2021 Auction Items

The CIM National Steering Committee, Local Patrons Groups, the 400+ current CIM students at our four program universities around the country as well as the more than 1,300 graduates of the program wish to give sincere thanks to all of the companies that are donating to our 2021 auction. These items are listed below, sorted by category of donation – Ready Mixed Concrete-Focused Items, Contractor-Focused Items, Other Industry Segment Items, Items for Everyone, and Cash Donations



Ready Mixed Concrete-Focused Items

Donor: Arcosa Lightweight
Item: Lightweight Aggregate– 2 truck loads of expanded shale or clay lightweight aggregate. The buyer will receive two trucks of expanded shale or clay lightweight aggregate FOB at the Arcosa Lightweight plant of the buyer’s choice. The buyer is responsible for delivery of the two loads.

Donor: Argos Cement
Item: 5 loads Type I Bulk Portland Cement– Five (5) loads (approximately 125 short tons) of Type I bulk Portland Cement, FOB manufacturing facility at either Harleyville, South Carolina, Newberry, Florida or Roberta, Alabama.

Donor: Beck Industrial, Inc.
Item$10,000 Voucher– Take $10k off your already competitively priced Beck Industrial mixer body, or receive a $10k parts credit.

Donor: Boral CM Services
Item2 loads of Fly Ash– 2 loads of Fly Ash (50 tons), FOB any Boral (Headwaters) plant or terminal

Donor:  CalPortland
Item: 5 Loads Bulk Portland Cement – Five (5) loads (approximately 125 short tons) of bulk Portland Cement, FOB Cement plant or Terminal site.

Donor: Capitol Aggregates, Inc.
Item4 Loads Cement – Four (4) Loads Type I, Type IL, Type IP or Type III Cement, FOB San Antonio, TX.

Donor: CarbonCure Technologies, Inc.
ItemCarbonCure Installation – 1 yr free – The first year of a five (5) year lease agreement is waived for a new CarbonCure Installation. CarbonCure Technologies enables concrete producers to use less cement in their mixes, gain a competitive advantage with low-carbon concrete and grow their business with the green building market—while reducing the embodied carbon footprint of the built environment.

Donor: CEMEX
ItemTen (10) Loads Type I/II Portland Cement – 10 truck loads of Type I/II Portland Cement at approximately 25 short tons per load, picked up a CEMEX US plant or terminal location.

Donor: Central Plains Cement Company
Item: 3 Loads (approximately 75 short tons) of Portland Cement Type I-II – 3 loads (approximately 75 short tons) of Portland Cement Type I-II FOB our Sugar Creek, MO cement plant.

Donor: CHRYSO Inc.
ItemCHRYSO Chemical Admixtures– Buyer option on any chemical admixture.

Donor: Command Alkon Inc. 
ItemCOMMANDbatch System – A new COMMANDbatch system with options up to a value of $25,000 based on published list price. Does not include installation or training.  FOB manufacturer.

Donor: CON-E-CO
ItemCON-E-CO Model PJC-300S Silo Dust Collector – 304 square feet of cleaning area with high pressure air-pulse jet cleaning system and 1,520 C.F.M. capacity – includes weld on adapter flange and spring loaded pressure relief valve with weld on flange.

Donor: Con-Tech Manufacturing
Item: Con-Tech Manufacturing Replacement Drums  – Con-Tech Manufacturing, a long-term supporter of the CIM Auction, is donating three (3) 9-11 yard replacement drums painted one color. FOB Dodge Center, MN. 3/16 shell, 1/4″ fins spec.

Donor: Continental Cement
Item: 5 Loads (approximately 75 short tons) of PLC ( Portland Limestone Cement)- Five (5) Loads of  PLC (Portland Limestone Cement), FOB any Continental plant or terminal.

Donor: Digital Fleet
Item: Digital Fleet Service –Two months basic service with Digital Fleet. New customers only, 100 trucks max.

Donor: Eagle Materials – Fairborn Cement Company
Item:  3 Loads of Type I Cement – Three (3) loads (approximately 25 short tons) Portland Cement Type I, FOB Fairborn cement plant only.

Donor: Eagle Materials – Louisville Kosmos Cement Company
Item:  3 Loads of Type I Cement – Three (3) loads (approximately 25 short tons) Portland Cement Type I, FOB Fairborn cement plant only.

Donor: Euclid Chemical Company (The)
ItemConcrete Admixture, Fiber, Repair & Sealer Package – One 275 gallon tote of Plastol 6420 mid-range water-reducing admixture, Two pallets (1,800 lbs) of PSI Fiberstrand Multi-Mix 80 polypropylene micro-fiber, Two pallets (total of 72 5 gal pails) of Diamond Clear OR Diamond Clear 350 concrete & seal.

Donor: Fiberforce by ABC Polymer/Concrete Fibers
Item: 4 Pallets (648lb) of Mono Tuf (micro) or fibril Tuf (fibrillated)- ABC Polymers has been producing micro and Fibrillated fibers for well over 25 years with the addition of macros soon after. ABC has a full portfolio of micros, macros, nylon, glass and steel fibers. ABC Polymers also supports your business with engineering services and an outside sales team that has a sole focus on driving demand for fibers.

Donor: FORTA Corporation
Item: FORTA-FERRO® Macro Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement for Concrete – Two (2) pallets, totaling 960 lbs – packaged in 2.5 lbs. mixer-ready bags – known for mixing without balling and a superior surface finish. Reduces plastic and hardened concrete shrinkage and temperature-related cracking.

Donor:  GCC
Item: GCC Cement – Five (5) loads (approximately 25 short tons per load) of Type I/II. Pick up at plant or terminal.

Donor: GCP Applied Technologies
Item$30,000 Admixture Package – including Recover® Hydration Stabilizers, V-MAR ® 3 Viscosity Modifier and STRUX® 90/40 Synthetic Macro Fiber Reinforcement.

Donor: Giant Cement
Item: 2 Loads of Type I/II Portland Cement- 2 loads (approximately 50 short  tons) of Type I/II Portland Cement. FOB Dragon Cement, Thomaston, ME or Giant Cement, Harleyville, SC.

