CIM Student Profile

Damien Bonis

School: California State University - Chico

Class: Senior

Hometown: Long Beach, California

Expected Date of Graduation: May, 2019

“Being a hands-on type of person, I have enjoyed all classes including a lab component. Getting the chance to apply classroom knowledge to real-life situations when working on volunteer projects or industry competitions has also been very rewarding. ”

What school are you currently attending and when is your intended graduation date?
I attend California State University – Chico and plan to graduate in May of 2019.

Where are you from originally?
I am originally from Long Beach, California.

Why did you choose this university and the CIM program?
I chose Chico State, specifically, because it offered the CIM program and was close to home. I first learned of the major while in high school through a family connection. As someone who loves architecture and history, I was greatly interested in the idea of concrete repair and restoration.

How has the CIM program prepared you for your upcoming graduation and entrance into the business world?
The CIM program does a good job teaching students the basics of concrete science and technology, as well as business fundamentals through its curriculum. The emphasis on building relationships
and networking with industry professionals through the Patrons group of sponsor companies and various industry associations sets up students for success after graduation.

What advice would you give to other current CIM students?
My advice for current students is to be involved. In my opinion, the biggest advantage the CIM program
provides to students is the ability to interact with people from the concrete and construction industries
and form connections early on in their careers. Not many university students can say that their major
offers them such opportunities, so make the most of it!

The CIM program works with businesses in providing summer internships. Have you been able to take advantage of that program or any other special program to develop your industry knowledge?
I have been fortunate enough to have had three distinct internships during my time in the CIM program.
In summer of 2016, I was a volunteer with the Concrete Preservation Institute (CPI) on Alcatraz Island in the San Francisco Bay. Along with a group of other CIM students, I analyzed and evaluated the integrity of concrete structures, performed repairs on damaged or deteriorated concrete and learned about the decorative aspects needed to maintain a historic look and texture. Then in 2017, I interned with BASF Master Builders Solutions at the Research and Development headquarters in Beechwood, Ohio. In the lab there, I worked on new product development and did technical support for admixture systems (AS). I spent some time with the marketing group as well, doing market research and business case evaluation for proposed new products. And finally, over the summer of 2018, I was offered an internship with BASF MBT again, this time in Mannheim, Germany. Working with strategic marketing, I did data analysis and performance benchmarking for AS product lines.