2020 Auction Items

The CIM National Steering Committee, Local Patrons Groups, the 400+ current CIM students at our four program universities around the country as well as the more than 1,300 graduates of the program wish to give sincere thanks to all of the companies that are donating to our 2020 auction. These items are listed below, sorted by category of donation – Ready Mixed Concrete-Focused Items, Contractor-Focused Items, Other Industry Segment Items, Items for Everyone, and Cash Donations



Ready Mixed Concrete-Focused Items

Donor: Arcosa Lightweight
Item: Lightweight Aggregate– 2 truck loads of expanded shale or clay lightweight aggregate. The buyer will receive two trucks of expanded shale or clay lightweight aggregate FOB at the Arcosa Lightweight plant of the buyer’s choice. The buyer is responsible for delivery of the two loads.

Donor: Argos Cement
Item: 5 loads Type I Bulk Portland Cement– Five (5) loads (approximately 125 short tons) of Type I bulk Portland Cement, FOB manufacturing facility at either Harleyville, South Carolina, Newberry, Florida or Roberta, Alabama.

Donor: BASF Construction Chemicals
Item$30,000 Admixture Package – including MasterPozzolith, MasterPolyHeed, MasterGlenium, MasterSet, MasterLife and MasterAir.  Additionally, BASF’s new strength enhancing product, MasterXSeed 55 is included. This revolutionary new product can help the concrete producer achieve a higher performance space or allow for the optimization of current performance.

Donor: Beck Industrial, Inc.
Item$10,00 Voucher– Take $10k off your already competitively priced Beck Industrial mixer package, or receive a $10k parts credit.

Donor: Boral CM Services
Item2 loads of Fly Ash– 2 loads of Fly Ash (50 tons), FOB any Boral (Headwaters) plant or terminal.

Donor:  CalPortland
Item: 5 Loads Bulk Portland Cement – Five (5) loads (approximately 125 short tons) of bulk Portland Cement, FOB Cement plant or Terminal site.

DonorCharles Soeder
Item: Hand built Ready Mix Concrete Truck – Model Truck- Hand Built Wooden Ready Mix Concrete Truck.

Donor: Capitol Aggregates, Inc.
Item4 Loads Cement – Four (4) Loads Type I, Type IL, Type IP or Type III Cement, FOB San Antonio, TX.

Donor: CarbonCure Technologies, Inc.
Item: CarbonCure Installation – 1 yr free – The first year of a five (5) year lease agreement is waived for a new CarbonCure Installation. CarbonCure Technologies enables concrete producers to use less cement in their mixes, gain a competitive advantage with low-carbon concrete and grow their business with the green building market—while reducing the embodied carbon footprint of the built
environment. 1. Optimize business efficiency/Improve operations: Reduce costs with a proven technology that enables cement content reductions while maintaining strength requirements, requiring no upfront capital investment. 2. Stronger, more sustainable concrete: Our technical experts will support you as you adjust your mix designs by reducing cement content and by adding in recycled CO 2 to increase the concrete’s strength. 3. Gain a competitive advantage: Successfully compete and win more bids with low-carbon concrete, catering to the end users in the growing green building market. Retain more employees by doing something good for the environment and your community. 4. Committed to your success: The CarbonCure Technical Services and Support (TSS) team enables fast onboarding and
adoption, to ensure your success at every stage of implementation. The first year’s leasing fees, of a five year lease agreement, will be waived for a new installation of The CarbonCure Technology at
a plant of your choice. This must be a new installation and does not apply to prior installed systems.

Donor: CEMEX
ItemTen (10) Loads Type I/II Portland Cement – 10 truck loads of Type I/II Portland Cement at approximately 25 short tons per load, picked up a CEMEX US plant or terminal location.

Donor: Central Plains Cement Company
Item: 3 Loads (approximately 75 short tons) of Portland Cement Type I-II – 3 loads (approximately 75 short tons) of Portland Cement Type I-II FOB our Sugar Creek, MO cement plant.

Donor: Charah Solutions
ItemFive Loads of Fly Ash – Five (5) loads of ASTM C-618 Specification fly ash; material only, no transportation included. Charah Solutions, one of the nation’s leading fly ash sales and marketing companies, is pleased to donate five (5) loads of ASTM C-618 specification fly ash. The donation is for material only, sourced from one of the following locations: Miami Fort Power Plant – North Bend, Ohio, Zimmer Power Plant – Moscow, Ohio, Limestone Power Plant – Jewitt, Texas, Cleco, Rodemacher – Rodemacher, LA, Northeastern/Oolaga Power Plant – Tulsa, OK, Independence Power Plant – Newark, AR. White Bluff – Redfield, AR, Flint Creek – Gentry, AR, SVM – Trona, California, Transportation to be arranged by the winning bidder. Five truck loads with an estimated 25 tons per truck, total donation not to exceed 150 tons.

Donor: CHRYSO Inc.
Item: CHRYSO Chemical Admixtures– Buyer option on any chemical admixture.

Donor: Command Alkon Inc. 
ItemCOMMANDbatch System – A new COMMANDbatch system with options up to a value of $25,000 based on published list price. Does not include installation or training.  FOB manufacturer.

Donor: CON-E-CO
ItemCON-E-CO Model PJC-300S Silo Dust Collector – 304 square feet of cleaning area with high pressure air-pulse jet cleaning system and 1,520 C.F.M. capacity – includes weld on adapter flange and spring loaded pressure relief valve with weld on flange.

Donor: Con-Tech Manufacturing
Item: Con-Tech Manufacturing Replacement Drums  – Con-Tech Manufacturing, a long-term supporter of the CIM Auction, is donating three (3) 9-11 yard replacement drums painted one color and delivered to your site in the US or mounted at our Minnesota Facility (Includes delivery). 3/16 or 1/4 spec.

Donor: Continental Cement
Item: 2 Loads (approximately 50 short tons) of Cement – Two (2) Loads of Type I/II cement, FOB any Continental plant or terminal.

Donor: Digital Fleet
Item: Digital Fleet Ready-Mix TelematicsTwo months free software service with Digital Fleet. New customers only, 100 trucks max.

Donor: Eagle Materials – Fairborn Cement Company
Item:  3 Loads of Type I Cement – Three (3) loads (approximately 25 short tons) Portland Cement Type I, FOB Fairborn cement plant only.

Donor: Euclid Chemical Company (The)
ItemConcrete Admixture, Fiber, Repair, and Cure & Seal Package – One 275 gallon tote of Plastol 6420 mid-range water-reducing admixture, Two pallets (1,800 lbs) of PSI Fiberstrand Multi-Mix 80 polypropylene micro-fiber, One pallet (64 46lb bags) EucoRepair V100 high-performance vertical/overhead concrete repair mortar, One pallet (64 50lb bags) Versaspeed LS100 fast-setting horizontal concrete repair mortar, One pallet (total of 36 5gal pails) of Diamond Clear OR Diamond Clear 350 non-yellowing concrete cure & seal.

Donor: Fiberforce by ABC Polymer/Concrete Fibers
Item: 4 Pallets (648lb) of Mono Tuf (micro) or fibril Tuf (fibrillated)- ABC Polymers has been producing micro and Fibrillated fibers for well over 25 years with the addition of macros soon after. ABC has a full portfolio of micros, macros, nylon, glass and steel fibers. ABC Polymers also supports your business with engineering services and an outside sales team that has a sole focus on driving demand for fibers.

Donor: FORTA Corporation
Item: FORTA-FERRO® Macro Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement for Concrete – Two (2) pallets, totaling 960 lbs – packaged in 2.5 lbs. mixer-ready bags – known for mixing without balling and a superior surface finish. Reduces plastic and hardened concrete shrinkage and temperature-related cracking.

Donor:  GCC
Item: GCC Cement – Five (5) loads (approximately 25 short tons per load) of Type I/II. Pick up at plant or terminal.

Donor: GCP Applied Technologies
Item$30,000 Admixture Package – including Recover® Hydration Stabilizers, V-MAR ® 3 Viscosity Modifier and STRUX® 90/40 Synthetic Macro Fiber Reinforcement.

Donor: Giant Cement
Item: 2 Loads of Type I/II Portland Cement- 2 loads (approximately 50 short  tons) of Type I/II Portland Cement. FOB Dragon Cement, Thomaston, ME or Giant Cement, Harleyville, SC.

Donor: Illinois Cement Company
Item3 Loads Portland Cement – Three (3) loads of Type I Portland Cement (approximately 25 short tons per load) – FOB at Illinois Cement Plant

Donor: Innovative Concrete Solutions & Systems
ItemOne Chute Wash Recovery System – an efficiency tool saving producers up to 15 minutes per load – meets Federal EPA guidelines for handling chute wash, ROI of 3-5 months common with current customers. Fastest and easiest system on the market, leaves “zero footprint” at customers site, No pumps, hoses, buckets or valves to cause problems and improved safety- no buckets to carry and cleaner sites.

Donor:  LafargeHolcim
Item: 15 Loads Type I/II Bulk Portland Cement – Fifteen (15) truck loads (approximately 25 short tons per load) of Type I/II Portland Cement. Picked up by bidder at LafargeHolcim US facility.

Donor: Lehigh Hanson, Inc.
 15 Truckloads of Cement – Fifteen (15) loads of cement; pickup limited to United States locations.  Truckloads are limited to 27st/load.

Donor: Libra Systems Inc.
Item: Sentinel GPS Truck/Asset Tracking- Sentinel is a cloud-based GPS system for tracking and managing your assets and material delivery. Six months GPS tracking for up to 50 assets. No obligation to continue. Includes: Sentinel tracking software & web training, auto-statusing, Asset history, Mobile app (iPhone or Android), Hardware devices. Recipient agrees to return hardware after 6-months of service is discontinued. Shipping/delivery included.

Donor: Mack Trucks, Inc.
Item: 2019 Mack Granite Boost-A-Load (with McNeilus Bridgemaster mixer mounted)– VIN 1M2GR2GC6LM017698. Model – Granite 2019 GR64FR. Engine – Mack MP7-375C, 375 hp @ 1360 lb.ft. torque. Engine Brake – Mack PowerLeash.  Cleartech® One emissions system.  Transmission – MACK TMD14AFO-HD mDRIVE HD 14 SP, Ultra-Low Creeper/ Multi-Speed Reverse (Overdrive).  Wheelbase – 248-inch.  Frame – STEEL – 300mm X 90mm X 9.5mm — (11.81″ X 3.54″ X 0.37″).  Front axle – Mack FXL20, 20,000 lb. Rear axle – Mack S462R, 46,000 lb., CRD 150/151 Mack Carrier, RAR 3.56. Rear auspension – HMX 460, 46,000 lb. Tires: 425/65R22.5 L Bridgestone M864, 11R22.5 H Bridgestone M799. Brakes – Meritor “S” CAM with Bendix ABS with Traction Control 6S/6M. Fuel tank – LH 72 Gallon 26-inch D-shaped sleeved tank with integrated DEF tank. Interior – trim level: Premium package, steel gray. Paint color- white – 900884. Guarddog Connect With 4G/LTE And WLAN system with diagnostic services. Updated interior for better driver interface and ergonomics. Full-color dash and instrument cluster with 5-inch copilot screen. Mack premium seats developed with Sears seating for best-in-class comfort and durability. Power windows and locks. Self-cancelling turn signals. Flat bottom steering wheel with cruise and radio switches. Two-piece windshield.  Alcoa LVL ONE Alum wheels. Bright finish options: grill, air intakes, mirrors, DPF cover. Stainless steel sun visor. Auxiliary air tank capacity for one extra lift axle included. Driver controlled inter-wheel differential lock all RR axles. Premium stereo, CD-player, MP3, weatherband. Mixer Boc Xmber – steel rolled flanged for REPTO pump.

