CIM Patrons

CIM Patron

Greg Odenthal

Title: Owner

Employer: Pinnacle Consulting

“Having a source of industry oriented talent that is fresh, engaged and qualified will not only help the hiring company, but the industry as a whole as companies respond to the challenges and opportunities of the construction materials market. ”

What is your involvement in the CIM program? Why did you get involved with the program?
I was fortunate to work with fellow industry leaders in establishing a CIM program at California State University, Chico. The program gained my interest while working for Granite Construction Company, as we focused on building talent in our materials businesses. In 2002, I visited the CIM program at Middle Tennessee State University and was immediately overwhelmed by the level of energy, talent and commitment of both faculty and students; ultimately hiring a student in 2003.

Why have you and your company made the commitment to the CIM program? What benefits do you think it will bring to your company?
The construction materials industry, concrete-related segments specifically, demand a special set of skills along with familiarity of industry characteristics to be successful. The CIM program provides a foundation of talent that will foster sustainable, financial and operational performance well into the future. My company leverages these talents as we engage companies in areas of process improvement, growth and financial success.

What are your thoughts about the industry/academic partnership between CIM and its industry partners and patrons?
This partnership is unique as it brings the industry directly into the academic arena through guest lectures, field trips and various other interactions. Likewise, it brings students into real world business environments through internship opportunities where students can truly experience the realities of an industry they are aspiring to join.

Why should other companies in the concrete industry get involved in the CIM program?
The business community acknowledges and rewards those companies that balance both internal and
external focuses. The same is true for hiring in terms of perspective and contribution toward success.
Having a source of industry-oriented talent that is fresh, engaged and qualified will not only help the
hiring company, but it also will help the industry as a whole because companies are responding to the
challenges and opportunities of the construction materials market.

How can companies get involved?
Involvement takes many different forms. It can include assistance in class presentations, involvement in
semi-annual board meetings at Chico, offering internships in almost any or all business units, financial
support and/or recruiting students upon graduation.

What is your vision for the CIM program?
That, as a result of the talent and commitment provided by the program and its students, our industry
will become more effective both operationally and financially in responding to the markets we serve.
Providing sustainable and recognizable value to the communities we are part of.

How do you think the CIM program will benefit the concrete industry?
It has and will foster greater success for decades and centuries to come. Concrete lasts forever!