Donor: Innovative Concrete Solutions & Systems
ItemOne Chute Wash Recovery System – an efficiency tool saving producers up to 15 minutes per load – meets Federal EPA guidelines for handling chute wash, ROI of 3-5 months common with current customers. Fastest and easiest system on the market, leaves “zero footprint” at customers site, No pumps, hoses, buckets or valves to cause problems and improved safety- no buckets to carry and cleaner sites.

Donor: Knox Concrete Consultants LLC
Item$7,500 Worth Of Services – HydroJet/ Chipping- applied to full load, silo, dust collector or central mixer. We are a ready mixed company. Any services that we offer will be extended with this certificate.

Donor:  LafargeHolcim
Item: 15 Loads Type I/II Bulk Portland Cement – Fifteen (15) truck loads (approximately 25 short tons per load) of Type I/II Portland Cement. Picked up by bidder at LafargeHolcim US facility.

Donor: Lehigh Hanson, Inc.
 15 Truckloads of Cement – Fifteen (15) loads of cement; pickup limited to United States locations.  Truckloads are limited to 27st/load.

Donor: Mack Trucks, Inc.
Item: 2021 Mack Granite GR64FR (with McNeilus Bridgemaster mixer mounted)– VIN 1M2GR2GC8MM024587, Engine – Mack MP7-375C, 375 hp @ 1360 lb.ft. torque, Engine Brake – Mack PowerLeash, Cleartech® One emissions system, Transmission – MACK TMD14AFO-HD mDRIVE HD 14 SP, Ultra-Low Creeper/ Multi-Speed Reverse (Overdrive), Wheelbase – 248-inch, Frame – STEEL – 300mm X 90mm X 9.5mm — (11.81″ X 3.54″ X 0.37”), Front Axle – Mack FXL20, 20,000 lb., Rear Axle – Mack S462R, 46,000 lb., CRD 150/151 Mack Carrier, RAR 3.56 and Diff Locks, Rear Suspension – HMX 460, 46,000 lb., Tires: 425/65R22.5 L Bridgestone M864, 11R22.5 H Bridgestone M799, Brakes – Meritor “S” CAM 16.5″x7″ Q+ drum, Mack Road Stability Advantage- Bendix ABS/ATC/RSA W/YAW CNTRL – 6S/6M, Fuel Tank – LH 72 Gallon 26-inch D-shaped sleeved tank with integrated DEF tank, Interior – Trim level: Base steel gray, Paint Color- White – 900884, GuardDog Connect With 4G/LTE and WLAN system with diagnostic services.

Donor: Martin Marietta
Item: Five (5) loads of Type I/II Cement (not to exceed 135 tons) – FOB Martin Marietta’s cement plant at Hunter, TX.

Donor:  McInnis Cement
Item: 2 Loads of Type I/II Bulk Portland Cement -2 truck loads of Type I/II Portland Cement at approximately 25 short tons per load, picked up by bidder at McInnis Cement US facility.

Donor: McNeilus
Item: 11 CY McNeilus FLEX controls Bridgemaster Mixer (mounted on 2021 Mack Granite GR64FR Chassis) – The McNeilus® FLEX Controls™ Bridgemaster® Mixer includes: 11-cubic-yard M80 Series™ drum, Three FLEX Controls-Enabled Packages: Awareness, GradeMaster™ and fuel saver featuring a new variable displacement pump and motor from Kawasaki,  Flip up hopper, PMP PMB 7.1 straight drive, Outfitted with an abundance of operator assurance features, many patented and exclusive to McNeilus, Lightweight aluminum extension chutes, Chute assist for foldover chute for an extra layer of protection for operators, Front and rear roller guards to protect operators from potential pinch hazards, Cameras and PRECO Electronics sensors for blind spot monitoring on a single system to minimize clutter and distraction (two cameras – passenger side and rear: two radar sensors – passenger side and rear), GradeMaster™ to ensure the load stays forward in the drum on inclines, Two-step bumper with grab handles for easy access, All NEW ladder dampener for more control and help minimize pinch points, Lateral protection devices for rear wheels in the event of a side-impact collision, Enhanced lighting package with night pour lights and strobe, 150-gallon composite water tank with bottom fill to keep operators’ boots on the ground and
Standard warranty.

Donor:  Mitsubishi Cement Corporation
Item: 5 Loads Type II/V Bulk Portland Cement – Five (5) truck loads  of Type II/V bulk Portland Cement FOB Cement plant.

Donor:  The Monarch Cement Company
Item: 3 Loads Type I/II Portland Cement – 3 loads (approximately 75 short tons) of Type I/II Portland Cement, FOB Humboldt, KS Plant.

Donor: Mountain Cement Company
Item2 Loads of Type I/II Cement – Donation is for two 25st loads (total 50st) of Type I/II Portland cement- to be picked up at either MCC’s Laramie or Denver facilities.

Donor: National Cement Company
Item: Two (2) truckloads of Type I/II Portland Cement – Two (2) truckloads of Type I/II Portland Cement at approximately 25 short tons per load, picked up at National Cement plant in Ragland, AL.

Donor: National Cement Company-CA
Item: Three (3) truckloads of II-V Portland Cement –Three (3) truckloads of II-V Portland Cement at approximately 25 short tons per load, picked up at a National Cement plant Lebec.

Donor: Nevada Cement Company
Item: 2 Loads of Nevada Cement – The Nevada Cement company will provide two loads (50st total) of Type I/II cement FOB our Fernley, NV plant.

Donor: Ozinga Cement
Item: 5- 25 ton loads of ASTM Fly Ash –5 total loads- 25 tons per load of ASTM fly ash loaded into your truck from our facility in Joppa, IL.

Donor: RexCon, Inc
Item: 12yd Poly Drum Liner Kit – 12yd Poly Drum Liner Kit for RexCon 12yd Mixing Drum. RexCon Part Number: 702-03395-01.

Donor:  Roanoke Cement Company, LLC/a Titan America Business
Item: 5 Loads Type IL Bulk Portland Cement – Five (5) loads (approximately 125 short tons) of Type IL bulk Portland Cement, FOB Troutville, VA.

Donor: Salt River Materials Group
Item: 81 Tons Class F Fly Ash – High quality Class F Fly Ash. Three loads of high quality Class F Fly Ash, picked up at SRMG facility.

