CIM Graduates

CIM Graduate

Kevin Su

School: Texas State University

Graduation Date: Class of 2013

Employer: Continental Engineering Corporation

“One of the program's draws for me was the likelihood of finding employment after graduation, which seemed better than with some other degrees. The curriculum also caught my attention because of the smaller class sizes.”

Which CIM program did you graduate from and in which year?  

I graduated from the CIM program at Texas State University in 2013.  

What is your current position and responsibilities at Continental Engineering Corporation?  

I am currently a senior project engineer in the technical department at Continental Engineering Corporation in Taipei, Taiwan. In this role, I am responsible for overseeing all temporary work on various projects throughout Taiwan, including civil and building projects. Additionally, I have the opportunity to provide my expertise and recommendations for any issues that arise during the course of the projects.  

Why did you choose this position and this company?  

I chose to work for Continental Engineering Corporation in Taipei, Taiwan, because I have always dreamed of working overseas and experiencing the differences in construction practices outside the United States. The offer from Continental Engineering Corporation, considered one of the top general contractors in Asia and Taiwan, was simply too good to pass up. During the interview process, I was particularly attracted to the opportunity to bring my ideas and knowledge from my previous work with other top general contractors.  

I decided to take this position because I wanted to explore new opportunities, as most of my career had previously been focused on fieldwork. Additionally, I was excited about the company’s emphasis on incorporating more technology on their project sites, which is relatively uncommon in Asian countries. I saw great potential and innovation within the company and wanted to be a part of that growth.  

How has the CIM program prepared you for your current job responsibilities?  

The CIM program provided me with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills that I will continue to utilize throughout my career.  

Why did you choose the CIM program?  

I was a transfer student majoring in electrical engineering when I bumped into Chase Carter, a former high school classmate and an alumnus of the CIM program. He told me about the program and, considering I was having difficulties in a larger class environment, I decided to explore the CIM program due to its smaller class sizes. Additionally, one of the program’s appealing factors was the job placement opportunities it offered upon graduation, which seemed more promising compared to some other degrees.