portable measurements of construction aggregates up to 1-1/4”. Includes: SONO M1 probe, HD2 meter and Padded Carrying case.

Donor: MEVA Formwork Systems Inc.
Item: Formwork Rental – 1000 square feet of Imperial or MevaLite formwork rental for one 28-day rental period.

Donor: Multiquip Inc.
Item: One (1) MQ Whiteman Walk-Behind Power Trowel – 36-inch and One (1) MQ Whiteman Walk-Behind Power Trowel – 45-inch – The 46-inch, B46H90 is powered by a Honda GX270 engine with maximum rotor speed of 130 RPM.  The 36-inch, J3655H model is powered by a Honda GX160 engine with maximum rotor speed of 115 RPM. Select with handle featuring knob-style pitch control or QuickPitch control.

Donor: Myers Construction Materials Testing Equipment
Item: Concrete Field Testing Kit – The concrete field test kit includes all items needed for routine fresh concrete testing.

Donor: The Quikrete Companies
Item: Two (2) Truckloads of 80lb Quikrete Concrete – 1,176 bgs – Two (2) truckloads of yellowbag concrete; 588 bags/truckload. 110180- 80lb packaged concrete (or equivalent).

Donor: Ritz Safety
Item: $5,000 Credit for Products on the Ritz Safety Website – Ritz Safety is a full line safety supplier and our catalog showcases Personal Protective Equipment for employee safety as well as Facility safety products.  In addition, they are an authorized distributor for Honeywell, 3M, MSA and many other manufacturers and have access to their full line of safety products. For more information on what we carry, visit www.ritzsafety.com.

Donor: Somero Enterprises, Inc.
Item: Somero S-485 Laser Screed® Machine – Versatile lightweight powerful Laser Screed® machine capable or raking or screeding in any direction either on grade or on most decks. The easy to operate Somero S-485 Laser Screed® model is a motorized 4-wheel drive, stand-on, multi-function machine capable of fine grading most subbase materials, raking concrete level, or for screeding of concrete either on grade or on most decks (level or cambered), while maintaining a constant grade by means of its automatically leveling control system which is able to operate in laser, 3D, or Sonic mode. The S-485 provides unmatched performance and productivity over chaired rebar or mesh, double mat rebar, ice rinks, over in-floor heat or freezer slabs. Available with 8 foot or 10 foot vibrator beams to work around any number of slab penetrations. It is packed with numerous industry exclusive features which can only be found on Somero models like; a self-leveling head system (SLS), adjustable vibration settings, column block protection, Somero Quick GradeSet System™, soft landing, USB charging ports, and much more, even a cup holder, making it sure to please.

Donor: Stanley Black & Decker (DeWALT)
Item: Five (5) DEWALT Tool Kits –
Each tool kit includes: DEWALT 20V MAX Brushless 6 Tool Combo Kit (DCK628D2); DEWALT POWERSTACK 20V MAX Battery (DCB205-2); DEWALT 4 Port Fast Charger (DCB104); 192-piece Mechanics Tool Set (DWMT75049); DEWALT 60V MAX 17in Brushless COrdless Attchment Capable String Trimmer and Blower Combo Kit (DCKO266X1); and DEWALT FLEXVOLT 20V/60V MAX Lithium-Ion 6.0AH Battery Pack (DCB606)

Donor: Walther Electric
Item: Walther Electric HEB201U Power Distribution Unit (POU) – Safely centralize and and distribute power from temporary power poles or job-site generator. Fitted with multiple outlets, overcurrent protection included. Specifications: 50A, 120/208VAC, Single Phase one tier POU with Input: (1) 50A Twist lock C56375 2-Pole, 4 Wire inlet, Output: (1) SOA Twist lock, C56369, 2-Pole, 4 Wire receptacle with weather cover, (6) 20A Duplex GFCI receptacles protected by (1) SOA 2-Pole breaker(main), (6) 20A 1-Pole breakers.