Donor:  Shumaker Industries, Inc
Item: Load & GO automated ready-mix truck wash system -Automated system that quickly and thoroughly removes residual aggregate, sand and cement from your concrete mixer after batching using over 72 high pressure nozzles while your mixer stays safe inside.

Donor: Sika Corporation
Item$20,000 Admixture Package – Buyer can build a custom package of Sika admixtures of choice, up to a value of $20,000 (based on book prices). Includes such options as any Visocrete high range water reducers, other Sika water reducing products, Sika Air products, accelerators, retarders, corrosion inhibitors and Polypropylene fibers.  Credit applies to product only, not taxes, delivery, etc.  Bulk liquid delivery included for delivery of at least 500 gallons of product.  For products delivered in totes/drums, delivery charges are not included.

Donor:  Sioux Corporation
Item: $5,000 Sioux Corporation Gift Certificate – $5,00 gift certificate towards the purchase of a Sioux Corporation water heater, steam generator, or aggregate heater with a value of $20,000 or more. Order for the equipment must be placed by November 30, 2021. Sioux Corporation equipment has been proudly made in the USA since 1939.

Donor: Stalite Lightweight Aggregate
Item2 Loads Lightweight Aggregate (23-25 tons each) – 3/4 or 1/2 aggregate. FOB Gold Hill, North Carolina.

Donor: Stephens Mfg
Item(2) SOS-1020 Vents valued at $11,800 or a $10,000 credit towards future equipment or parts –Stephens Ozone Super- Flow 1020 Vents: control box, magnetic starter, auto cleaning, easy access for cartridge replacement, aerodynamic design to permit free-fall of dislodged dust, 60”x 41”x 40”x 40”.

Donor:  St. Mary’s Cement Inc. (US) a Division of Votorantim Cement North America
Item: 5 Loads Type I Bulk Portland Cement – Five (5) loads (approximately 125 short tons) of Type I bulk Portland Cement. Available for pick-up at St. Mary’s cement plants or terminals in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio and/or New York. Freight (FOB) is the responsibility of the buyer.

Donor: Teichert Materials
Item: Concrete Aggregates – 15 loads (26 1/2 T) of concrete 1×4 or sand from a Teichert or Santa Fe plant.

Donor: Terex Advance Mixer
Item: $5,000 Parts Credit – Parts credit for aftermarket parts at $5,000.

Donor: Vince Hagan Co
ItemVH-245JP Silo Top Dust Collector – This unit has the following features and specifications: Silo mounted flange and top access hinged door. 245 square feet of cloth filtering area. Cloth is spun bound polyester. Seven (7) – 8” diameter cartridges. Cartridges are 36” long. Remove and replace cartridges from the top. Cloth weight s 8.1 oz/square yard. Permeability is 28-33 CFM/square foot at 0.5” water. Exhaust opening size is 0/226 square feet. Filter efficiency is 99.995 at 0.2-2 microns. Included air filter and regulator unit (60-70 psi typical setting, 75 psi maximum) mounted to air manifold. Unit requires approximately 9 CFJ at 70 psi in collector manifold to operate bag system. QUICK RELEASE toggle clamps to allow easy access for filter cartridge maintenance. External air piping and wiring is not included. Automatic timer switch at 0.75 psi senses when the silo is being filled and turns on the silo top dust collector’s cleaning cycle and it will continue to run and for 30 minutes after filling is completed.  Electrical specifications are 115V/1PH/60HZ for the power unit input. PREP: All steel shall be wire brushed and chemically cleaned (SP2 cleaning). PAINT: 1 coat of epoxy primer and one coat of urethane paint. COLOR: Hagan Yellow, Dunes Tan, White or Gray. Must be claimed by July 15, 2021.

Contractor-Focused Items

Donor:  Allen Engineering Corp.
Item: Floater Screed with Blade – Long lasting battery powered floater screed (074714-E) accompanied with a 12′ blade (029691).

Donor:  American Concrete Institute
Item: 10 Copies of ACI/ ASCC Guide to Quality Concrete – Now 262 pages- over 100 pages longer than the previous edition- the guide includes full-color photos and illustrations, a new, easier-to-read layout, and substantial content updates. Also included in the fourth edition are 43 Position Statements from ASCC, details on ACI Certification programs, and an appendix introducing several legal issues of interest to concrete contractors. A summary, review questions, and additional recommended reading list accompany each of the 12 chapters.

Donor: American Society of Concrete Contractors
Item: Concrete Executive Leadership Forum Registration – 1 CELF registration for the ASCC Concrete Executive Leadership Forum. July-15-18, 2021 at Fairmont Orchid in Walmea, Hawaii.

Donor:  Calculated Industries
Item: 6 Model 4225 ConcreteCal Pro (items sold separately)– Model 4225 Concrete Calc Pro with Model 7205 Digital Torpedo Level.(six are donated, will be sold separately).

Donor: COMMAND Center
Item: COMMAND Center Wireless Starter Kit – 10 COMMAND Center concrete temperature and maturity sensors. One Sensor Reader Module (SRM) for wireless data transmission. COMMAND Center Sensors- 301006-X4 (10). COMMAND Center Sensors carefully measure and store temperature readings at fixed intervals depending on your specific needs for monitoring concrete temperature and strength gain. Four feet in length. Sensor Reader Module- 3011006-AC-SRM (1). A reusable Bluetooth 5 LE Long Range transmitter for use with the COMMAND Center iOS app.

Donor: Bee Access Products
Item: “Lifeline Products” Package – GM560E GRAB-ME Lifeline safety rope – 5/8″ diameter, 600′ spool, 7500 lb tensile strength, blended tenacity polyester & polypropylene, 3 strand monofilament, twisted, complies w/ANSI Z-359.1; HMA58 HOLD-ME Lifeline Anchor designed to terminate lifelines without tying knots.  The practical solution for complying with national safety standards and reducing liability exposure. Use with 5/8″ – 3/4″ lifelines. 5000 lb ultimate load capacity. Complies with ANSI Z-359.1; PM023 PROTECT-ME Lifeline Insulator protects lifeline from chafing on edge of parapet. Velcro closure for quick installation.