Donor: Marcotte Systems 
Item: 1 Marcotte Dry Batch System– 1 MARCOTTE Batch with Life Extension unit and 2 scale indicators. Excludes: PC hardware, printer, and installation.

Donor: Martin Marietta
Item: Five (5) loads of Type I/II Cement (not to exceed 135 tons) – FOB Martin Marietta’s cement plant at Hunter, TX.

Donor:  McInnis Cement
Item: 4 Loads of Type I/II Bulk Portland Cement -4 truck loads of Type I/II Portland Cement at approximately 25 short tons per load, picked up by bidder at McInnis Cement US facility.

Donor: McNeilus
Item: 11 CY McNeilus FLEX controls Bridgemaster Mixer (mounted on 2019 Mack Granite Boost-A-Load) – The McNeilus® FLEX Controls™ Bridgemaster® Mixer includes: 11-cubic-yard M80 Series™ drum, 46-inch paver opening, Award-winning FLEX Controls™, GradeMaster™, 3-button joystick, Rear pendant keypad with 25-foot cable, PMP PMB 7.1 straight drive, Eaton motor and pump, 150-gallon lightweight aluminum water tank high-mount with 24-inch step, 3 solid weld steel extension chutes with vertical rear pedestal hanging rack, Flip up hopper with 4-inch drop, Poly collector bib, 2 Bridgemaster pressure guages – in cab with FLEX Controls and near combo block, 2 slump meters – in cab with FLEX Controls and illuminated meter on rear pedestal, Lighting package with night pour lights and strobe on rear pedestal, Step bumper, Recovery loop, Clear coat for extra protection with one color paint in white, Standard warranty. Also included with the mixer: Delivery from Las Vegas to anywhere in lower 48 states, All FET tax paid, Mack extended warranty, 60 months/ 250,000 miles (Engine Plan 2, exhaust aftertreatment system, engine towing, transmission and clutch).

Donor: MESA Systems Co.
Item: HD2 Kit Portable aggregate moisture meter- Hand-held portable system for the measurement of construction aggregates moisture. The HD2- kit includes the HD2- meter, SONO-M1 aggregate moisture probe and padded carrying case. Commonly used by concrete and asphalt producers for all their aggregates.

Donor:  Mitsubishi Cement Corporation
Item: 5 Loads Type II/V Bulk Portland Cement – Five (5) truck loads  of Type II/V bulk Portland Cement FOB Cement plant.

Donor:  The Monarch Cement Company
Item: 3 Loads Type I/II Portland Cement – 3 loads (approximately 75 short tons) of Type I/II Portland Cement, FOB Humboldt, KS Plant.

Donor: Mountain Cement Company
Item2 Loads of Type I/II Cement – Donation is for two 25st loads (total 50st) of Type I/II Portland cement- to be picked up at either MCC’s Laramie or Denver facilities.

Donor: National Cement Company
Item: Three (3) truckloads of Type I/II Portland Cement – Three (3) truckloads of Type I/II Portland Cement at approximately 25 short tons per load, picked up at National Cement plant in Ragland, AL.

Donor: National Cement Company-CA
Item: Three (3) truckloads of II-V Portland Cement –Three (3) truckloads of II-V Portland Cement at approximately 25 short tons per load, picked up at a National Cement plant Lebec.

Donor: Ozinga Cement
Item: 5 PD (pneumatic bulk hauler) truck loads of ASTM Class C Fly Ash –5 PD (pneumatic bulk hauler) truck loads of ASTM Class C Fly Ash Pick up from Joppa, IL Power station located at 2100 Portland Road, Joppa, IL 62953.

Donor: Portland Cement Association
Item: Admission to Design & Control of Concrete Mixture Coursea fast-paced, three and a half day program, developed especially for concrete industry personnel who need fundamental yet practical concrete knowledge. This course combines classroom instruction, lab demonstrations, and hands-on training to help employees meet customer needs reflecting the latest advances in concrete technology.

Donor: RexCon, Inc
Item: One (1) set of RexCon/Tandem 12 cu yd Polyurethane Drum Liners  – One (1) complete set of 12 cu yd Tan Dem Products. Polyurethane Drum Liners.

Donor: Rhino Manufacturing Group, Inc.
Item: 1 Yard Concrete Washout Pan -Concrete Washout Pan, 76″x76″x14″, 1 Yard Capacity, 7 Gauge Walls, 4 Gauge Floor, 5 Lifting D-Rings. Part Number: RMGCWP1YARD

Donor:  Roanoke Cement Company, LLC/a Titan America Business
Item: 5 Loads Type I/II Bulk Portland Cement – Five (5) loads (approximately 125 short tons) of Type I/II bulk Portland Cement, FOB Troutville, VA.

Donor: Salt River Materials Group
Item: 81 Tons Class F Fly Ash – High quality Class F Fly Ash. Three loads of high quality Class F Fly Ash, picked up at SRMG facility.

Donor: SEFA Group
Item: Three (3) Loads Flyash –
Three (3) loads of Class F flyash only. Freight is not included.

Donor:  Shumaker Industries, Inc
Item: Load & GO automated ready-mix truck wash system -Automated high-pressure wash system designed to remove the residual materials from the ready-mix truck after batching. 2020 model Load & GO automated ready-mix wash system.  Including delivery and commissioning (US/Canadian Customers Only).  The Load & GO automated ready-mix truck wash system thoroughly and consistently cleans both front and rear discharge mixers after the batching process, eliminating the need for the driver to exit the mixer. Using over 70 nozzles to direct 1200 PSI water, the Load & GO consistently cleans mixer in less than one minute and use 75% less water than a standard manual washdown with a hose.

Donor: Sika Corporation
Item: $20,000 Admixture Package – Buyer can build a custom package of Sika admixtures of choice, up to a value of $20,000 (based on book prices). Includes such options as any Visocrete high range water reducers, other Sika water reducing products, Sika Air products, accelerators, retarders, corrosion inhibitors and Polypropylene fibers.  Credit applies to product only, not taxes, delivery, etc.  Bulk liquid delivery included for delivery of at least 500 gallons of product.  For products delivered in totes/drums, delivery charges are not included.

Donor: Silo Pros, East Coast Chippers, RDorian Heavy Hydro
Item: Clean out full load- up to 10 yds– Clean out any truck, full load up tp 10 yds. Includes mobilzation, per-diem, Fuel surcharge. Only in FL, GA, AL, TENN, VIR, NC, SC.

Donor: Silo Pros Inc
Item: 2 day of Pneumatic BinWhip Silo Service–  2 days of Pneumatic BinWhip silo services, includes mobilization. only in FL, GA, AL, TENN, VA, NC, SC.

Donor: Stalite Lightweight Aggregate
Item2 Loads of 3/4″ Stalite Lightweight Aggregate – Two (2) loads of 3/4″ material to be picked up at Gold Hill, North Carolina Stalite Plant.

Donor: Stephens Mfg
Item(2) SOS-1020 Silo Dust Collectors – Cartridge type, 450 sq ft of cloth area – works well for cement or fly ash – cartridges are washable and easy to change without confined space issues. If vents are purchased then credit will be applied to their account and can be used for other parts.

Donor:  St. Mary’s Cement Inc. (US) a Division of Votorantim Cement North America
Item: 5 Loads Type I Bulk Portland Cement – Five (5) loads (approximately 125 short tons) of Type I bulk Portland Cement, FOB at St. Mary’s cement plants or terminals in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio and/or New York. Freight (FOB) is the responsibility of the buyer.

Donor: Teichert Materials
Item: Concrete Aggregates – 15 loads (26 1/2 T) of concrete 1×4 or sand form Teichert Aggregates rack plant.

Donor: Terex Advance Mixer
Item: $10,000 Parts Credit – Parts credit for aftermarket parts at $10,000

Donor: Trimble Construction Logistics 
Item: Trimble TrimFleet Management System– Trimble ready mix telematics fleet tracking and management system for a fleet of five (5) trucks, including auto-statusing sensor systems and professional services. (5) Trimble 4G LTE Telematics Gateway (5) Trimble Ruggedized Tablet Display (TCT) (5) Trimble Drum Rotation Sensor (DRS) (5) Trimble Wash-out Sensor (1) Hardware Certification Installation Training (On-Site) (1) Software Implementation and Training (On-Site) * Monthly subscription services are required. * Monthly subscription not included. * Installations and services must be in the USA or Canada.

Donor: Vince Hagan Co
ItemVH-245JP Silo Top Dust Collector – This unit has the following features and specifications: Silo mounted flange and top access hinged door. 245 square feet of cloth filtering area. Cloth is spun bound polyester. Seven (7) – 8” diameter cartridges. Cartridges are 36” long. Remove and replace cartridges from the top. Cloth weight s 8.1 oz/square yard. Permeability is 28-33 CFM/square foot at 0.5” water. Exhaust opening size is 0/226 square feet. Filter efficiency is 99.995 at 0.2-2 microns. Included air filter and regulator unit (60-70 psi typical setting, 75 psi maximum) mounted to air manifold. Unit requires approximately 9 CFJ at 70 psi in collector manifold to operate bag system. QUICK RELEASE toggle clamps to allow easy access for filter cartridge maintenance. External air piping and wiring is not included. Automatic timer switch at 0.75 psi senses when the silo is being filled and turns on the silo top dust collector’s cleaning cycle and it will continue to run and for 30 minutes after filling is completed.  Electrical specifications are 115V/1PH/60HZ for the power unit input. PREP: All steel shall be wire brushed and chemically cleaned (SP2 cleaning). PAINT: 1 coat of epoxy primer and one coat of urethane paint. COLOR: Hagan Yellow, Dunes Tan, White or Gray. Must be claimed by March 31, 2020.