Other Industry Segment Items

Donor: Alliance Concrete Pumps, Pape Kenworth & Kenworth Truck Company
Item: JMP-60 Concrete Pump – General Specifications: Radio Remote: Wireless Transmitter System with Tethered Backup Remote; Vibrator: Standard; Water Pump: Hydraulic Power 20 bar (290 psi); Water Tank: 800 L (211 G); Toolbox: Standard; Weight: 18,673 lbs./8,470 kg; Popular Upgrades: Air Chuck, additional toolbox, storage rack, under deck lighting, heated water tank, heated hydraulic tank; Pump Specifications: Output: Rod Side 64 m³/h (83 yd³/h); Pressure: Rod Side 88 Bar (1276 psi); Hard Chromed Concrete Cylinder: 180 mm x 1000 mm (7” x 39”); S-Tube Size: 180 mm x 127 mm (7” x 5”); Outlet: 127 mm (5” HD); Max. Aggregate Size: 63 mm (2.5”); Hydraulic Pump: Rexroth Hydromatic A11VO145; Hydraulic System Pressure: 350 bar (5076 psi); Switching System: Hydraulic with manual override; Lube System (Hopper): Lincoln Automatic Greaser; Hopper Capacity: Easy Clean 450 L (119 gal); No CDL Required; The Kenworth T280 series conventional chassis includes: Model: T280; Digital Display & SmartWheel: Employs cutting-edge technology to deliver critical operating information to the driver; Standard instrument panel with 7-inch display; Display: 7” display with virtual gauges; Engine: PAACAR PX-7; Transmission: Allison 2100 RDS 6-speed automatic; Roof Options: Raised roof option; Bumpers: Aerodynamic, chrome; Front Drive Axles: Up to 12,000 lbs.; Axle Ratings (Front): 10,000 lbs.; Axle Ratings (Rear): 16,000 lbs.; Tires: 22.5”; Normal Kenworth warranty.

Donor: Basalite Building Products
Item: Basalite 80mm Mission Carmel Pavers –
Truckload of Concrete Pavers – 14 pallets – 1,190 sq. ft. For a more traditional approach to landscape design, try Basalite Mission Pavers. Even with its simple shape, Mission Pavers can be arranged in several appealing patterns, such as Herringbone, Basket Weave, or Running Bond.

Donor: Putzmeister America
Item: $20,000 Putzmeister Spare Parts –
$20,000 credit on Putzmeister spare parts, pipe, or accessories for either pumps or Telebelts. Putzmeister OEM parts are unparalleled in the industry. Insist on Putzmeister original parts to keep your equipment running at peak performance.

Donor: Quantum Land Design
Item: Stringless Paving Machine Control Model – 3D model for stringless paving or curbing machine. Up to one (1) mile of two-lane road or 10-acre parking lot. Quantum will provide files compatible with any brand of GPS or LPS equipment. Contractor must provide the complete construction plans and CAD files.

Items of Interest to Everyone

Donor: Advanced Lubrication Specialties
Item: Philadelphia Sports Package – 
Four (4) Suite Tickets to the Philadelphia Sixers v. Hornets game on Friday, March 1, 2024, and Four (4) Suite Tickets to the Philadelphia Flyers v. Senators game on Saturday, March 2, 2024. Also includes parking pass and a credit of $40 per ticket to spend on anything at the arena.

Donor: Advancing Organizational Excellence
Item: Social Media Audit and Website Content Audit – The social media audit will provide your firm with recommendations to improve your social media presence. The Website Content Audit will provide your organization with recommendations to improve your website’s presence.

Donor: Allen-Villere Partners
Item: Quail Hunt for Four (4) People – This trip is for up to four people Friday to Sunday and includes transportation to/from the New Orleans airport to Covey Rise Lodge.  Meals include dinner Friday night, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. On Saturday, you and three other hunters will experience the finest quail hunting Louisiana has to offer, as well as sporting clays, a Five Stand, and Skeet and Trap Courses, with lunch in the Clubhouse at your convenience. $1,600 in travel funds provided from cash donations made to the CIM National Steering Committee.

Donor: Allied Concrete Co., an Eagle Corporation Company
Item: Golf at Spring Creek Golf Club in Central Virginia  Ranked in the Top 100 Best Public Golf Courses in the US by Golf Digest, enjoy a foursome (Monday – Friday) at the Spring Creek Golf Club in Zion Crossroad, VA, near Charlottesville, VA. Includes range balls, cart and lunch after the round.

Donor: Allison Transmission
Item: Allison-Branded Cooler – Yeti-Style Allison-Branded Cooler holds 24 cans.