Donor: D.P Dorfmueller Co. Inc.
Item: Print Reading for Concrete videos with Textbook– Print Reading for Construction textbook with training videos. This is the number one textbook for learning to read construction drawings. Along with 7th edition textbook is a series of nine videos focusing on how to read concrete drawings… the winner will be sent a free access code to the Video Training Series which will require signing into my website www.printreading.us

Donor: Forney, LP
Item: One- year Professional subscription to ForneyVault-  ForneyVault is a a test machine integrated platform that increases surety, promotes compliance, reduces errors & eliminates the clipboard.

Donor: Hilti
Item: SF6H + SID 4+ SR 6 Combo- Package Contents (item number 3554462):
1-SF 6H-A22 Cordless hammer drill/driver, 1- SR 6- A22 Cordless reciprocating saw,  1- SID 4-A22 Cordless impact driver assy, 1-C 4/36-90 100-127V Battery charger, 2- B22v 4.0 Adv compact battery, 2- Belt hook for SF/SI cordless tools, 1 Medium soft bag.

Donor: Hilti
Item: Hilti Cordless Tool Set- Three cordless 12V tools with batteries, charger, belt hooks and bag. Three high-productivity tools – SF 2H-A12 Cordless Hammer Drill Driver, – SID 2-A12 Cordless Impact Driver, – SFD 2-A12 Cordless Drill Driver, High capacity batteries for the best run time, including a charger, – B12/4.0, Soft bag with durable and water-resistant ballistic poly-nylon construction, Belt hooks for cordless tools.

Donor: Husqvarna Construction Products
Item: Power Cutter and Blades – K770 14″ Power Cutter (item 967582101) and five (5) 14″ VariCut High Speed Diamond Blades (item 542751359).

Donor: Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas
Item: One Month Rental of a Hyundai Wheel Loader- One month rental of a Hyundai HL940 Wheel Loader with a 3 yd. bucket. Your bid includes the machine, bucket, and freight. The 1-month rental equals 28 days and/or 176 hours of machine use. Must provide LDW.

Donor: ICRI
Item: 2 Sets of ICRI’s Concrete Surface Profile Chips (to be sold separately)- Includes the new 10th chip designed to reflect a more aggressive profile used for concrete repair. Set of 10.

Donor: ICRI
Item: (2) Concrete Surface Repair Technician (CSRT) Registration (to be sold separately)- Complimentary registration for CSRT Class. The ICRI’s Concrete Surface Repair Technician Certification Program is a competency-based program using current best practices for online training and evaluation. The Educational component is presented and tested online while the Performance component is tested both online and assessed by observable criteria (video submission or live recorded). www.icri.org/page/cert_techprogram. Donation covers the cost of both Tier1 and Tier 2, travel is not included. Tiers must be completed by December 31, 2021.

Donor: ICRI
Item: 2 Copies of the Concrete Repair Manual two volume set (to be sold separately)– Copy of the Concrete Repair Manual Two- Volume Set. The fourth edition of the most comprehensive collection of information on concrete repair ever assembled in a single source. It includes over 70 documents from many of the associations involved in the concrete repair industry’s Vision 2020 Plan, including ACI, ICRI, NACE, SSPC, and the Army Corps of Engineers, and from the UK: the BRE and the Concrete Society. Two volumes. Manual Only. Shipping/delivery included.

Donor: Makita U.S.A.
Item: Makita XECO1PT1- 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 9” Power Cutter Kit, with  AFT, Electric Brake, 4 Batteries (5.0A.h) Cut cut-off wheel, Dual port charger.

Donor: MESA Systems Co.
ItemHD2 Kit Portable aggregate moisture meter – Hand-held portable system for the system for the measurement of construction aggregates moistures. The HD2- Kit includes the HD2- meter, SONO-M1 aggregate moisture probe and padded carrying case. Commonly used by concrete and asphalt producers for all their aggregates.

Donor: Multiquip Inc.
Item: Multiquip Whiteman HHNG5, 8 Foot rider Trowel – features 180 RPM rotor speed, 35 HP Vanguard gasoline engine, helical gearboxes, CVT drive, 5-blade rotors.

Donor: Ritz Safety
Item: $5,000 Silver Donation from 2021 Full Line Catalog – Ritz Safety is a full line safety supplier and our catalog showcases Personal Protective Equipment for employee safety as well as Facility safety products.  In addition, they are an authorized distributor for Honeywell, 3M, MSA and many other manufacturers and have access to their full line of safety products. For more information on what we carry visit www.ritzsafety.com.

Donor: Somero Enterprises, Inc.
Item: Somero Line Dragon- Move heavy concrete hose lines with ease with the powerful yet lightweight Somero Line Dragon hose pulling and placing system. The Somero® Line Dragon® hose pulling and concrete placing system makes easy work of moving and dragging concrete hose lines and controlling concrete placement. These remote-controlled hose-handlers are packed with powerful Honda engines and load-sensing variable displacement hydraulics that move heavy hose lines (including 5 inch line) effortlessly. A set consists of two motorized 4-wheel drive units, one for pulling hose and the other for accurately controlling concrete placement. Maneuverability is incredible due to the 2-wheel, 4-wheel, or crab steering selectors. Intelligent steering function automatically adjusts steering angles to prevent stress or damages.

Donor: Stanley Black & Decker (DeWALT)
Item: (2) 10-Tool 20V Combo Kits with two DeWalt 20V Inflators (sold separately)- DCK1020D2 and DCC020IB. DEWALT 20V Max – Drill/Driver, Impact Driver, Blower, Radio, Wet/Dry Vac & Light, Oscillating Multi Tool, Grinder, Reciprocating Saw, and Circular Saw. Two batteries, Two Soft Bags, and Charger. DEWALT 20V Max Tire Inflator. Items sold separately.

Donor: Volvo Construction Equipment
ItemProvide up to $25,000 in Rental Credits towards Rental of any Volvo CE Equipment from any Volvo CE Dealer in North America – Up to $25,000 in rental credits towards rental of any Volvo CE equipment from any Volvo CE dealer in North America. Examples of equipment available with this rental credit are Wheel Loaders (L60H up to L220H), Crawler Excavators (EC140EL up to EC480EL) and Artic Haulers (A25G up to A40G), Asphalt rollers (DD25 up to DD140) and Soil rollers (SD45, SD75 and SD 115).

