CIM Faculty/Staff

CIM Faculty/Staff Member

Nick Steinberg, California State University – Chico

School: California State University - Chico

How did you become involved with this school and the CIM program? 

My involvement with Chico State and the CIM program is a full circle experience: I graduated from the program in 2011. I went to work in the industry and, as time went by, I became interested in helping prepare the next generation of industry professionals. I began lecturing at Chico State in 2016 and was named program director in 2022. 

Why should incoming students consider CIM as a major course of study? 

I believe any student with an interest in construction, business, mining or engineering should look at CIM. This field combines the best of everything – construction and materials certainly, but also sustainable building techniques and the use of sophisticated technology. It is broad and it all has an underlying focus on management principles.  

Students may not be aware of all that CIM offers. The more we can expose them to the range of positions this track delivers, they will quickly see we are about more than sidewalks and slabs.  

What are your thoughts about the industry/academic partnership between CIM and its industry partners? 

The industry/academic partnership between CIM and its industry partners is critical to the success of what we do. Education cannot succeed in an academic vacuum. It is imperative that we are connected to industry to jointly pursue best practices and new ideas. Academic programs must understand the needs of industry and its fast-changing landscape. Our collaboration allows the CIM program to stay on the forefront of the industry’s growth.   

What are your thoughts about the partnership between CIM and its Patrons?  

The Chico State CIM Patrons drive this program forward. Through guest lectures, socials and other networking opportunities, the Patrons drive the message that there is a need for our students in the concrete industry. The Patrons hire our students, provide training and hands-on experience and give students confidence that they have an important, progressive career ahead of them with substantial opportunity for growth. 

What is your vision for the CIM program? 

My vision for this program is to grow its enrollment through recognition and reputation. I feel that we currently have all the pieces, they just need to be aligned. We have an extensive and practical curriculum, unrivaled industry support, intelligent leaders and boundless opportunity. There are very few programs like CIM in the world of higher education, which is why we can serve as a template for a successful industry/academia partnership.