Donor: Xypex Chemical Corporation
Item:  1 pallet C-500 Regular Admixture (24 cartons) -Xypex C-500 admixture is a specialty product that is blended into the concrete at the time of batching that will create non-soluble crystals inside the capillaries and pores of the concrete to waterproof and protect your concrete from hash chemicals.  Xypex is a unique chemical treatment for the waterproof­ing, protection and improvement of concrete. XYPEX ADMIX C-500 is added to the concrete mix at the time of batching. Xypex Admix C-500 consists of Port­land cement, silica sand and various active, proprietary chemicals. These active chemicals react with the moisture in fresh concrete and with the by-products of cement hydration to cause a catalytic reaction. This reaction generates a non-soluble crystalline formation throughout the pores and capillary tracts of the concrete that permanently seals the concrete and prevents the penetration of water and other liquids from any direction. Xypex Admix C-500 is packaged in convenient sizes of 10#, 12# and 15# soluble bags.  Xypex Admix C-500 is dosed at 2 – 3% by weight of cement.  To determine the appropriate dosage rate consult with the local Xypex Technical Services Representative or Xypex’s Technical Services Department. Shipping and delivery included.

Contractor-Focused Items

Donor: Advanced Concrete Screeds, LLC
Item: Black Beauty Vibratory Power Screed – Model 9700H – Black Beauty Vibratory Power Screed with 6-foot equilateral triangle screed bar. This power unit will handle screed bars of up to 20 feet in length. The Black Beauty is powered by a Honda GX35 engine. The design of the Black Beauty enables it to consolidate as it screeds and handle slumps from as low as 2 “ to as high as 9”. The bearings, eccentric weigh and drive shafts are all sealed to protect against water intrusion and corrosion. A premium powder coating is used to protect the tool and make clean up easier. The Black Beauty is a rugged long lasting piece of equipment designed for the professional concrete finisher seeking to achieve strong flat concrete floors. Shipping and delivery included.

Donor: Allen Engineering
Item: Buggy Track (STD) 16Poly Kohler 27HP – This 16 cubic foot concrete track buggy with an 27 hp kohler engine, and is easy to clean thanks to the poly bucket. The Allen AT16 track drive power buggy provides excellent traction on grades, inclines, and soft soils. This buggy comes equipped with a 25 hp Kohler engine and a two speed hydrostatic transmission that provide excellent torque and power to carry payloads up to 2,500 lbs. It is also equipped with a 16 cubic foot, easy-to-clean polyethelene bucket. Including freight.

Donor: American Society of Concrete Contractors
Item: Concrete Executive Leadership Forum Registration – 1 CELF registration. July-16-19, 2020, Fairmont Orchird, Big Island, Hawaii.

Donor: Bee Access Products
Item: “Lifeline Products” Package – GM560E GRAB-ME Lifeline safety rope – 5/8″ diameter, 600′ spool, 7500 lb tensile strength, blended tenacity polyester & polypropylene, 3 strand monofilament, twisted, complies w/ANSI Z-359.1; HMA58 HOLD-ME Lifeline Anchor designed to terminate lifelines without tying knots.  The practical solution for complying with national safety standards and reducing liability exposure. Use with 5/8″ – 3/4″ lifelines. 5000 lb ultimate load capacity. Complies with ANSI Z-359.1; PM023 PROTECT-ME Lifeline Insulator protects lifeline from chafing on edge of parapet. Velcro closure for quick installation.

Donor: BlastONE International
Item: Nova 3 Respirator with C40 – The ultimate in comfort and performance with a list of safety features to match, this industrial respirator will exceed all your expectations. The Nova 3 lens system
along with the Nova C40 Cooling and heating system sets the helmet apart from the rest. NV3-705-50 – The Nova 3 Series respirator combines breakthrough protection technology with advanced comfort and functionality, surpassing even the most rigorous industry standards and the demands of the most quality-conscious companies.

Donor: Blastrac 
Item: 1 week rental 1-10ds global /d.collector – 1-week rental of Blastrac 1-10DS Global and Dust Collector Blastrac 1-10DS Global is a versatile, self-propelled walk-behind 10” shot blasting system which strips, cleans and profiles concrete and asphalt in one easy step. When operated with the dust collector, it operates virtually dust-free. The 1-10DS can prepare up to 1937 sq. ft. per hour consuming abrasive at about 2 lb per 100 sq. ft. or 42 lb. per hr.

Donor: Bosch Power Tools
Item: CORE18V 8 Tool Kit – Full kit covering complete range of drilling, fastening and cutting.  3 CORE18V 8 AH batteries and 2 CORE 18V 4 AH Batteries. Detailed description of your product, service, trip or other item. Include model number if applicable. Include high-resolution company logo and item image – .jpg format) Our best tool in every class. GBH18V-26DN 18V SDS Plus Bulldog, GSB18V-755CN Heavy Duty Hammer Drill, GDX18V-1800CN Freak Socket Ready Impact Driver, HTH181B High Torque Impact Wrench, GSA18V-125N 18V 1-1/4″ Multi-Grip Reciprocating Saw, GWX18V-50PCN 4-1/2″-5″ 18V X-Lock Grinder, CCS180B Circ Saw, GLI18V-1900N 1900Lumen Light, 2 Bags, 2 GBA18V40 CORE18V 4 AH Batteries, 3 GBA18V80 CORE 18V 8 AH Batteries & 2 GAL18V-40 Fast Chargers.

Donor:  Calculated Industries
Item: 6 Model 4225 ConcreteCal  – Model 4225 Calculated Industries ConcreteCalc Pro advanced feet-inch and metric calculator. Includes Armadillo case (six are donated, will be sold separately).

Donor: Caterpillar Inc. and Caterpillar Dealers
Item: One month rental of Cat Wheel Loader, or Excavator in US. – One month rental of 918M, 926M or 930M wheel loader or 313F, 315F, 316F or 318F hydraulic excavator or equivalent. Available in the United States. One month rental of listed machine or equivalent from a Caterpillar dealer located within the United States, subject to availability. High bidder is responsible for standard rental terms outlined from the providing dealer. Rental includes standard bucket or equivalent. Rental is from the dealer location, winning bidder is responsible for transportation costs and other fees. Contact the local servicing Caterpillar dealer for rental specifics. Must be claimed by August 31, 2020.

Donor: Caterpillar Inc. and Caterpillar Dealers
Item: One month rental of Cat Skid Steer Loader or equivalent, in US – One month rental of 272D3 or 279D3 skid steer or compact track loader or equivalent. Available in the United States. One month rental of listed machine or equivalent from a Caterpillar dealer located within the United States, subject to availability. High bidder is responsible for standard rental terms outlined from the providing dealer. Rental includes standard bucket or equivalent. Rental is from the dealer location; winning bidder is responsible for transportation costs and other fees. Contact the local servicing Caterpillar dealer for rental specifics. Must be claimed by August 31, 2020.

Donor: COMMAND Center
Item: COMMAND Center Concrete Maturity Systems  – COMMAND Center concrete temperature/maturity sensors (qty. 20) and Bluetooth sensor reader modules (qty. 2). 301006-X4 (qty. 20) – COMMAND Center Concrete Temperature Sensors with 4-ft lead. 301006-SRM (qty. 2) – COMMAND Center Bluetooth-enabled Sensor Reader Modules. Concrete temperature and maturity monitoring system, ready to use right out of the box. Includes free COMMAND Center software for Windows, Windows Mobile and iOS, as well as free training and support.

Donor: Convergent Concrete Technologies
Item: 55-gallon drums Pentra-Sil (H) + Pentra-Sil (IH) – Pentra-Sil (H) provides maximum hardening for concrete slabs and tilt-up construction. Pentra-Sil (IH) is applied during the polishing process, this penetrating hardener improves the final appearance by allowing abrasive tooling to work more effectively. Pentra-Sil® (H) provides maximum hardening for concrete slabs and tilt-up construction. This lithium-based product reduces dusting and makes the surface more water, stain and abrasion resistant while increasing surface sheen over time. Pentra-Sil® (H) is applied in one application, will not peel, and no rinsing is required. Pentra-Sil® (IH) is specifically designed for concrete polishing. Applied during the polishing process, this penetrating hardener
improves the final appearance by allowing abrasive tooling to work more effectively. Pentra-Sil® (IH) increases gloss and clarity.
It is extremely easy to apply and will not skin, discolor, or leave white blemishes.

Donor: D.P Dorfmueller Co. Inc.
Item: Print Reading for Concrete videos with Textbooks – 2 Print Reading for Construction textbooks with 1 set of videos.This is the number one textbook for learning to read construction drawings. Along with the textbooks is a series of seven videos focusing on how to read concrete drawings… the winner will be sent one free access code to the video series which will require signing into my website www.printreading.us

Donor: Doosan Bobcat
Item: RX-304H Upright Rammer– Engineered to compact materials ranging from mixed and cohesive soils to heavy clays. Equipped with a rugged and reliable 4-cycle Honda engine with recoil start, eliminating the need to mix gas and oil for better fuel economy and starting capabilities, and years of dependable operation. The RX-304H weighs 156 lbs. and provides 3,000 lbs. of impact force. Shipping and delivery included.

Donor: Forney, LP
Item: LAG-0060-01 Fresh Concrete Test Set- Lite with 4×8 cylinder molds- Set includes digital scale w/case, 110lb x0.1(LA-0467-10) Use the bucket from the Air Meter (1/4 cu ft) for unit weight measure. Also included, Press-Aire Meter Kit (LA-0316), Portable Slump Test Base, Slump Cone, Plastic Cylinder Molds(case of 36, 4×8), Tamping Rod-24in.x 5/8 diameter, Rubber Hammer/Mallet, Round Mouth Scoop-38oz, Straight Edge-Aluminum 2in x 18in, Thermometer.

Donor: Generac Power Systems
Item: XC6500E Portable Generator-6500 Running Watt Portable Construction Grade Generator. Model: 6825. Reliable. Powerful. Durable. The Generac XC6500E professional portable generator is engineered specifically for contractors and construction sites. Featuring Generac’s G-Force engine – the only pressure-lubed engine designed exclusively for generator use, providing reliable and durable best-in-class power on any jobsite.

Donor: Giatec Scientific Inc. 
Item: SmartRock wireless maturity sensors pack-SmartRock wireless temperature and strength/maturity sensors (qty 20) with 2-year premium subscription for Giatec 360 dashboard. SmartRock™ (model #900112), is the world’s #1 wireless sensor for monitoring the curing and hardening of concrete. The sensor is fully embedded and secured on the rebar, making it completely maintenance and hassle-free. Not only is the SmartRock sensor simple to implement and use, it is a highly reliable ASTM-approved testing method that is more accurate than any other compressive concrete strength test. Temperature data is collected, and the strength of your in-place concrete is calculated automatically based on the maturity method. These results are accessible in real-time and remotely through the SmartRock mobile app and on the Giatec 360 cloud dashboard. With SmartRock you can eliminate concrete testing delays, take back control of your project schedule, and confidently know the status of your pour at any time, from anywhere. With SmartRock’s AI assistant, Roxi™, project managers get smart notifications and alerts to help you make informed decisions directly onsite. Unlike any other product on the market, Roxi eliminates human error by giving you the upmost confidence in your mix calibration data and in the accuracy of strength test results. Plus, with the recent publication of our API interface, more applications, like Procore, can link with our concrete testing platform. This donation package also comes with free one-on-one training by our expert support team, and a 2-year premium subscription to our Giatec 360 cloud-

Donor: GPS Lockbox
Item: PTT Kit- 3 Push-To-Talk hands-free communication devices. Shipping and delivery included.