Donor: Ash Grove Cement
Item: Sailgating with Tickets to UW Husky Game – 
The University of Washington Husky football stadium is in Seattle on the shores of Lake Washington. Husky Stadium is called “the best setting in college football” for a really good reason: the giant lake you can see from the stands and the towering mountains behind it.  Enjoy Seattle’s version of tailgating by arriving by boat.  Experience “Sail gating” at its finest aboard the 85’ yacht “All A Board”.  The winner will be picked up from the main dock at Carillon Point in Kirkland. then cruise to Husky Stadium for approximately 3 hours of good food and drinks before taking a water taxi into shore to watch a great game. Return ride to Carillon Point takes approximately 30 minutes.  This trip includes four club season tickets to an agreed upon game in September or October 2024.  $500 Marriott gift cards included courtesy of World of Concrete, as well as $1,600 travel funds from cash donated to the National Steering Committee.

Donor: Baker Concrete Construction, Inc.
Item: Kentucky Derby Package for Two – Kentucky Derby Package for two (2) adults (1 room) for three (3) nights at a 3 star or better suburban Louisville Hotel (check-in 3:00pm/check-out 12:00pm) located 15 minutes from downtown. 1st Floor Grandstand Tickets Sections 124-126, Thursday, May 2, 2024- Sunday, May 5, 2024.

Donor: Bradford Renaissance Portraits Corporation
Item: Portrait by Bradford – Exclusive Family or Individual Portrait plus luxurious hotel stay in NY or on a private island off of Miami. Be photographed by World Renowned Bradford in either his New York or Miami location. Package includes a 20” wall portrait on canvas with rich artistry plus a one-night stay at either the luxurious Opus Hotel or the 5-star Mandarin Oriental Resort on a private island off from Miami.

Donor: California State University CIM Patrons
Item: Explore San Francisco Package for Four –
Enjoy a fantastic sail aboard a 40” yacht around Alcatraz Island, under the Golden Gate Bridge and around the course of the 2013 America’s Cup route (including a picnic lunch aboard with wine from Napa Valley and beer from local microbrewers). Additional activities include a day tour of Alcatraz, dinner at a location of your choice and CityPASSes – which include access to the California Academy of Sciences, a Blue & Gold Fleet day cruise, and your choice of two more attractions from a list including Aquarium by the Bay, San Francisco Zoo & Gardens, Walt Disney Family Museum, and Exploratorium.

Donor: California State University CIM Patrons
Item: Escape to Beautiful Monterey Bay –
$1,000 certificate for hotel stay in beautiful Monterey Bay, California.  While there, enjoy golf at one of the fabulous nearby golf courses ($700 value). Experience a first-class cruise through the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary aboard the 70 foot sailing yacht Chardonnay II. Visit the world-class Monterey Bay Aquarium, including its centerpiece “Ocean Edge Wing” 333,000-gallon tank for viewing California coastal marine life.  Indulge in fine dining with a $250 gift certificate to a local area restaurant.  All listed activities are for four people. In order to take advantage of all of the items in this package, arrangements should be made a minimum of 60 days in advance. Must be claimed by 12/31/2024.

Donor: Chevron Lubricants
Item: Golf Package – Get ready for Golf Season with Chevron. Two dozen Titleist ProV1x golf balls, JBL Clip 4 Ultra Portable Waterproof Speaker, UnbelievaBrella Reverse Umbrella and Golf Tees.

Donor: CIM North Central Region Patron’s Group
Item: Four (4) Tickets to a Minnesota Twins Game – Four (4) Tickets to Minnesota Twins Game during the 2024 MLB season. Enjoy a visit to Target Field for a Minnesota Twins game in Minneapolis during the 2024 MLB Season (dates TBD). Four lucky people will watch the game from the Champions Club suite directly behind home plate with food and beverages included.  This also includes a two-night stay (two rooms total) at the Omni Viking Lakes Hotel in Eagan, MN, next to the Vikings official training facility.

Donor: Conco Companies (The)
Item: Napa Valley Weekend – Package includes three (3) nights for four (4) people (in a 2-bedroom condo) at The Silverado Resort & Spa in Napa, CA, golf or spa credits, and dinner for four (4) at The Grill at Silverado. Package also includes a one-day, 6-hour limo service for a wine tasting tour in the Napa Valley. $1,600 in travel funds provided from cash donations made to the CIM National Steering Committee.

Donor: ConcreteCareers.com
Item: 10th Generation Apple iPad – 
This is a 10.9-inch, 10th generation Apple iPad with 64GB of memory, WiFi enabled in silver.