Donor: Xypex Chemical Corporation
Item: One Pallet Xypex C-500/ C- 1000 Regular Admixture- One Pallet (24 cartons) of C-500 Regular or C-1000 Regular admixture.  This is available in 10#, 12# and 15# soluble bags. Xypex is a unique chemical treatment for the waterproof­ing, protection and improvement of concrete. XYPEX ADMIX C-500 /C-1000 is added to the concrete mix at the time of batching. Xypex Admix C-500/C1000 consists of Port­land cement, silica sand) and vari­ous active, proprietary chemicals. These active chemicals react with the moisture in fresh concrete and with the by products of cement hydration to cause a catalytic reaction. This reaction generates a non-soluble crystalline formation throughout the pores and capillary tracts of the concrete that permanently seals the concrete and prevents the penetration of water and other liquids from any direction.

Other Industry Segment Items

Donor: American Concrete Pipe Association
Item: ACPA Annual Convention, March 27-29 at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, TX – Package includes registration for ACPA 2022 Annual Convention, along with lodging Sunday through Tuesday nights (three nights).

Donor: National Precast Concrete Association
Item: Magazine Advertisement – Full page, four color ad in an issue of Precast Solutions or Precast Inc. magazine, valued up to $3900. Full page, four color ad in an issue of Precast Solutions or Precast Inc. magazine (https://precast.org/publications/magazines/ ) valued up to $3900 dollars. Please contact NPCA’s Vice President of Development, Brenda Ibitz at bibitz@precast.org with questions. Please note this advertisement must be:- New and not to be used in place of an existing insertion order.  – Industry-specific; – High resolution/print-ready; – Supplied by the recipient; NOTE: NPCA reserves the right to refuse any ad that does not meet its editorial standards. The insertion order must be received by NPCA no later than February 28, 2021.

Items of Interest to Everyone

Donor: Advancing Organizational Excellence (AOE)
Item: Social media audit- Provide your organization with recommendations to improve your social media presence, based on your goals and budget. Proving your worth on social media can be a challenge. While we know we should have a social media presence, we don’t always understand that when done correctly, social media activity can prove ROI, improve your marketing strategy and ultimately help you reach new customers. A social media audit is the process of reviewing what’s working, what’s failing and what can be improved upon across your social media channels. By performing a social media audit, AOE – a full-service consulting firm with unique expertise serving professional service and technical industries – will provide your organization with recommendations to improve your social media presence, based on your goals, budget and targets of opportunity.

Donor: Advancing Organizational Excellence (AOE)
Item: Website content audit- AOE will provide your organization with recommendations to improve your website’s presence. Analysis of your website can give you insight into new graphic, content and strategic ideas. It can help you tweak components that are hampering your website’s current performance. By performing a website content audit, AOE – a full-service consulting firm with unique expertise serving professional service and technical industries – will provide your organization with recommendations to improve your site’s web presence, based on your goals, budget and targets of opportunity.

Donor: Allen-Villere Partners
Item: New Orleans Stay & Quail Hunt for Four (4) People – This trip is for up to four people and includes a Friday night stay at The Windsor Court in New Orleans, transportation to Covey Rise Lodge on Saturday morning, lunch at the Lodge for up to four, a guided quail hunt for up to four hunters on Saturday afternoon, and dinner for four Saturday evening and an overnight in a luxury cabin at Covey Rise Saturday night, and transportation at your leisure to the airport on Sunday. $1,600 in travel funds provided from cash donations made to the CIM National Steering Committee. Estimated value: $6,600.

Donor: Allied Concrete Co., an Eagle Corporation Company
Item: Golf at Spring Creek Golf Club in Central Virginia- Ranked in the top 100 best Public Golf Courses in the US by Golf Digest, enjoy a foursome at the Spring Creek Golf Club in Zion Crossroad, VA. Includes range balls, cart and lunch after the round.

Donor: American Concrete Institute 
Item: 2 Tickets to the Excellence In Concrete Awards– The winning projects will be recognized at the 7th Annual ACI Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards Gala, held on October 18, 2021, during the Fall ACI Concrete Convention. Tickets are non-refundable.

Donor: American Highway
Item: Round of Golf for (3) at the Medalist Golf Club- This package includes golf for (3) at the prestigious Medalist Golf Club plus dinner the night before golf and post round.

Donor: Baker Concrete Construction, Inc.
Item: Kentucky Derby Package for Two – includes three-night hotel stay (one room, arrival 5/5/22, departure 5/8/22) at the Hilton Garden Inn Louisville East (check in 3 pm- check out 12 pm.), 1st Floor Grandstand tickets sections 122-125, daily breakfast, Derby Welcome Reception Thursday evening at hotel, Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas Saturday morning at hotel, transportation to and from Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby, Esoteric Sports staff on-site & includes all taxes and gratuities. $800 in travel funds provided from cash donations made to the CIM National Steering Committee. Estimated value: $5,600.

Donor: Bradford Renaissance Portraits Corporation
Item: Portrait by Bradford –Exclusive Family or Individual Portrait plus luxurious hotel stay in NY or on a private island off of Miami. Be photographed by World Renowned Bradford in either his New York or Miami location. Package includes a 20” wall portrait on canvas with rich artistry plus a one-night stay at either the luxurious Opus Hotel or the 5-star Mandarin Oriental Resort on a private island off from Miami. Opening Bid must begin at $300.

DonorBurnco USA
Item: Dallas Golf Weekend at the Four Seasons Hotel and Airfare Included – Travel to Dallas with 3 of your best golfing buddies and play 2 rounds of golf at the TPC Four Seasons Las Colinas, the former home of the AT&T Byron Nelson PGA Golf Tournament. Stay at the luxurious Four Seasons for two nights (double occupancy). $2,000 travel voucher included.