Donor: HD Supply White Cap
Item: Milwaukee M18 Fuel HD 3 Tool Packout Kit-  M18 FUEL 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Combo Kit (3-Tool) with Two Batteries & PACKOUT Rolling Tool Box.  2997-23PO: Includes Tools: One (1) M18 FUEL 1/2″ Hammer Drill/Driver (Tool Only) (2804-20), One (1) M18 FUEL 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver (Tool Only) (2853-20), One (1) M18 FUEL Hackzall (2719-20). Includes Batteries: One (1) M18 REDLITHIUM XC5.0 Extended Capacity Battery Pack (48-11-1850), One (1) M18 REDLITHIUM XC6.0 Battery Pack (48-11-1860). Includes Charger: One (1) M18 and M12 Multi-Voltage Charger (48-59-1812). Includes Toolbox: One (1) PACKOUT Large Tool Box (48-22-8425)

Donor: HD Supply White Cap
Item: DEWALT 20V MAX 5-Tool Combo Kit DCK592L2- DEWALT 20V MAX 5-Tool Combo Kit (DCK592L2) w/ batteries, work light and carrying case. DCK592L2 Includes: DCD985 1/2″ Hammerdrill, DCS380 Reciprocating Saw, DCF885 1/4″ Impact Driver, DCS391 6 1/2″ Circular Saw, DCL040 LED Work Light, (2) 20V MAX* Lithium Ion 3.0 Ah Battery Packs, Fast Charger, 360° Side Handle, Belt Hook, Carbide Tipped Blade, Contractor Bag.

Donor: Hilti
Item: SF6H + SID 4+ SR 6 Combo- Package Contents (item number 3554462):
1-SF 6H-A22 Cordless hammer drill/driver, 1-WSR22-A Cordless reciprocating saw assy, 1- SID 4-A22 Cordless impact driver assy, 1-C 4/36-90 100-127V Battery charger, 2- B22v 4.0 Adv compact battery, 2- Belt hook for SF/SI cordless tools, 1 Medium soft bag.

Donor: Husqvarna Construction Products
Item: Power Cutter with Blades – K770 14″ Power Cutter (item 967582101) and five (5) 14″ VariCut High Speed Diamond Blades (item 542751359).

Donor: ICRI
Item: 2 Copies of the Concrete Repair Manual two volume set (to be sold separately)– Copy of the Concrete Repair Manual Two- Volume Set. The fourth edition of the most comprehensive collection f information on concrete repair ever assembled in a single source. It includes over 70 documents from many of the associations involved in the concrete repair industry’s Vision 2020 Plan, including ACI, ICRI, NACE, SSPC, and the Army Corps of Engineers, and from the UK: the BRE and the Concrete Society. Two volumes. Manual Only. Shipping/delivery included.

Donor: ICRI
Item: 2 Sets of ICRI’s Concrete Surface Profile Chips (to be sold separately)- Includes the new 10th chip designed to reflect a more aggressive profile used for concrete repair. Set of 10.

Donor: ICRI
Item: (2) Concrete Surface Repair Technician (CSRT) Registration (to be sold separately)- Complimentary registration for CSRT Class. The ICRI’s Concrete Surface Repair Technician Certification Program is a competency-based program using current best practices for online training and evaluation. The Educational component is presented and tested online while the Performance component is tested both online and assessed by observable criteria (video submission or live recorded). www.icri.org/page/cert_techprogram. Donation covers the cost of both Tier1 and Tier 2, travel is not included. Tiers must be completed by December 31, 2020

Donor: ISKCO, Ltd
Item: Two Handy-Vib Internal Concrete Vibrators – Hand held, lightweight concrete vibrator.  Four head sizes 7/8″ – 1 1/2″ and four flex shaft lengths approx 3.5′ – 7.5′.  Also available the “Hard Shaft” DT series.  Features 11,000-13,000 vibrations per minute, interchangeable shafts, anti-vibration handles.

Donor: Makita U.S.A.
Item: Makita XT1501- Makita 18V Cordless Li-ion 15-piece combo kit. 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 15 pc. Combo Kit: XPH10Z(drill), XRJ04Z(reciprocating saw), XSS02Z (circular saw), XDT11Z(impact driver), XAG03Z(grinder), XWT05Z(small impact wrench), XWT04Z(large impact wrench), XRH04Z(rotary hammer), XAD01Z(small angle drill), XSF03Z(drywall screwdriver), DML806(led light), DML185(flashlight), XRM05(radio), XSC01Z(metal cutting circular saw), DUB182Z(blower), 4ea. 3.0 Ah Li-Ion Battery (BL1830B), 2 ea. Rapid chargers(DC18RC), 2 ea. Tool bags.

Donor: MAPEI Corporation
Item: 2 pallet Planitop X, Planitop XS (depending on location)-One-Component, Fast-Setting, Fiber-Reinforced, Vertical and Overhead Repair Mortar. Planitop X is a one-component, fiber-reinforced, shrinkage-compensated, high-early-strength, fast-setting, polymer-modified, high-build cementitious repair mortar with a corrosion inhibitor. Planitop XS is an extended-working-time variation of Planitop X. Shrinkage-compensated, fiber-reinforced, polymer-modified and containing a corrosion inhibitor, Planitop XS features Planitop X ’s outstanding workability and versatility.

Donor: MEVA Formwork Systems Inc.
Item2000 square feet of Imperial vertical Formwork–  Free Rental of MEVA Imperial Vertical Formwork – steel formwork for cast-in-place concrete – 2000 square feet for a time period of 28 days. Shipping/delivery not included.

Donor: Milspec Industries
Item: GFCI Power Distribution Box & Cords GFCI Power Distribution Box, Extension Cords & Light String. GFCI WEATHER-PROOF LUNCH BOX – GASKETED WEATHER-PROOF LATCHED LID
* 125-VOLT, 125/250-VOLT or 120/208-VOLT RATED, * (6) 20-AMP, 120-VOLT, SINGLE POLE BREAKERS, * (6) 15/20-AMP NEMA 5-20R DUPLEX GFCI RECEPTACLES, 2- 50′ & 1- 100′ 12/3 Extension Cords with ProLock Female Ends, 1- 50′ 18/3 Light String w/ 5 Dome Lights. Shipping included.

Donor: Minnich Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Item: Stringer flex shaft concrete vibrator – The Stinger is a 15 amp (115-volt) universal motor that drives a 7′ shaft and 1-3/8″ head. The Stinger electric flex shaft concrete vibrator is lightweight,
durable and versatile. The Stinger offers a more compatible speed range for today’s placement challenges. The Minnich vibrator system design runs at a lower amp range and the durable frame extends vibrator life. The lightweight motor and frame-handle positions offer many ergonomic user features.

Donor: Multiquip Inc.
Item: Multiquip Whiteman HHNG5 Ride-on Trowel – features 180 RPM rotor speed, 35 HP Vanguard gasoline engine, high efficiency helical gearboxes, CVT drive, 5-blade rotors, TwinPitch™ control, retardant spray system and LED lights.  Shipping included.

Donor: Northrock Industries Inc.
Item: 1 3/4 HP Concrete vibrator with 10′ shaft and 1 1/2″ head – Pro 1.5 Motor/ 10′ flex shaft/ 1 1/2” vibrator head.

Donor: Oztec Industries, Inc.
Item: Oztec BP-50a Backpack Vibrator, Oztec 2″ RubberHead (HR188OZ) and Oztec 10″ Flexible Shaft (FS10OZ) – the Oztec BP-50a backpack provides ultimate and immediate adaptability on the job; utilizing rugged and dependable Honda gasoline engines, coupled to our “speed up” transmission, vibrator heads develop 12,000 vpm and never drop below 10,000 vpm, even in the heaviest low slump concrete loads. Oztec’s patented RubberHead has a unique design that not only protects epoxy covered rebar but will outperform any other vibrator on the market – rounds, square, high-cycle, etc… ANY TYPE! Oztec’s flexible shafts with our Quick Disconnect (“QD”) feature effectively transmit power from the engine to the vibrator head and allow for quick and easy changes from one shaft to another. Shipping/delivery included.

Donor: The Quikrete Companies
Item: 2 truckloads of 80lb Quikrete Concrete- 1,176 bgs – 2 qty- yellow bag concrete. 588 bags/truckload. Item# 110180- 80lb packaged concrete (or equivalent).

Donor: Ritz Safety
Item: $5,000 Silver Donation from 2020 Full Line Catalog – Ritz Safety is a full line safety supplier and our catalog showcases Personal Protective Equipment for employee safety as well as Facility safety products.  In addition, they are an authorized distributor for Honeywell, 3M, MSA and many other manufacturers and have access to their full line of safety products. For more information on what we carry visit www.ritzsafety.com.

Donor: Sakrete
Item: 5 pallets each of Pro Mix by Sakrete – Pro Mix Accelerated Concrete Mix, Pro Mix All Purpose Cement, and Pro Mix Concrete Repair. Pro Mix Accelerated Concrete Mix: 4000 PSI at 3 hours, 6000 PSI 28 days; 15 minute set time; Exceeds ASTM C387; Excellent workability; Model #65200651, 30/pallet Pro Mix All Purpose Cement: >3000 PSI 1hour, >4000 PSI 3 hours, >9000 PSI 28 days; 15 minute set time, 1 hour walk on time;Meets ASTM C938; Formulated for smooth workability and shrink compensation; Model #65450047, 30/palletPro Mix Concrete Repair: >3000 PSI 1hour, >4000 PSI 3 hours, >7000 PSI 28 day; 15 minute set time, <1 hour for foot traffic;Meets ASTM C938; Polymer modified for smooth workability and bond strength; Model #65450044, 30/pallet.

Donor: Sky Climber LLC
Item: 369000-S02 – Sky Stage Ultra 2 meter stage. 2 meter stage -complete- floor, sides, top rails, rollers, end connecting frame, casters and pins.

Donor: Solomon Colors, Inc.
Item: Brickform Paladiano “Fractured Cyprus State” Concrete Stamps – Concrete stamping mats. Fractured Cyprus Slate- PD-600s. Full Set of Concrete Stamps with Instructional DVD.

