Spring 2015 North East Patrons Meeting

On Monday, May 4, 2015 the NJIT CIM program hosted the Spring Bi-Annual Northeast Patrons meeting in the Atrium at the NJIT campus center. The meeting is designed to provide a fruitful venue for our supporting Patrons to personally visit NJIT and learn about what the CIM program is achieving and how they can become involved and engage with the students. Attending the meeting were our distinguished CIM Local Patrons, CIM graduates and students, NJIT Administration, and special guests. Dr. Mohamed Mahgoub, CIM Program Director is exceedingly grateful for all sincere supporters.

Our NE Patrons Board of Directors that hosted the event includes Chairperson Jamie Gentoso, Larry Silvi, and Bill Layton. They work arduously to secure a vibrant Patrons group and support the CIM program and its students. We look forward to the growth of the Patrons group as our student enrollment is also increasing (105 students). 

Every Patrons meeting is enhanced with the presentations of our excellent students and graduates. Five CIM students presented their competition, work and experience; this included competing at the 2015 EPDACI Beam Competition (Placing 1st place in both categories). Two students from Silvi Group and one from Weldon Materials presented their Co-Op experience and Senior projects. The quality of the work of our students is evident to all our Patrons. We were honored to have with us Dr. Fadi Deek, NJIT Provost, Dr. Moshe Kam, Dean of the NCE, Vincent Lombardo, Director of Development for NCE, Dr. Ronald Rockland, Chairman of Engineering Technology Department and Dr. Taha Marhaba, Chairman of Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. Many more notable NJIT faculty and staff attended the event.

The NJIT CIM program is becoming widely recognized in the university. With time, the CIM program has proven itself to be successful in many aspects. The students are happy, they get jobs, and they love what they do. Speaking of jobs, we coordinated a CIM job fair immediately after the meeting to give an opportunity to some of our Patrons to interview our students for internships and full- time jobs. Over 30 students interviewed with multiple companies and we are looking forward to making the job fair a tradition at the Patrons meeting. Companies that interviewed included Silvi Group, Weldon Materials, Hyde Concrete, Superior Materials, LLC, Sysdyne, Laticrete, Solidia Technologies, and Beyond Concrete. In addition, many other companies took the time to network with the students.

We would like to give special thanks to Edna Randolph, Assistant to Chair of Engineering Technology, and Marcia Eddings, Administrative Assistant of Engineering Technology for coordinating the event. Once again we thank everyone that made this extraordinary event possible and we look forward to seeing each and every one of you including many more in our next Patrons meeting which will take place in December 2015 at the NJIT Campus Center Atrium.

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