Donor: California State University CIM Patrons
Item: Escape to Beautiful Monterey Bay- $1,000 certificate for hotel stay in beautiful Monterey Bay, California. While there, enjoy golf at nearby Pasatiempo Golf Club, ranked by Golf Digest, as one of the “Top 25” US Golf Courses. Experience a first-class cruise through the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary aboard the 70 foot sailing yacht Chardonnay II. Visit the world-class Monterey Bay Aquarium, including its centerpiece “Ocean Edge Wing” 333,000-gallon tank for viewing California coastal marine life. Indulge in fine dining with a $250 gift certificate to a local area restaurant. All listed activities are for four people. In order to take advantage of all of the items in this package, arrangements should be made a minimum of 60 days in advance. Must be claimed by 12/31/2021. $1,600 in travel funds provided from cash donations made to the CIM National Steering Committee.

Donor: Cemstone
Item: 4 Tickets to Minnesota Viking Game- 4 Tickets Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers 2021 Season. Enjoy a NFC North Rivalry when the Green Bay Packers visit the Minnesota Vikings from the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis during the 2021 NFL Seasons (dates TBD). 4 lucky people will watch the game from the Cemstone Suite with food and beverages included. Parking pass included.

Donor: Chevron Lubricants
Item: Golf Arcadia Bluffs in Northern Michigan- Foursome at Arcadia Bluffs overlooking 3100 feet of Lake Michigan shoreline in Arcadia, MI. Golf the original Bluffs Course overlooking 3100 feet of Lake Michigan shoreline which resembles a seaside links course with rolling terrain, natural fescues, and panoramic views of beautiful Lake Michigan. The Bluffs offers players a world-class golfing experience unlike anything in The United States. Includes Golf for Four, 2 golf soft side coolers, 4 drink tumblers, 4 golf umbrellas and misc. golf items.

Donor: Conco Companies (The)
Item: Napa Valley Weekend – includes three nights for four (4) people (in a 2-bed condo) at The Silverado Resort  Spa in Napa, CA (value $3700). Golf or spa credits, dinner for four at The Grill at Silverado Resort & Spa and 6-hours of limo service for a wine tasting tour in the Napa Valley (value $600). $1,600 in travel funds provided from cash donations made to the CIM National Steering Committee. Estimated value: $5,900.

Donor:  ConcreteCareers.com
Item: Discounted Placement Service –  We are offering 50% off our normal placement fees of 25% of the first annual salary for an employee who we place with your firm. (E.G – if we place a candidate with your firm that makes $100,000 per year, the normal placement fee would be 25% of that which is $25,000. With this discount, the fee would be $12,500).

Donor: Concrete Supply Company
Item: Outdoor Sportsman’s Package – includes:  Summit 180 MAX SD Tree Stand, Classic Accessories Cumberland Float Tube, TIDEWE 4K Trail Camera with 32GB Card & Night Vision, Midland 38-Mile, 36-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio (Camo), Bushnell 10×50 mm Binoculars, Bushnell 4×21 Laser Range Finder and LHOTSE Waterproof LED Headlamp Super Bright 6000LM.

Donor:  Connecticut Concrete Promotion Council
Item: (4) Concrete Bow Tie (Items sold separately)–  Hand crafted concrete bow tie. Lightweight sturdy handcrafted bow ties made in Lebanon. Tie come individually packaged in a beautiful gift box. Items sold separately. (colors may vary.)

Donor:  Continental Tire The Americans
Item: One Gift Certificate Redeemable For A Set Of 4 Passenger Or Light Truck Tires- Tires are shipped directly to the winner via Continental. Certificate does not include labor or install.

Donor:  Cypress Private Wealth
Item: Kenal River Classic Invitational Fishing Event in Soldotna Alaska 2022- 3-day fishing package, win $1,500 airfare credit, on the Kenal River in Soldotna Alaska. This is a fisherman’s dream…. 3 days salmon fishing on the Kenal River in Soldotna Alaska. Food, lodging, and ground transportation, while in Kenal, are covered. Fish processing and shipping is also included. To top off the fishing package is a $1,500 credit towards airfare.

Donor: Dunn Investment Company
Item: Quail Hunting at Circle M Plantation in Mississippi – located in Macon, MS (approximately 2-hours’ drive from Birmingham, AL airport) – includes a full day of quail hunting for four (4) hunters, meals, one night of lodging, beverages and shells – package also includes $1,000 travel voucher.

Donor: Durafiber, Inc.
Item: Tennessee Titans Tickets – 4 tickets to the Titans and Saints game on November 14,2021. 12:00pm Nashville, TN.

Donor: Erie Strayer Company
ItemLenovo Ideapad 15.6″ HD Notebook – 1366 x 768- AMD Ryzen 3 3250U Processor-4GB DDR4- 128GB SSD- AMD Radeon Vega 3 Graphics- Windows 10- Black.

Donor: Frank Kozeliski Consulting Engineer
Item: (2) Concrete Gavel (to be sold separately)- A Concrete Gavel with a 3/16 rod in the handle. For the Concrete person who is Sustainable. All concrete, no wood.

Donor: Frank Kozeliski Consulting Engineer
Item: Concrete Business Cards (set of 25)–  These 25 business cards with 6 lines will be sent to you in the USA via USPO. each card weighs about 41 grams (1.5 oz) and the concrete is 4000 psi with glass fibers. No one else has these- they will remember you forever!

Donor: Frank Kozeliski Consulting Engineer
Item: 1 Set of 4 I Love Concrete Coasters–  Show off your love for concrete with these original concrete coasters with I Love Concrete on the surface. Made in Gallup, New Mexico.

Donor: Frank Kozeliski Consulting Engineer
Item: I Heart Concrete Face Mask– I Heart Concrete custom made mask helps you show your industry pride while staying safe.

Donor: Frank Kozeliski Consulting Engineer
Item: 1 Set of 4 CIM Concrete Coasters–  Show off your love for concrete with these original concrete coasters with the CIM logo on the surface. Made in Gallup, New Mexico.

Donor: Frank Kozeliski Consulting Engineer
Item: Set of Six (6) Concrete Shot Glasses– Set of six (6) concrete shot glasses, 1.5 oz. each.

Donor: Frank Kozeliski Consulting Engineer
Item: Two Concrete Table Décor Items– Show off your love for concrete in a practical way with these two small concrete items which can be used to hold jewelry, coins, paper clips, etc. One is shaped like a turtle, and the other a small bowl.

Donor: The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
ItemA ride on the Goodyear Blimp for 2 passengers – Ride for 2 on the Goodyear Blimp out of one of the three airbases in the US where the Blimps are stationed.