Donor: Somero Enterprises, Inc.
Item: Somero S-485 Laser Screed Machine- Versatile, Lightweight, powerful Laser Screed machine capable or raking or screeding in any direction either on grade or on most decks. This model is a motorized 4-wheel drive, stand-on, multi-functional machine that is easy to operate. Available with 8’ or 10’ vibrator beams to work around any number of slab penetrations.

Donor: Stanley Black & Decker
Item: (2) 20V Cordless Combo Kits – 9 Piece 20V Cordless Combo Kit. Model # DCK940D2. Kit features a drill driver, impact driver, reciprocating saw, circular saw, oscillating tool, grinder, right angle drill, Bluetooth speaker and work light. It also includes two contractor bags for portability. Each kit to be sold separately.

Donor: Stanley Black & Decker (DeWALT)
Item: (5) DeWALT Tool Packages (sold separately) –DeWALT Tool Package including: DCB1800M3T1, DCR025, DCD996P2. DCB1800M3T1– 1800 WATT PORTABLE POWER STATION AND PARALLEL BATTERY CHARGER KIT- $700 MSRP. The 1800 Watt Portable Power Station™ and Parallel Battery Charger allows for AC power in remote locations for convenient portable power. Able to run most corded tools, it provides 1800 Watts (15 amps) continuous power and 3600 Watts peak power. The DCB1800M3T1 includes three DCB204 batteries and one DCB606 battery. DCR025– BLUETOOTH CHARGER RADIO- $200 MSRP. The DCR025 is designed to be the most versatile Jobsite Radio Charger on the market. The unit is able to run off and charge DEWALT slide pack battery packs including 20V and FLEXVOLT packs at 3 AMPs when plugged into an AC outlet. The unit is designed to include woofers, tweeters and air ports to provide clear and rich sound at all volume levels. DCD9962 – 20V MAX* XR LITHIUM ION BRUSHLESS 3-SPEED HAMMERDRILL KIT $200 MSRP. DEWALT-built high power, high efficiency brushless motor delivers up to 57% more run time over brushed XR Li-Ion batteries with fuel gauge provide 33% more capacity over standard packs. Heavy-duty 1/2″ ratcheting nitro-carburized metal chuck with carbide inserts for superior bit gripping strength. Items sold separately.

Donor: Sunbelt Rentals
Item: (3) $500 off Rental Vouchers – $500 off your next equipment rental. Items sold separately.

Donor: Tools & Accessories Corp. – Contractor & Industrial Supplies
Item: Bosch PB360C PowerBox Jobsite Radio– The Bosch Power Box™ PB360C jobsite radio/charger/digital media stereo features Bluetooth® technology to connect to the user’s smart device (with a range of up to 150 Ft.) and stream Internet radio and stored music. This portable, high-performance, weather-resistant entertainment system delivers 360° enriched stereo sound. Its four-way speakers and a subwoofer provide outstanding sound quality in all directions. It is durable, with an aluminum/rubber roll cage and a weather-resistant design. The portable radio features a powered USB port. The Bosch Power Box™ can be powered by Bosch 18 V Lithium-Ion batteries or plugging into a 120 V outlet. Its built-in battery charger will charge the user’s Lithium-Ion batteries as well. The PB360C also features four 120 V power outlets for connecting tools or other devices.

Donor: Topcon Positioning Systems
Item: Topcon Hiper VR base/rover with Data Collector Software- The Topcon solution includes a Hiper VR base/rover with Data Collector and Software. The HiPer VR is packed with the most advanced GNSS technology, and built for tough environments. Inside its advanced GNSS chipset with Universal Tracking Channel technology, automatically tracks every satellite signal. And it incorporates a revolutionary 9-axis Inertial Measuring Unit that compensates for misleveled field measurements out of plumb by as much as 15°. The FC-6000 field computer with a 7-inch display is designed for visibility in direct sunlight and built for productivity. Its new processor is fast with large data sets and the unit features Topcon exclusive LongLink™ communication technology built into the FC-6000 for wireless connectivity out to 300 meters. Ideal for grade checking with Pocket 3D and for survey related projects using MAGNET Field data collection software.

Donor: Trimble
ItemTekla Structures – Construction Modeling – 12-month Subscription – Successfully field tested, Tekla software by Trimble improves concrete construction productivity.  With Tekla constructible information management tools, contractors planning concrete pours have unrivaled insight and control to reduce their risks.  Contractors, without experience or expertise, can quickly and easily create Tekla concrete models complete with detailed rebar, embeds and formwork.  Tekla automates the tedious, traditionally manual material quantity take-off (QTO) tasks for better estimates and schedules.  The benefit is from preconstruction to pour.  Consistent, accurate, construction-quality quantities are generated faster from a Tekla model than conventional methods.  Layout is faster and more exact because Trimble software and hardware integrate seamlessly.

Donor: Volvo Construction Equipment
Item2016 Brand New Volvo ECR25D Compact Excavator, Serial # 4554  – Short radius ECR25D with 10hrs. Canopy. Short radius-maximum overhang of 2.9in. (75mm). Convenient transport – weighing under 3.9 USt (3.5t) with 2 included buckets that come with min excavtor. Daily service access points grouped under wide-opening lockable engine hood. Specifications:  Engine: Volvo D1.1A tier 4 final; Gross Power @ 2400 r/min (40 r/s): 20.9 hp (15.6 kw); Width overall: 52.8 in (1340 mm); Breakout force: 4554 Lbf (2026 daN); Tear-out Force (short arm): 3885 Lbf (1728 daN); Tear-out Force (long arm): 3291 Lbf (1464 daN); Digging Depth (standard/long arm): 96.9/108.7 ft in (2461/2761 m). Starter motor protected against ignition when engine is already running. Automatic two speed travel. Shipping/delivery included.

Donor: Zircon
Item: 4 MetalliScanner® MT7 units (items to be sold separately)- MetalliScanner® MT 7 metal detector quickly and easily locates rebar, pipes, and other metal before you saw or drill. MetalliScanner® MT7 metal detector quickly and easily locates rebar, pipes, and other metal before you saw or drill. The bright, backlit display indicates metal target depth (inches and centimeters) up to 6 in. deep, type of metal located (ferrous or non-ferrous), and whether you are moving towards or away from a target. Use to find and avoid rebar in concrete before drilling, to find pipes and junction boxes behind tile, and even detect the nails/tacks in studs behind lath and plaster walls. This powerful tool saves time and money by eliminating guesswork, rework, needless holes, and costly broken drill bits or saw blades. Recommended uses include locating and reinforcing rebar in masonry and measuring subsurface nail spacing in roofing material for compliance with building codes. Features two scanning modes; Standard mode and DeepScan® mode
Locates and determines the depth of 1/2 in. rebar and 1/2 in. copper pipe up to 6 in. (15 cm) deep. Finds and differentiates ferrous and non-ferrous metal. Position accuracy to within ± 1/2 in. (13 mm) for #4 rebar or 1/2 in. copper pipe. Backlit display and audio tone clearly indicate location of target. Pivoting handle attachment for easier scanning and extended reach on the wall and floor. Rubberized handle and built-in lanyard loop. Includes 9V battery and protective carrying case.

Other Industry Segment Items

Item: 1 Pallet of Rebar Wheel Spacers, Choose Cover- Choice of 1 pallet of either 1 1/2″, 2″, or 2 1/2″ locking plaswheels designed for use with rebar.

Donor: American Concrete Pipe Association
Item: ACPA Annual Convention, May 2-5, 2020 at Hawks Cay Resort in Duck Key, FL- Package includes registration for ACPA 2020 Annual Convention, along with lodging Sunday through Tuesday nights (three nights).

Donor: Morris-Shea Bridge Company
Item: 1 Pallet Pump Jelly Concrete Pump Priming Agent (750 primes)-1 Pallet (15 buckets, 50 packets per bucket = 750 primes) Pump Jelly Concrete Pump Priming Agent. Pump Jelly is packaged in water soluble packets in the amount needed for one concrete pump prime. There are 50 packs per bucket. Pump Jelly is biodegradable and safe for the environment, but should not be placed into the concrete pour.  Shipping and delivery included.

Donor: Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute 
Item: (5) Individual PCI Level I Certification Schools Tuition (items to be sold separately)-Free tuition for PCI Level I Certification School. Owners, architects, engineers, and contractors all benefit from working with precast concrete plants and erectors that employ PCI-certified quality-control personnel. Demand for qualified personnel continues to grow. Plant quality personnel certification is required by over one third of state departments of transportation.

Items of Interest to Everyone

Donor: Advanced Lubrication Specialties
Item: Philadelphia Sports Package- FOUR(4) SUITE TICKETS TO 76ERS AND FLYERS GAMES. CHOOSE ONE(1) OPTION: OPTION #1 – Saturday March 14, 2020, Flyers vs Wild @ 1:00PM FOUR(4) TICKETS or Sixers vs Pacers @ 7:30PM FOUR(4) TICKETS. OPTION #2 – Sunday March 15, 2020, Flyers vs Oilers @ 1:00PM FOUR(4) TICKETS or Sixers vs Pacers @ 7:30PM FOUR(4) TICKETS. EACH TICKET HAS $40 CREDIT ON EACH TO SPEND ON ANYTHING IN THE ARENA.

Donor: Advancing Organizational Excellence (AOE)
Item: Social media audit- Provide your organization with recommendations to improve your social media presence, based on your goals and budget. Proving your worth on social media can be a challenge. While we know we should have a social media presence, we don’t always understand that when done correctly, social media activity can prove ROI, improve your marketing strategy and ultimately help
you reach new customers. A social media audit is the process of reviewing what’s working, what’s failing and what can be improved upon across your social media channels. By performing a social media audit, AOE – a full-service consulting firm with unique expertise serving professional service and technical industries – will provide your organization with recommendations to improve your social media presence, based on your goals, budget and targets of opportunity.

Donor: Advancing Organizational Excellence (AOE)
Item: Website content audit- AOE will provide your organization with recommendations to improve your website’s presence. Analysis of your website can give you insight into new graphic, content and strategic ideas. It can help you tweak components that are hampering your website’s current performance. By performing a website content audit, AOE – a full-service consulting firm with unique expertise serving professional service and technical industries – will provide your organization with recommendations to improve your site’s web presence, based on your goals, budget and targets of opportunity.

Donor: Allen-Villere Partners
Item: New Orleans Stay & Quail Hunt for Four (4) People – This trip is for up to four people and includes a Friday night stay at The Windsor Court in New Orleans, transportation to Covey Rise Lodge on Saturday morning, lunch at the Lodge for up to four, a guided quail hunt for up to four hunters on Saturday afternoon, and dinner for four Saturday evening and an overnight in a luxury cabin at Covey Rise Saturday night, and transportation at your leisure to the airport on Sunday. There is a $1,600 travel cash provided by Ash Grove Cement.

