CIM Student Profile

Santos Verdin

School: Texas State University

Hometown: Seguin, Texas

Expected Date of Graduation: December 2014

“I had an interest in the CIM program because of the specialization it offers in concrete, the most utilized material in the world. ”

What school are you currently attending and when is your intended graduation date?

I am currently attending Texas State University and intend on graduating December 2014.

Where are you from originally?

I was born in Chicago and moved to Seguin, Texas when I was five.

Why did you choose this university and the CIM program?

I chose Texas State because of the great environment it offers. The San Marcos River flows right through campus. That’s hard to beat. Plus, I love the Hill Country. I had an interest in the CIM program because of the specialization it offers in concrete, the most utilized material in the world. I plan on working in construction so I figured this specialization would give me an advantage.

What advice would you give to other current CIM students?

Get involved in as much as possible. This industry is all about networking. The more people you meet the better. Good grades are great but the people you meet can be the most valuable resource. One day that person could be the one who hires you. A good friend once put it this way “It’s the hands you shake that get you in, and the things you know that keep you there.”

The CIM program works with businesses in providing summer internships. Have you been able to take advantage of that program or any other special program to develop your industry knowledge?

The summer of 2013 I interned with TAS Commercial Concrete out of Houston. I learned a lot about concrete construction that summer. Had a chance to work on everything from pouring drill shafts to lifting tilt wall panels. It made learning in the classroom much easier because I had witnessed the things we were talking about out in the field. I have also been interning with Austin PreStress since October 2014. There I am the assistant production manager. This internship has taught how to make business decisions and manage employees.

Have you been able to interact with the CIM patrons at your school? If so, in what capacity?

The Texas State CIM Patrons have always been supportive and willing to help with questions or projects students are working on. They make all the out of class activities possible. They have been extremely supportive of the ACI Student chapter here and helped with putting on the first inaugural clay shooting tournament fundraiser. I have been fortunate enough to receive several scholarships from them and I am very thankful.