Donor: Housby
Item: $1,500 Gift Certificate to Golf Galaxy – Pick out your own new golf clubs with $1,500 Golf Galaxy gift certificate. Choose from Adams, Callaway, Cleveland, Mizuno, Nike, Ping, Taylor Made, Titleist and many more at over 81 locations in 30+ states.

Donor: Irving Materials, Inc.
Item: Four Indianapolis Colts Tickets – 4 tickets to the Indianapolis Colts during 2021-2022 season. Please declare which game and claim tickets by August 15th so they can be mailed to you.

Donor: Irving Materials, Inc.
Item: Four Tennessee Titans Tickets –Four tickets to the Tennessee Titans during 2021-2022 season. Please declare which game and claim tickets by August 15th so they can be mailed to you.

Donor: Irving Materials, Inc.
Item: Four Nashville Predators Tickets –Four tickets to the Nashville Predators during 2021-2022 season. Four tickets to the Nashville Predators in the lower bowl section of Bridgestone Area during 2021-2022 season. Please declare which game and tickets by December 31st so they can be mailed to you.

Donor: Jennifer LeFevre  
Item:  Three (3) tickets to a Washington Nationals Home Game –Three (3) tickets to a 2019 World Champion Washington Nationals home game in the 2021 season. The tickets are located in a special three seat row in the 409 section of Nationals Park so winner will have the entire section. While the 2021 schedule has been drafted, it is highly possible that it will change so specific games are not offered at this time. Ticket donor will work with the auction winner to identify a game, including at lest four options. If a game cannot be identified in the 2021 season due to limited availability, the auction winner will be offered tickets to a game in the 2022 season.

Donor: J. Lohr Vineyards & Wine 
Item: Day in the Vineyards (Paso Robles, CA)- J. Lohr Vineyards (Paso Robles) Vineyard & Wine Package (up to 6 people) – Experience a personal tour of the vineyards with Jerry Lohr (American Wine Legend) at the J. Lohr Vineyards and Wine facility near Paso Robles, CA.  Learn firsthand how these environmental tenets extend to every facet of the business. In addition to the vineyard tour, you will be able to visit the Paso Robles crush facility and enjoy a barrel tasting in the aging room. Your wine tastings at the facility will be paired with a gourmet lunch at the vineyard. Includes $1,800 cash for hotel, limo service for the day and dinner in Paso Robles.

Donor: Komatsu North America/ Roland Machinery Co.
Item: Komatsu Shirts, Models, Hat’s, Golf Balls– A variety of top-brand shirts, hats, and golf balls, as well as First Gear models. Items sold separately.

Donor: Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.
Item: I-Pad Air with keyboard case– iPad air (4th Generation) Wi-Fi (256GB). Model MYFT2LL/A 10.9” space gray with Logitech folio touch keyboard case with trackpad.

Donor: Martin Marietta Materials
Item: Dallas Cowboys Suite Tickets and Hotel- Enjoy a 2021 Dallas Cowboys game (Schedule for 2021 includes home games versus NY Giants, Philadelphia, Washington, Las Vegas, Carolina, Atlanta, Arizona) from a luxury suite. 4 suite tickets with parking pass. Also included, all food and beverages in the suite. Also, 2 hotel rooms for two nights at a premium hotel location in the DFW area.

Donor: Mobile Tranquility LLC
Item: $100 Massage Therapy Gift Certificate– $100 Gift Certificate for Massage Therapy Services in the Washington, DC, area. Gift Certificate will cover one (1) 60 minute, in-office massage. Gift Certificate amount may be applied to a service of greater value with the bearer paying the difference in cost. Other options include a chair massage session, a session of longer duration, or a service taking place at client’s home or office. Service is only available in the Washington, DC, area.

Donor: MTSU CIM Patrons
Item: Houseboat Rental – Rent a houseboat at one of over 30 lakes in the US or Canada – this voucher for $4,000 can be used towards any week long rental of a houseboat of your choice – click HERE to look at the lake and houseboat options. In addition a $1,000 travel Visa will be included.

Donor: MTSU CIM Patrons
Item: Music City Grand Prix & Grand Ole Opry Weekend in Nashville– Enjoy a three night Nashville weekend- Grand Ole Opry tickets, 2 General Admission tickets to Music City Grand Prix for August 6-8th, entry to MTSU hospitality trailer during race, area hotel for 2 adults. $500 airline voucher included.

Donor: National Precast Concrete Association Foundation
Item: $250 Amazon Gift Card – $250 Amazon Gift Card.

Donor: North Central Region Patron’s Group
Item: NFL MN Vikings Game –4 suite tickets, 2 rooms for 2 nights at Vikings Omni Hotel. $500 miscellaneous voucher. Enjoy a Minnesota Vikings football game in a beautiful 50-yard line suite (4 tickets), a stay at the brand new Omni Vikings Hotel (2 rooms for 2 nights), and a $500 miscellaneous voucher to spend on meals, travel, the Omni Spa, or anything else of your choice. $500 travel funds from cash donations made to CIM National Steering Committee.

Item: Portable Vehicle Cooler- Electric cooler for vehicle to keep food/beverage cool while on the road. Igloo Portable 28 Quart Thermoelectric Iceless Cooler.

Donor: Peterbilt Motors Company
Item: PACCAR Parts Card $20,000- PACCAR Parts Card with a value of $20,000. Can be redeemed at any Peterbilt or Kenworth for parts only purchase.

Donor: Ready Mix USA
Item: University of Alabama Football Tickets – Enjoy (4) tickets to the LSU Tigers versus the Alabama Crimson Tide on Saturday, November 6, 2021. Game to be played in Tuscaloosa, AL.

Donor: Sandler Training
Item: Two (2) One-Day Sales, Sales Management or Leadership Training for up to 25 people – Sandler Training, once again voted the #1 Training Organization by Entrepreneur Magazine and the recognized leader in sales and sales management training is offering a one day (8 hour) training session focused on sales or sales management or leadership skills development for up to 25 people.  Participants will actively engage in exercises and classroom learning as they learn the Sandler System for Sales or Sales Management;  each participant will receive a copy of the Sandler book “Sandler Rules” and a participant workbook. (2 donated, sold separately)

Donor: Sika Corporation
Item: (2) Apple Watches- Items sold separately -Series 6, Aluminum Case with Solo Loop, 40mm. Must claim by June 30th, 2021. (Items sold separately).