Donor: Allied Concrete Co., an Eagle Corporation Company
Item: Golf at Spring Creek Golf Club in Central Virginia- Ranked in the top 100 best Public Golf Courses in the US by Golf Digest, enjoy a foursome at the Spring Creek Golf Club in Zion Crossroad, VA. Includes range balls, cart and lunch after the round.

Donor: Allison Transmission 
Item: $350 in Allison Gift Cards –$350 in gift cards for purchases at Allison Transmission’s online corporate merchandise shop.

Donor: American Concrete Institute 
Item: Excellence In Concrete Awards and ReceptionThe Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards celebrate innovation throughout the global concrete design and construction community. The 6th annual ACI Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards celebrates innovation and inspire excellence throughout the global concrete design and construction community. Join us for the 2020 ACI Excellence Gala on Monday, Oct. 26, 2020 in Raleigh, NC. You and a guest will attend the private reception for award winners, walk the red carpet, enjoy the formal dinner, and view the presentation of the 2020 award winners.

Donor: Baker Concrete Construction, Inc.
Item: Kentucky Derby Package for Two – includes three-night hotel stay (one room, arrival 4/30/20, departure 5/3/20) at the Hilton Garden Inn Mall of St. Matthews (check in 3 pm- check out 12 pm.), 1st Floor Grandstand tickets sections 122-125, daily breakfast, Derby Welcome Reception Thursday evening at hotel, Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas Saturday morning at hotel, transportation to and from Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby, Esoteric Sports staff on-site & includes all taxes and gratuities.

Donor: BMW Performance Driving School Douglas McGrath Corporate Sales
Item: BMV VIP Track Meet Driving Event– BMW VIP Track Meet Driving Event at either the BMW Performance Center in SC or CA. This certificate, provided to the Concrete Industry Management in support of 2020 Auction, entitles the bearer to participate in a VIP Track Meet driving event at either the BMW Performance Center in Greer, SC (PC East) or the BMW Performance
Center outside Palm Springs at The Thermal Club (PC West) on the *dates noted. This unique program starts at noon with the Center’s special lunch. Following lunch you will gather for the official BMW welcome
where you will be introduced to the professional driving instructors who will review the afternoon’s three exciting and challenging driving sessions-where you are behind the wheel testing your driving skills.
You will have the opportunity to experience a number of BMW models on various sections of the track. Drive a variety of BMW vehicles on the autocross course testing your skills as you brake hard to wind around hairpin turns and with your foot to the floor as you speed down the straightaway; Race against the clock in the slalom area for bragging rights; go off-roading in X3/X5’s to see just what a BMW Sports Activity vehicle can really do (PC East only); or experience the thrill of driving in the Rat Race with DSC turned off. Following your driving sessions, you are invited to go for a “hot lap taxi ride” with one of the professional driving instructors. To wrap up the day, you are invited to enjoy a selection of hors d’oeuvres along with assorted beer**/wine**/sodas before departing.This is a “bucket list” experience to remember! VIP Track Meet dates are: February 14*, 17, March 11*,16, April 13, 30*, May 19, 21*, June 22, July 13, August 17, September 14, October 12, November 16, December 14, 2020 (* PC West dates only); (dates are subject to change). Call 864-968-3017 to reserve your seat (as available). Certificates are not redeemable for cash nor can they be applied to any other program. Must be 18 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license. The event is held rain or shine. **Beer/wine at PC East in South Carolina only. Value of the seat is $499.00. Certificate valid through December 2020.

Donor: Bobcat Company
Item: 12 Sets of Bobcat Scale Models – One set (one each) of Bobcat MX and CTL scale diecast models. Scale 1:25. PN: 7330689 MODEL 1/25 E35 EXCAVATOR, PN: 6988776 MODEL 1/25 T770 COMPACT TRACK LOADER. (12 are donated, will be sold separately).

Donor: Bradford Renaissance Portraits Corporation
Item: Portrait by Bradford – By world-renowned Bradford in either his New York or Palm Beach location – Package includes a 20″ wall portrait on canvas with rich artistry plus a one-night stay at either the luxurious Ritz-Carlton Westchester or the 5-Diamond, 5-Star Eau Resort in Palm Beach (formerly the Ritz Carlton Palm Beach). Must use by 10/26/2020.

Donor: Bridgestone
Item:  Bridgestone Golf Clubs and Bag -Set of Bridgestone JGR clubs (5i-PW2), Driver, 3W and 5W and Bridgestone bag (stand type). Bridgestone JGR golf clubs (irons, wedges, and woods – as noted) and a Bridgestone Golf Bag (stand-type). All clubs are Bridgestone made (JGR model/line) using technology and materials developed and used on the PGA/LPGA Tour. Standard, right-hand configuration.

Donor: Bridgestone Tire
Item: 1 set of Bridgestone or Firestone Passenger or LT Tires– 4 Passenger or Lt Truck tires for the winner’s vehicle. We will ship the tires to the winner’s home and they will be responsible for getting them put on. The winner will need to provide tire size needed for the vehicle and we will help if needed with selection of the product best suited for the vehicle.

DonorBurnco USA
Item: Dallas Golf Weekend at the Four Seasons Hotel and Airfare Included – Travel to Dallas with 3 of your best golfing buddies and play 2 rounds of golf at the TPC Four Seasons Las Colinas, the former home of the AT&T Byron Nelson PGA Golf Tournament. Stay at the luxurious Four Seasons for two nights (double occupancy). $2,000 travel voucher included.

Donor: CEMEX
Item: Attention Sports Junkies:  Sports Weekend Package for 4 in Los Angeles – Fly to Los Angeles and watch the LA Kings, Clippers and Lakers – All in 1 Weekend! Arrive in LA on Friday, February 21 and settle in for a fast and furious sports weekend. It all begins on Saturday afternoon, 2/22, with the LA Clippers battling Pacific Coast Division rival Sacramento Kings followed later that evening with the LA Kings hockey team skating against the Colorado Avalanche. On Sunday afternoon, 2/23, you will watch the KING LeBron James and his sidekick Anthony Davis and the first-place Lakers renew their long-time rivalry with the Boston Celtics from the best seats (half-court, row 2) in the house! Package includes 2 hotel rooms (double occupancy) for 3 nights (Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights) at the JW Marriott LA Live downtown location. Also includes airfare for 4 from any US city. Ground transportation to/from the airport is included.

Donor: Cemstone
Item: 4 Tickets to Minnesota Viking Game- 4 Tickets Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay PAckers 2020 Season. Enjoy a NFC North Rivalry when the Green Bay Packers visit the Minnesota Vikings from the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis during the 2020 NFL Seasons (dates TBD). 4 lucky people will watch the game from the Cemstone Suite with food and beverages included. Parking pass included.

Donor: Charles Pankow Builders, Ltd.
Item: 2021 Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game Tickets-  4 tickets to Rose Bowl Game (Choice of 4 seats together in end zone; or 2 pairs of adjacent seats in possibly different sections at 15 yard line or better.) 4 Grandstand Seats for Rose Parade. (with parking pass that can be used for both the parade and the game.) All tickets will be hand delivered in Pasadena area on 12/30/20.

Donor: Chevron Lubricants
Item: Golf Arcadia Bluffs in Northern Michigan- Foursome at Arcadia Bluffs overlooking 3100 feet of Lake Michigan shoreline in Arcadia, MI. Golf the original Bluffs Course overlooking 3100 feet of Lake Michigan shoreline which resembles a seaside links course with rolling terrain, natural fescues, and panoramic views of beautiful Lake Michigan. The Bluffs offers players a world-class golfing experience unlike anything in The United States. Includes Golf for Four with GPS-equipped Carts, Range Balls, and a Dozen Titleist ProV1 Golf Balls.

Donor: Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides
Item: Whitewater Fly Fishing Adventure Package- Multi-Day Whitewater Fly fishing and rafting for 4 people, 3 days in Kremmling CO. The Upper Colorado is one of the West’s most legendary fly-fishing rivers. The landscape of open plains and red rock canyons makes for some of Colorado’s most secretive scenery, and the plentiful fishing is as exhilarating as the terrain. We’ll drop in at one of the upriver campsites and ride the river downwards through the rushing canyon waters and calmer waters around the plains as we search for trout hidden between the boulders and tides. We’ll also have the opportunity to wade onto rocky islands in the middle of the river and fish by wading. Itinerary: 1 Day Whitewater Flyfishing float, 1 day Flyfishing wade, 1 day of whitewater rafting. Included: The services of a professional angling or fly fishing guide, round-trip transportation between our Kremmling office and the fishing location, Drift boat or fly fishing raft rig, river shuttle, terminal tackle and equipment (Including rod, reel, and booties/waders), bottled water and snacks (lunch is also included during full-day trips), and education about the local and natural history (including a library of Rocky Mountain flora and fauna). Lodging Services at El Rancho are included. Not included in our rates: Gratuities for your guide (while it is up to your discretion, the recommended gratuity is 15-20%), $55 in flies (chosen by guides on day of the trip and added to trip balance payment), Colorado fishing license ($16.75 per day) or rod fee for private waters. We will secure private waters based on request, but for CO fishing license we will send a link to register online.

Donor: Conco Companies (The)
Item: Napa Valley Weekend – includes three nights for four (4) people (in a 2-bed condo) at The Silverado Resort  Spa in Napa, CA (value $3700). Golf or spa credits, dinner for four at The Grill at Silverado Resort & Spa and 6-hours of limo service for a wine tasting tour in the Napa Valley (value $600). $1,600 airfare allowance from cash donations made to CIM National Steering Committee.

Donor:  ConcreteCareers.com
Item: Discounted Placement Service –   A huge reduction from our normal fee. Our normal placement fee is 25% of the first year’s salary. For up to two placements in two years you can enjoy the
discount. For example if the candidate’s annual salary is $100,000, then the fee would be $15,000 instead of the normal fee of $25,000 – so a savings of $10,000.00!

Donor: Concrete Supply Company
Item: Outdoor Sportsman’s Package – includes:  Summit 180 MAX SD Tree Stand, Max4 Marshland Float Tube (Cam0), Moultrie M-990i No Glow Game Camera, Midland 36-Mile 50-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio (Camo), 10×50 mm Binoculars, Bushnell 4×21 Laser Range Finder and Mifine® Waterproof LED Headlamp Super Bright 3000LM.

Donor:  Corcentric
Item:  $300 Dinner Certificate – Choose your Restaurant –  $300 dinner certificate at the restaurant of buyer’s choice.

Donor: Dunn Investment Company
Item: Quail Hunting at Circle M Plantation in Mississippi – located in Macon, MS (approximately 2-hours’ drive from Birmingham, AL airport) – includes a full day of quail hunting for four (4) hunters, meals, one night of lodging, beverages and shells – package also includes $1,000 travel voucher.

Donor: Erie Strayer Company
ItemLenovo Ideapad 15.6″ Laptop – Intel® Pentium® N4200 Quad-Core Processor, HD AntiGlare (1366×768), 4GB RAM, 1TB Hard Drive, Intel HD Graphics 505, DVD Recordable, Windows 10, Platinum Grey.