Donor: ConcreteCareers.com
Item: $2,500 Placement Fee Credit –
Winning bidder will receive a $2,500 credit to be used toward a placement fee when utilizing Concrete Careers’ recruiting services for one placement, contingent on executing a service agreement with Concrete Careers.

Donor: Concrete Supply Company
Item: Outdoor Sportsman’s Package – Package includes: Summit 180 MAX SD Tree Stand, Classic Accessories Cumberland Float Tube, JOH Upgraded 4K 30FPS WiFi Trail Camera – 30MP Game Camera with Night Vision, Midland 38-Mile, 36-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio (Camo), Bushnell 10×50 mm Binoculars, Bushnell 4×21 Laser Range Finder and AMAKER LED Rechargeable Headlamp – 9000 Lumens Super Bright & IPX7 Level.

Donor: Connecticut Concrete Promotion Council
Items: Concrete Bow Ties and Women’s Necklace and Ring –
Dom Di Cenzo is donating two concrete bow ties and a concrete ladies’ pendant and ring.

Donor: Construction Equipment Parts, Inc. (CEPI)
Item: Cooler, Tumblers, and $250 Gift Card – CEPI RTIC 32 qt. Cooler, Two (2) RTIC 20 oz. Tumblers and a $250 Visa Gift Card.

Donor: Continental Tire
Item: Two (2) Certificates for a Set of Continental Passenger or Light Truck Tires – These certificates, sold separately, entitles the winner to a set of four tires in any size or make that Continental or General Tire products for Passenger or Light Truck.

Donor: Doosan-Bobcat
Item: Bobcat Ride-On Farm Tractor Toy –
A fully-operable tide-on farm tractor that can be driven or remote controlled! It also comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers. This Bobcat ride-on farm tractor is a fun and exciting toy that can be enjoyed by kids and adults! It can be operated manually using the pedals and steering wheel by your little ones or it can be operated by the remote control that comes with the tractor. The built-in Bluetooth also guarantees a good time while you cruise to your favorite tunes!

Donor: Dunn Investment Company
Item: Quail Hunting at Circle M Plantation in Mississippi – Located in Macon, MS, (approximately 2-hours’ drive from Birmingham, AL, airport) – includes a full day of quail hunting for four (4) hunters, meals, one night of lodging, beverages and shells – package also includes $1,000 travel voucher.

Donor: Erie Strayer Company
ItemIdeaPad Slim 3 15.6” Notebook – Full HD – 1920 x 1080 – Intel Core i3 i3-N305 Octa-core (8 Core) 1.80 GHz – 8 GB Total RAM – 8 GB On-board Memory – 256 GB SSD – Intel Chip – Windows 11 Home in S mode – Intel UHD Graphics – Front Camera/Webcam – 11.70 Hours Battery Run Time – IEEE 802.11ax Wireless LAN Standard – Abyss Blue Serial #PF4H850E

Donor: Erie Strayer Company
ItemApple Watch Series 8 x3 – [GPS 41mm] Smart Watch w/Midnight Aluminum Case with Midnight Sport Band – S/M. Fitness Tracker, Blood Oxygen & ECG Apps, Always-On Retina Display, Water Resistant. Each watch sold separately.

Donor: The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
ItemFour (4) Light Truck/Passenger Tires with Installation – Winning bidder will receive installation of four (4) car or light truck tires of their choice from an authorized Goodyear dealer. Installation does include balancing and scrap tire fee but does not include alignments, tire sensors or any other products or services performed at the time of installation.

Donor: Graycor
ItemFour (4) Atlanta Braves Tickets – Four (4) Atlanta Braves Tickets with a parking pass to a home game in Atlanta. Mutually agreeable date between Graycor and the buyer.

Donor: HILTI
ItemDallas Stars vs. Edmonton in HILTI Hosted Suite for Ten (10) People – Tickets for ten (10) people at HILTI suite at American Airlines Arena for Dallas Stars vs. Edmonton game on Saturday, February 17, 2024. Includes food and beverages.

Donor: Holliday Rock
Item: Los Angeles Lakers NBA Basketball Tickets – See LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers battle the Philadelphia 76ers at LA Live Staples Center. Four (4) Premier Seating Tickets with Parking Pass. Game is at 7:30pm on Friday, March 22nd, 2024.

Donor: Irving Materials, Inc.
Item: Four (4) Indianapolis Colts Tickets – Four (4) tickets to the Indianapolis Colts during 2024 season. Choice of available dates upon contact.