Donor: Silvi Group Companies, Inc.
Item: Collectors’ Wine -Wine from Larry Silvi’s Personal Wine Cellar. Wines include: 2012 – Kesner, Pinot Noir, Russian River,  2004 – Silver Oak, Alexander Valley, 2009 – Baida, Pinot Noir, Patagonia, 2013 – Gusto di Norti Tua Rita, Italy,  2004 – Campo Eliseo, Toro, Spain, 2007 – Grand, Cabernet, California.

Donor: Superior Concrete Materials, Inc. A U.S. Concrete Company
Item: Washington DC Travel Package for Two (2) People -This package includes $1000 voucher for domestic coach airfare for two (2), two nights’ lodging (one room) in a downtown hotel (Marriott Marquis or equivalent), $200 voucher for dinner for two on one evening at a top DC restaurant of buyer’s choice from several options and a private black sedan monument tour (all items are based on availability, contact donor early for best availability).

Donor: Thomas Concrete Company
Item: Atlanta Golf Package-Hawks Ridge Golf Club- Enjoy a foursome of golf at one of the top-rated Golf clubs in America-Hawks Ridge in Ball Ground, GA. 4 golfers will play with the member and enjoy lunch and drinks afterwards.

Donor: Texas State CIM Patrons Chair
Item: Driftwood Texas Wine Country Vacation- If you are looking for a one of a kind exclusive getaway that will be sure to impress, look no further. The Fall Creek Vineyards’ Wine Country Inn is just steps away from the Fall Creek Vineyards at Driftwood Winery and Tasting Room. This exceptional property boasts two master suites with King sized beds, a stunning rock faced fireplace in the sitting room, and a fully stocked kitchen. https://fcv.com/wine-country-inn. Two nights’ stay plus $2,000 cash to pay for airfare and miscellaneous expenses.

Donor: U.S. Concrete
Item: Texas Rangers and DFW Experience – 4 tickets to 9/15/21 Astros at Rangers, 4 tickets for the VIP Tour of Cowboy Stadium, 4 Flights, 2- Night Hotel Rooms. Sit close enough to let the Astros know what you think about their cheating ways at the new Globe Life Field. While you are in Dallas, enjoy our biggest attraction, Cowboys Stadium. Travel and hotels will be taken care of and include 4 flights and 2 hotel rooms.

Donor: U.S. Concrete West Region
Item: San Francisco travel package for 2- San Francisco travel package for 2 that includes 3 nights at award- wining historic Cavallo Point Lodge, a 3-hour dinner/ dance cruise on the Bay and $400 per person travel allowance.

Donor: Valvoline.com
Item: 1,000 Gal PBOS Gen2 or 10K Valvoline Product- 1,000 Gallons of Premium Blue One Solution Gen2. Valvoline Premium Blue One Solution Gen2 Engine Oil is “THE ONLY ONE” exclusivity endorsed and recommended by Cummins. An extraordinary premium engine oil formulated to provide extended oil drain intervals for Heavy Duty Diesel and Natural Gas Engines for both on and off highway applications. Increase protection with proven performance with outstanding oxidation resistances, excellent wear protection, superior deposit protection with a unique 5000 miles oil drain extension. Reduce working capital with inventory consolidation by eliminating the need for multiple engine oils. **Offer only valid for new accounts who have not placed an order within the last 12 months. Must be Valvoline Heavy Duty Products – Qualifying from WOC Trade Show June 7 – July 7, 2021. Please allow 30 business days for validation.  Limit one submission for this offer.  Offer not combinable with other offers.  Void where prohibited or restricted by law.  Offer subject to withdraw.  

Donor:  Vulcan Materials Company
Item:  Four Washington Football Team Tickets- 4 club level Tickets to watch the Washington Football Team vs a 2021 opponent at Fedex Field in Washington, DC during the 2021 season (date to be announced). 2021 home opponents are Dallas, Philadelphia, NY Giants, Tampa, Los Angeles Chargers, Seattle, New Orleans and Kansas City. Parking pass included. Must communicate choice of game by July 15, 2021.

Donor: Webcor Concrete
Item: Sailing San Francisco Bay – Spend an afternoon with your group of up to six people, sailing a 40’ yacht around Alcatraz Island, under the Golden Gate Bridge, and around the course for the 2013 America’s Cup. Take the helm, trim the sails, or sit back and relax as you enjoy this world class sailing venue. Do as much or as little as you please on this fully crewed vessel. Picnic lunch aboard includes wine from Napa Valley and beer from local microbrewers.

Donor: Woodland Tilt-Up
Item: Miami Dolphins Football Tickets – Four (4) tickets to a 2021 Miami Dolphins home game of your choice. Includes parking.

Donor: World of Concrete
Item: $500 Marriott Gift Cards – $500 Marriott Gift Cards

Donor: World of Concrete
Item: Yeti Package – Yeti Package included 2 coolers, Hot Mugs and Colsters. One Yeti 24 Roadster Cooler, one Yeti Day Trip Cooler, two Yeti Hot Mugs and 4 Yeti Colsters.


Cash Donations

Donor: Alamo Concrete/ Almo Cement/ Buzzi Unicem Item: $5,000 Cash Donation

Donor:  Baldwin Filters   Item: $1,000 Cash Donation

Donor:  Encore Concrete Construction   Item: $300 Cash Donation

Donor: Forterra  Item: $5,000 Cash Donation

Donor: Kent Companies Item: $500 Cash Donation

Donor: Kenworth Truck Company Item: $3,000 Cash Donation

Donor: Miller and Long Item: $1,000 Cash Donation

Donor: PACCAR Parts Item: $2,000 Cash Donation

Donor: Procon, Inc. Item: $500 Cash Donation

Donor: Ruffin Const. Co. Item: $2,000 Cash Donation

Donor: Structural Technologies Item: $250 Cash Donation

Donor: United Rentals N.A Inc. Item: $500 Cash Donation

Donor: W.R Meadows, Inc. Item: $4,000 Cash Donation