Donor: Frank Kozeliski Consulting Engineer
Item: Concrete Gavel- A Concrete Gavel with a 3/16 rod in the handle. For the Concrete person who is Sustainable. All concrete, no wood.

Donor: Frank Kozeliski Consulting Engineer
Item: Concrete Mason Jar – A Concrete Keepsake! – Beautiful craftsmanship in this Mason Jar-a-like made of Concrete – great for a vase or to collect your pennies.  See www.concrete-project.com for more information.

Donor: Frank Kozeliski Consulting Engineer
Item: Concrete Business Cards (set of 25)–  These 25 business cards with 6 lines will be sent to you in the USA via USPO. each card weighs about 41 grams (1.5 oz) and the concrete is 4000 psi with glass fibers. No one else has these- they will remember you forever!

Donor: General Motors Fleet
Item: Coke Zero 400 Daytona Int. Speedway -4 tix/4 garage passes to the NASCAR Coke Zero 400, Saturday, Aug. 29, 2020 at Daytona International Speedway. Winners will receive 4 grandstand tickets and 4 garage passes to the NASCAR Coke Zero 400 at Daytona International Speedway. Winners will need to submit name, cell phone number to receive the NASCAR garage passes. Must be 18 years old to receive the garage passes. This is the last race before the NASCAR playoffs.

Donor: The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
ItemA ride on the Goodyear Blimp for 4 passengers – Goodyear has donated a ride on the Goodyear Blimp for the auction winner. The winner can make an appointment with the attached voucher at any of the 3 airship bases in the US: Carson City, CA, Pompano Beach, FL or Akron, OH.

Donor: Holliday Rock
Item: LeBron James and Anthony Davis – The Dynamic Duo: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Chicago Bulls Tickets at LA Live Staples Center. Lakers vs Washington Wizards Tickets at LA Live Staples Center – Four (4) Premier Seating tickets with parking for Los Angeles Lakers vs Washington Wizards on Tuesday, March 26, 2019.

Donor: Housby
Item: $1,500 Gift Certificate to Golf Galaxy – Pick out your own ne wgolf clubs with $1,500 Golf Galaxy gift certificate. Choose from Adams, Callaway, Cleveland, Mizuno, Nike, Ping, Taylor Made, Titleist and many more at over 81 locations in 30+ states.

Donor: Irving Materials, Inc.
Item: Nashville Predators Game, 4 Tickets – Predators/Bridgestone Arena Nashville, TN. March 19, 2020 vs Avalanche. Section 102, row MM, seats 12-15. Tickets must be claimed by one month prior to the game.

Donor: Irving Materials, Inc.
Item: 2020-2021 Tennessee Titans Tickets – Tennessee Titans Tickets to 2020-2021 Season, Nashville, TN/ 4 tickets to game of choice. Buyer must request tickets one month prior to the start of the season. No mid-season changes on choice of tickets.

Donor: Jennifer LeFevre  
Item:  Two tickets to One Home Washington National Baseball Game –Two tickets to one out of a choice of four Saturday home games for the World Series Champion Washington Nationals. Two (2) tickets to one (1) out of a choice of four (4) Washington Nationals Saturday home games during the 2020 season. Tickets are in the 400 section of seats on the 3rd base (non-sun) side of the stadium and are located on an aisle in a special three-seat row. Parking is NOT included but there are several parking options near Nationals Park and a metro station is also in walking distance. Saturday, April 18 at 4:05p v. Chicago Cubs, Saturday, May 23 at 4:05p v. Miami Marlins, Saturday, June 6 at 7:15p v. New York Mets, Saturday, June 20 at 4:05p vs. Atlanta Braves.

Donor: John Deere Construction & Forestry Division
Item: John Deere X570 Lawn Tractor w/ 48” Accel Deep Mower Deck – John Deere X500’s mow where you need to go, and do heavy-duty work, too. Their wide stance enhances stability on hillsides. Traction can be increased simply by pressing the foot-operated traction control. Heavy-Duty frames work with ground-engaging equipment like tillers and blades. And features like our on-board deck-leveling gauge assure a quality cut every time. John Deere X570, 24 HP, 44.3 Cu. In. Displacement, Air-Cooled V-Twin with cast-iron liners, Gasoline, Instrument display with hour meter and fuel gauge, Twin Touch pedals, Cruise control, 0-7.2 mph forward speed, 0-5.2 mph reverse speed, Storage under seat and covered toolbox, Fender handles, Manual Two-Wheel Steer, 15 in. Open Back Seat, 48” Deck with Side Discharge. Shipping/delivery included.

Donor: Las Aminas Concrete/California State University CIM Patrons/Bill Albanese
ItemEscape to Seascape and Experience Beautiful Monterey Bay – Enjoy accommodations at beautiful Seascape Resort in Aptos, California for three nights in a fully-equipped 2-bedroom oceanfront luxury condo.  Enjoy golf at nearby Pasatiempo Golf Club, Experience a first-class cruise through the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary aboard the 70-foot sailing yacht Chardonnay II.  Visit the world-class Monterey Bay Aquarium, including its centerpiece “Ocean Edge Wing” 333,000-gallon tank for viewing California coastal marine life.  Indulge in fine dining with a $250 gift certificate to a local area restaurant.  $1,600 travel allowance courtesy of Ash Grove Cement. All listed activities are for four (4) people. In order to take advantage of all the items in this package, condo arrangements should be made 4-6 months in advance and all other arrangements should be made a minimum of 60 days in advance. Must be used in 2020.

Donor: Lehigh Hanson
Item: San Francisco Giants Tickets w/ Parking- San Francisco Giants weekend package. Includes a premier parking pass and 4 Club Level tickets behind home plate for June 13 and June 14 (Saturday and Sunday) vs. The Miami Marlins. Seats, Section 117, Row N, Seats 5-8.

Donor: Mahindra Automotive North America
Item: One ROXOR Offroad Vehicle -Base MY 2019 ROXOR Offroad Vehicle

Donor: Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.
Item: I-Pad Pro and removable keyboard– 11 inch iPad Pro. 64 GB with WiFi included.

Donor: Martin Marietta Materials
Item: Dallas Cowboys Suite Tickets and Hotel- Enjoy a 2020 Dallas Cowboys game (Schedule for 2020 includes home games versus NY Giants, Philadelphia, Washington, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Atlanta, Arizona) from a luxury suite. 4 suite tickets with parking pass. Also included, all food and beverages in the suite. Also, 2 hotel rooms for two nights at a premium hotel location in the DFW area. Plus $1600 travel funds from CIM

Donor: Miles Sand  & Gravel
Item: Sailgating at University of Washington Pac 12 Husky Game and Weekend in Seattle – The University of Washington Husky football stadium is located in Seattle on the shores of Lake Washington. Husky Stadium is called “the best setting in college football” for a really good reason: the giant lake you can see from the stands and the towering mountains behind it.  Enjoy Seattle’s version of tailgating by arriving by boat.  Experience “sailgating” at its finest aboard the one and only 94’ Big Dawg.  Winner will be picked up from the boat’s main dock on Mercer island, then sail to the stadium dock for approximately 3 hours of good food and drinks before walking to the stadium to watch a great game. Return ride home takes approximately 1 hour.  This trip includes four club season tickets to the September 12, 2020 game against Sacramento State. $500 Marriott gift cards included courtesy of World of Concrete, as well as $1,600 travel funds courtesy of Ash Grove Cement.

Donor: Mobile Tranquility LLC
Item: $100 Massage Therapy Gift Certificate– $100 Gift Certificate for Massage Therapy Services in the Washington, DC, area. Gift Certificate will cover one (1) 60 minute, in-office massage. Gift Certificate amount may be applied to a service of greater value with the bearer paying the difference in cost. Other options include a chair massage session, a session of longer duration, or a service taking place at client’s home or office. Service is only available in the Washington, DC, area.

Donor: MTSU CIM Patrons
Item: Houseboat Rental – Rent a houseboat at one of over 30 lakes in the US or Canada – this voucher for $3,000 can be used towards any week long rental of a houseboat of your choice – click HERE to look at the lake and houseboat options.

Donor: MTSU CIM Patrons
Item: Nashville Experience Package– Enjoy two nights’ stay at a Nashville hotel- Grand Ole Opry tickets, General Jackson Dinner Cruise,area hotel for 2 adults – $500 airline voucher included.

Donor: National Precast Concrete Association
Item: Magazine Advertisement– Full page, four color ad in an issue of Precast Solutions or Precast Inc. magazine, valued up to $3900. Full page, four color ad in an issue of Precast Solutions or Precast Inc. magazine (https://precast.org/publications/magazines/ ) valued up to $3900 dollars. Please contact NPCA’s Vice President of Development, Brenda Ibitz at bibitz@precast.org with questions. Please note this advertisement must be:- New and not to be used in place of an existing insertion order.  – Industry-specific; – High resolution/print-ready; – Supplied by the recipient; NOTE: NPCA reserves the right to refuse any ad that does not meet its editorial standards. The insertion order must be received by NPCA no later than February 28, 2021.

Donor: National Precast Concrete Association Foundation
Item: $250 Amazon Gift Card – $250 Amazon Gift Card.

Donor: Northeast CIM Patrons
Item: New York City Weekend February 21-23, 2020 – New York City Weekend February 21-23, 2020 including hotel, Broadway Show and the CIM Northeast Wine Dinner.  Two nights at the New York Edition Hotel, 5 Madison Ave, New York, NY (arrive February 21, depart February 23).  Two tickets to Tina: The Tina Turner Musical at the Lunt- Fontanna Theater, 205 West 46th Street New York, NY for the matinee performance on February 22nd. Two tickets to the Northeast Patrons’ CIM Wine Dinner at Manhatta Restaurant, 28 Liberty Street, New York, NY on the evening of February 22nd.

Donor: Peter Romano
Item: Buffalo Sabres NHL Hockey Game– Live from Buffalo, NY – enjoy the Buffalo Sabres square off with the Carolina Hurricanes on Sunday, March 15, 2020 from the Key Bank Center in Buffalo, NY. 4 Club Seats and a parking pass.

Donor: Peterbilt Motors Company
Item: PACCAR Parts Card $20,000- PACCAR Parts Card with a value of $20,000. Can be redeemed at any Peterbilt or Kenworth for parts only purchase.

Donor: Petro- Canada Lubricants
Item: Benelli Montefeltro Shotgun – Benelli Montefeltro semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun with 28″ barrel. Benelli Montefeltro 12 gauge shotgun with Inertia Drive system. It has a 28″ barrel and is a right-hand configuration. we will ship to federal firearms licensed dealer of winning bidders choice where a background will be completed.