Donor: Irving Materials, Inc.
Item: Four (4) Tennessee Titans Tickets – Four (4) tickets to the Tennessee Titans during 2024 season. Choice of available dates upon contact.

Donor: John Deere Construction & Forestry Division
Item:  Play in the 2024 John Deere Classic ProAm @ TPC Deere Run, Silvis, IL, July 1-3 – Dates: Pro Am events: Monday afternoon, 1 July to Wednesday evening, 3 July. Tournament viewing: Thursday, 4 July to Friday, 5 July. Package includes: One (1) playing spot in Wednesday Pro-Am, with two different PGA Tour Pros ▪ Player gift package ▪ Practice golf round on Tuesday at a local golf club ▪ Hosted lunch and dinner social events through Thursday ▪ Premium tickets to the PGA event on Thursday and Friday, with Skybox access ▪ Hotel room for Monday night – Thursday night, 1-4 July ▪ All local area ground transportation to the program events through Thursday i.e. airport to hotel, hotel to golf courses/social venues, etc. ▪ One (1) guest – spouse, friend, etc., not playing in the Pro-Am, but with the following free benefits: Additional separate hotel room if required ¨ Premium tickets to access the golf course and attend all program events ¨ Option to caddie for the player in the Wednesday Pro-Am ¨ Option to play in the Tuesday golf round at a local golf club. Package does NOT include air and/or ground travel to the Quad Cities area (160 miles west of Chicago – Quad Cities Airport is in Moline, IL and the airport code is MLI), cost of hotel for extended stay beyond Thursday night, and personal expenses at non-program events or locations.

Donor: Kishigo
ItemSeven Different Hi-Visibility Workwear/Safety Clothing Options – Options include a rain suit, women’s ultimate construction vest, windbreaker, premium black series parka, insulated pant, multi-wear climate shield, and short sleeve cool touch t-shirt. Winning bidder will be able to select size desired.

Donor: Frank Kozeliski, Consulting Engineer
Item: Concrete Items – A variety of unique concrete items, including a set of four (4) I Love Concrete coasters and a set of four (4) I Love CIM coasters, two (2) concrete gavels and a concrete turtle. Items sold separately.

Donor: Martin Marietta Materials
Item: Dallas Cowboys Suite Tickets and Hotel – Enjoy a 2024 Dallas Cowboys game (Schedule for 2024 includes home games versus NY Giants, Philadelphia, Washington, Tampa, Baltimore, Cincinnati, New Orleans, and an NFC North and AFC South opponent) from a luxury suite. Four (4) suite tickets with parking pass. All food and beverages in the suite are included. Also, two (2) hotel rooms for two nights at a premium hotel location in the DFW area. $1,600 travel allowance from CIM National Steering Committee.

Donor: Maschmeyer Concrete
Item: Fins & Fairways Package – Certificate for three (3) nights at PGA National Resort (2×2 Queen Rooms), one (1) foursome at PGA National, one (1) Full Day offshore fishing trip on the “Mix It Up” 66’ Viking with Professional crew & live bait; and drinks out of Cannonsport Marina in Palm Beach, FL.

Donor: Milwaukee Tool
Item: Three (3) Themed Tool Packages – Three (3) themed tool packages, including “Customize Your Garage”, “Weekend Warrior” and “Tailgate Hero”.

Donor: Mobile Tranquility LLC
Item: $100 Massage Therapy Gift Certificate – $100 Gift Certificate for Massage Therapy Services in the Washington, DC, area. Gift Certificate will cover one (1) 60 minute, in-office massage. Gift Certificate amount may be applied to a service of greater value with the bearer paying the difference in cost. Other options include a chair massage session, a session of longer duration, or a service taking place at client’s home or office. Service is only available in the Washington, DC, area.

Donor: MTSU CIM Patrons
Item: Houseboat Rental – Rent a houseboat at one of over 30 lakes in the US or Canada – this voucher for $3,000 can be used towards any week-long rental of a houseboat of your choice – click HERE to look at the lake and houseboat options. In addition, a $1,000 travel funds from donations to the CIM National Steering Committee.

Donor: MTSU CIM Patrons
Item: Nashville Weekend Experience – Enjoy two (2) nights at a Nashville hotel for two (2) adults (one room), two (2) Grand Ole Opry tickets, two (2) tickets to the General Jackson Dinner Cruise and a $500 airline voucher.

Donor: National Precast Concrete Association Foundation
Item: $250 Amazon Gift Card  A $250 Amazon Gift Card to use how you choose!

Donor: Nox-Crete
Item: DEWALT 20v MAX Power Tool Combo Kit – Ten (10) tool cordless power tool set with two (2) batteries and charger. Model number of kit is DCK1020D2.

Donor: Portland Cement Association
Item: Two (2) Tickets for 2024 MLB, NFL, NBA or NHL – Any Team, Any Regular Season Game – Two (2) tickets to any MLB, NFL, NBA, or NHL game in the 2024-2025 regular season – you choose the team/game/location. Buyer should select option as early as possible to ensure availability.

Donor: Professional Contractor Supply
Item: Twelve (12) $25.00 Amex Gift Cards – 
Twelve (12) $25.00 Amex Gift Cards to use however you wish!

Donor: Ready Mix USA
Item: Four (4) Tickets to a University of Alabama Football Game –
Four (4) tickets to the Georgia Bulldogs versus the Alabama Crimson Tide on Saturday, September 28, 2024.

Donor: Rush Enterprises
Item: Four (4) Dallas Cowboys Premium Suite Tickets & Parking Pass – Four (4) tickets in the Rush Suite and a parking pass for a 2024 regular season Dallas Cowboys game. Specific game will be coordinated with the winning bidder. Food and drinks included, exclusions may apply. $1,600 travel cash also included.

Donor: Sandler Training
Item: Two (2) One-Day Sales, Sales Management or Leadership Training for up to 25 people – Sandler Training, once again voted the #1 Training Organization by Entrepreneur Magazine and the recognized leader in sales and sales management training is offering a one day (8 hour) training session focused on sales or sales management or leadership skills development for up to 25 people.  Participants will actively engage in exercises and classroom learning as they learn the Sandler System for Sales or Sales Management; each participant will receive a copy of the Sandler book “Sandler Rules” and a participant workbook. (Two sessions donated, sold separately)

Donor: Silvi Group Companies, Inc.
Item: Collectors’ Wine – Wine from Larry Silvi’s Personal Collection. Six (6) bottles of selected wine, including: 2013 William Selyem-Pinot Noir-Russian River Valley, CA; 2020 Rochiolo-Pinot Noir-Russian River Valley Estates, CA; 2006 Terra DiLavoro Roccamonfina-Indicazione Geograica-Tipica, Italy; 2006 Fulgni Brunello Di Montacino, Italy; 2015 Far Niente Late Harvest Wine-375ML; and 2002 Domaine Carneros-Le Reve by Taittenger, CA.

Donor: Southwest Airlines
Item: Two (2) Southwest Epasses – Two (2) one-way Southwest epasses to any Southwest Destination.

Donor: Sunstate Equipment
Item: Duck/Goose & Pheasant Hunting Retreat – 3-day/4-night guided hunt for four (4) in Scottsbluff, NE, including all meals, lodging and guided hunts. Enjoy an unforgettable 3-dat/4-night hunt for four (4) at Grand View Great Outdoors in Scottsbluff, NE. Available during the winter season of 2024-2025 and includes all meals, guided hunts and lodging in two houses equipped with game-room, and satellite TV/WiFi on 1,000 acres of hunting ground. Location is 20 minutes from Western Nebraska Regional Airport (service by United Airlines). The following are NOT included in the package: airfare/travel, transportation to/from the property, any necessary licenses, guns, and ammunition or monetary tips for the hunting guides.

Donor: Sysdyne Technologies/Lenny Morris
Item: Ohio State Buckeye Football Weekend – Two (2) tickets to the game, two (2) nights hotel and fun dinner outing Friday evening. Also includes transportation to/from the game and a pre-game tailgate party.

Donor: Texas State CIM Patrons
Item: Driftwood Texas Wine Country Vacation – Two (2) nights’ stay in 2-bedroom Fall Creek Vineyards Wine Country Inn plus travel cash. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind exclusive getaway that will be sure to impress, look no further. The Fall Creek Vineyards’ Wine Country Inn is just steps away from the Fall Creek Vineyards at Driftwood Winery and Tasting Room. This exceptional property boasts two master suites with King sized beds, a stunning rock faced fireplace in the sitting room, and a fully stocked kitchen. https://fcv.com/wine-country-inn.  Two nights’ stay plus $2,000 cash to pay for airfare and miscellaneous expenses.