Donor: PSCL
Item: Case of Canadian Wine– A curated collection of Canadian wines from the estate wineries such as Between the Lines, Twisted Flat Rock, and Riverview Cellars. Canadian Wines including selctions such as: 2015 Between The Lines Suarez Pinot Gris, 2016 Between The Lines Gewurztraminer, 2016 Between The Lines Riesling, 2016 Between The Lines Pinot Noir, 2016 Between The Lines Cabernet Franc, 2011 Twisted Flat Rock Cellars, 2012 Riesling Flat Rock Cellars, 2011 Riverview Fontana Dolce, 2011 Riverview Cs Icewine, 2012 Riverview Fontana Rose, 2013 Riverview Cab Icewine, 2014 Riverview Vidal Icewine. Must be 21 to purchase and receive shipment.

Donor: Ready Mix USA
Item: University of Alabama Football Tickets – Enjoy (4) tickets to the University Of Georgia Bulldogs Vs. Alabama Crimson Tide on Saturday September 19, 2020. Game to be played in Tuscaloosa, AL.

Donor: Rogers Group Inc.
Item: Hog Hunting in Tennessee Mountains for Two  – Two nights and three days of hog hunting for two in Monterey, TN at Wilderness Hunting Lodge. Package includes accommodations for 2, meals served by the lodge, 2 hog tags and a lifetime of hunting stories. Additional hunting tags can be purchased separately.  http://wildernesshuntinglodge.com

Donor: Rush Enterprises, Inc.
Item: Dallas Cowboys Tickets – Six (6) premiere suite tickets to a Dallas Cowboys 2020 regular season home game with parking pass – the suite includes food and drinks – winning bidder will need to select game at the beginning of the pre-season to ensure securing the desired game – exclusions may apply. Trip includes $2,400 travel funds from cash donations made to the CIM National Steering Committee. * Home games for Dallas in 2020 include: Philadelphia Eagles, Ny Giants, Washington Redskins, Arizona Cardinals, SF 49ers, Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, Atlanta Falcons.

Donor: Sandler Training
Item: Two (2) One-Day Sales, Sales Management or Leadership Training for up to 25 people – Sandler Training, once again voted the #1 Training Organization by Entrepreneur Magazine and the recognized leader in sales and sales management training is offering a one day (8 hour) training session focused on sales or sales management or leadership skills development for up to 25 people.  Participants will actively engage in exercises and classroom learning as they learn the Sandler System for Sales or Sales Management;  each participant will receive a copy of the Sandler book “Sandler Rules” and a participant workbook. (2 donated, sold separately)

Donor: Silvi Group Companies, Inc.
Item: Collectors’ Wine -Wine from Larry Silvi’s Personal Wine Cellar. Wines include: 2006 – Walter Hansel, Russian River Valley, Pinot Noir, 2013 – TuaRita, Giusto di Notre, 2010 – Sottimano, Langhe, Nebbiolo, 2018 – Domaine TemPier, Bandol, 2012 – DuMol, Syrah Jack Robert’s Run, Sonoma Coast, 2003 – Silver Oak, Nappa Valley Cabernete Savignon.

Donor: Stego Industries
Item: 4 Anaheim Ducks Tickets- 4 tickets to see the Anaheim Ducks and free parking! Great Seats!

Donor: Stoneway Concrete
Item: Seattle Mariners Tickets – Four (4) tickets for Seattle Mariners versus Los Angeles Angels on Saturday, August 8th, 2020 from Safeco Field in Seattle, WA – tickets are in section 129, row 19, aisle seat is behind home plate (next to player’s wives).

Donor: Texas State CIM Patrons Chair
Item: Driftwood Texas Wine Country Vacation- If you are looking for a one of a kind exclusive getaway that will be sure to impress, look no further. The Fall Creek Vineyards’ Wine Country Inn is just steps away from the Fall Creek Vineyards at Driftwood Winery and Tasting Room. This exceptional property boasts two master suites with King sized beds, a stunning rock faced fireplace in the sitting room, and a fully stocked kitchen. https://fcv.com/wine-country-inn. Two nights’ stay plus $1,700 cash to pay for airfare and miscellaneous expenses.

Donor: Thomas Concrete Company
Item: Atlanta Golf Package-Hawks Ridge Golf Club- Enjoy a foursome of golf at one of the top-rated Golf clubs in America-Hawks Ridge in Ball Ground, GA. 4 golfers will play with the member and enjoy lunch and drinks afterwards.

Donor: United Rentals, Inc.
Item: Two tickets- PGA Event w/ $500 travel voucher – Two “Club” Tickets for a 2020 PGA Tour Event w/$500 travel voucher – you pick. Two “Club” Tickets for one day admission at a 2020 PGA Tour Event. You select the venue/day you would like to attend – Included are any of the following: Mar. 25-29: WGC-Dell Match Play; Austin Country Club, Austin, TX, May 21-24: Charles Schwab Challenge; Colonial Country Club, Fort Worth, TX,  July 2-5: WGC-FedEx St. Jude Invitational; TPC Southwind, Memphis, TN,  Aug. 13-16: The Northern Trust; TPC Boston, Norton, MA, Aug. 27-30: TOUR Championship; East Lake GC, Atlanta, GA. Also includes a $500 Travel Voucher.

Donor: U.S. Concrete – CA
Item: Three nights for two (one room) at the award-winning historic Cavallo Point Lodge- offering breathtaking views of San Francisco and the Golden GateBridge. This resort was originally Fort Baker, built in the early 1900’s by the USArmy to help protect the bridge.3-hour dinner and dance cruise for two on San Francisco Bay with 4 course dinner of locally sourced ingredients prepared fresh onboard by a renownedchef. $400 per person reimbursement for airfare.

Donor: U.S. Concrete
Item: Unforgettable Weekend in NYC – Package for Four to NYC in Summer 2019-including 9/11 Memorial Museum VIP Tour and NY Yankees game. – Choice of Three Weekends (either April 25-26; July 11-12; or August 22-23) – Check in to deluxe 4 or 5-star hotel in Midtown Manhattan for two nights in one room or one night in two rooms.  Enjoy an unforgettable fine dining experience at Patsy’s restaurant (which was Frank Sinatra’s favorite Italian restaurant) and watch the NY Yankees play either the Cleveland Indians (April); Texas Rangers  (July) or the Toronto Blue Jays (August).  Total flexibility in choice – either Friday, Saturday or Sunday games and any other day for 9/11 Memorial Museum. Dates/games must be selected by March 1, 2020.  Yankee seats are in the Delta Sky Suite – 4 premium seats behind home plate including personal concierge service, complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic beverages, and private restrooms in Delta Sky360 Suite.  Also includes private stadium entrance for suite holders. $800 travel allowance from cash donations made to the CIM National Steering Committee.

Donor: U.S. Concrete
Item: Washington DC Travel Package for Two (2) People -This package includes $1000 voucher for domestic coach airfare for two (2), two nights’ lodging (one room) in a downtown hotel (Marriott Marquis or equivalent), $200 voucher for dinner for two on one evening at a top DC restaurant of buyer’s choice from several options and a private black sedan monument tour (all items are based on availability, contact donor early for best availability).

Donor: U.S. Concrete
Item: Sports Deluxe Tickets – NHL Dallas Stars Hockey & NBA Dallas Mavericks. Evening at the US Concrete Foundation Club Loft in the American Airlines Center with dinner/drinks for a regular season Dallas Mavericks Home Game, 2019-2020 Season (Season ends April 2020). 4 tickets. Evening at the US Concrete Foundation Club Loft in the American Airlines Center with dinner/drinks for a regular season Dallas Stars Home Game, 2019-2020 Season (Season ends March 2020). 4 tickets. Bid winner will have to get with Victor Villarreal to select the games. Time is of the essence. See end of season above.

Donor:  Vulcan Materials Company
Item:  2 Rounds of Golf for Four at TPC Sawgrass Plus Lodging- Includes two nights’ accommodations for four (4) at the Marriott Sawgrass in a two-bedroom, four-bed villa and two rounds of golf for a foursome- one day on the famous, The Players Stadium Course, and one day on the Dye’s Valley Course. Up to $1,000 toward airfare and a Visa worth $1,000 to use towards food, beverage, or whatever you choose. Shipping/delivery included.

Donor: Webcor Concrete
Item: Sailing San Francisco Bay – Spend an afternoon with your group of up to six people, sailing a 40’ yacht around Alcatraz Island, under the Golden Gate Bridge, and around the course for the 2013 America’s Cup. Take the helm, trim the sails, or sit back and relax as you enjoy this world class sailing venue. Do as much or as little as you please on this fully crewed vessel. Picnic lunch aboard includes wine from Napa Valley and beer from local microbrewers.

Donor: Wirtgen America
Item: Welcome to Nashville, TN “Home of Country Music” – package includes airfare for two from anywhere in the continental US to Nashville, TN – car service to and from the Nashville Airport to the Sheraton Hotel located in scenic downtown – one room for two nights’ stay with breakfast included – during the day, enjoy VIP tickets for two to the Country Music Hall of Fame – one night enjoy dinner for two at Morton Steakhouse and tickets for two to the Grand Ole Opry with limo service included; package can be used during the week or weekend based on availability.

Donor: Woodland Tilt-Up
Item: Miami Dolphins Football Tickets – Four (4) tickets to a 2020 Miami Dolphins home game. Includes parking pass for tailgating.

Donor: World of Concrete
Item: $500 Marriott Gift Cards – $500 Marriott Gift Cards

Donor: Xtreme Whitetail Adventures
Item: 3 Day Whitetail Hunt 2020 Season (September – December) – Missouri hunt for a trophy Whitetail Deer 200” B&C. 3 Day hunt for a trophy Whitetail Deer 200” B&C. Guide, Lodging, 3 Meals per day, open bar every night, meat processing and packaging. Please note Guide gratuities/taxidermy not included. Located 40 miles outside of Springfield. Transportation to and from airport provided if needed. Buyer is strongly encouraged to book your hunt by the end of February for best options, as reservations/dates do fill quickly.

Cash Donations

Donor: Ash Grove Item: $5,000 Cash Donation

Donor: Baldwin Filters   Item: $1,000 Cash Donation

Donor: Buzzi Unicem USA    Item: $5,000 Cash Donation

Donor:  Fraco Products Ltd   Item:  $1,000 Cash Donation

Donor:  Forterra Item:  $3,000 Cash Donation

Donor: Jonel Engineering Item: $1,000 Cash Donation

Donor: MHC Kenworth- GA,TX &OK  Item:  $2,500 Cash Donation

Donor: Nevada Cement Company Item: $2,500 Cash Donation

Donor: Sioux Corporation Item: $500 Cash Donation

Donor:  Structural Technologies    Item:  $5,000 Cash Donation

Donor: Volvo Construction Equipment Item:  $10,000 Cash Donation

Donor: W.R. Meadows   Item:  $4,000 Cash Donation