Donor: Tools & Accessories Corp.
Item: Bosch PB360C PowerBox Jobsite Radio  Bosch PB360C PowerBox 360ͦ Jobsite Radio/Charger/Digital Media Stereo & Bluetooth. The Bosch Power Box™ PB360C jobsite radio/charger/digital media stereo features Bluetooth® technology to connect to the user’s smart device (with a range of up to 150 Ft.) and stream Internet radio and stored music. This portable, high-performance, weather-resistant entertainment system delivers 360° enriched stereo sound. Its four-way speakers and a subwoofer provide outstanding sound quality in all directions. It is durable, with an aluminum/rubber roll cage and a weather-resistant design. The portable radio features a powered USB port. The Bosch Power Box™ can be powered by Bosch 18 V Lithium-Ion batteries or plugging into a 120 V outlet. Its built-in battery charger will charge the user’s Lithium-Ion batteries as well. The PB360C also features four 120 V power outlets for connecting tools or other devices.

Donor: Truck Country
Item: $5,000 Parts/Service Credit  $5,000 in parts or service credit to use at any of our 27 dealership locations.

Donor: United Rentals
Item: Two (2) Tickets to a 2024 PGA Event & Travel Voucher  Pick from United Rentals Sponsored PGA events in the 2024 season. Includes two (2) tickets and a $500 travel voucher.

Donor: Valvoline Global Operations
Item: Race Package for Four (4) for the 2nd Annual NASCAR Chicago Street Race –  Four (4) VIP passes with reserved seating, pit box, garage access and weekend hotel accommodations for the 2nd Annual NASCAR Chicago Street Race July 6-7, 2024, from Valvoline, the official engine oil of America’s first auto race. Hotel accommodations for up to 2 hotel rooms for July 5-7th reserved through Valvoline Travel. Restrictions apply.

Donor: Vulcan Materials Company
Item: Four (4) Washington Commanders Football Team Tickets –  Four (4) club level tickets to watch the Washington Commanders Football Team vs a 2024 matchup with one of the following opponents: NY Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Browns, Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Flacons, Pittsburgh Steelers, NFC North TBD, AFC South TBD at FedEx Field in suburban Washington, DC, during the 2024 season (dates to be announced). Parking pass included.

Donor: Wirtgen America, Inc.
ItemNashville Trip – Trip for two (2) to Nashville 3 days/2 nights. Roundtrip coach air fare for two (2), two (2) nights at Omni Hotel in downtown Nashville, dinner for two (2) at the Twelve Thirty Club & two (2) tickets to Grand Ole Opry. Subject to availability.

Donor: World of Concrete
Item: Five (5) $100 Marriott Gift Cards –
Five (5) $100 Marriott gift cards.

Donor: World of Concrete
Item: Blackstone Electric Tabletop Griddle –
This 22″ Blackstone tabletop griddle comes with a $100 Omaha Steaks gift certificate.

Donor: World of Concrete
Item: Traeger Pro 780 Smart Pellet Grill in Black – The Traeger Pro 780 Smart Pellet Grill in black comes with multi-tool, hickory pellets and a $100 Omaha Steaks gift certificate.

Cash Donations

Donor: Baldwin Filters Item: $1,000 Cash Donation

Donor: CAT  Item: $5,000 Cash Donation

Donor: Cummins Item: $1,000 Cash Donation

Donor: Foley Products Company Item: $10,000 Cash Donation

Donor: Herc Rentals Item: $500 Cash Donation

Donor: Keystone Private Wealth Item: $3,000 Cash Donation

Donor: Lithko Item: $1,000 Cash Donation

Donor: PACCAR Parts Fleet Services Item: $2,000 Cash Donation

Donor: Samsara Item: $1,000 Cash Donation

Donor: Sioux Corporation Item: $1,500 Cash Donation

Donor: Smyrna Ready Mix Concrete, LLC Item: $10,000 Cash Donation

Donor: Solugen, Inc. Item: $5,000 Cash Donation

Donor: Structural Group Item: $5,000 Cash Donation

Donor: Volvo Construction Equipment Item: 20,000 Cash Donation

Donor: White Cap Item: $5,000 Cash Donation

Donor: World of Concrete Item: $15,000 Cash Donation

Donor: W.R. Meadows Item: $4,000 Cash Donation