CIM Patrons

CIM Patron

David Perkins

Title: President & CEO

Employer: Texas Aggregates and Concrete Association

“The CIM program will be a key asset that enables the concrete,aggregate and cement industries to not only adjust to a changing dynamic with many new paradigms of workforce expectations and operational challenges, but to truly thrive in this changing marketplace and ultimately be successful in continuing to support the foundation that literally builds our economy.”

I HAVE BEEN FORTUNATE to participate in the CIM program as a representative of the aggregate, concrete and cement industries in Texas. My role at the Texas Aggregates and Concrete Association (TACA) has allowed me to be engaged in our industry in a variety of different ways, including policy advocacy, community engagement, marketplace economics, transportation and infrastructure investment, as well as workforce development. Helping students connect with members of our association and seeing the tremendous benefits and rich education process through real-world applications such as mentorship and internships is such a fulfilling (and important) experience.

Our commitment to CIM

The CIM program is essential to the vitality of our industry in Texas. As with other areas in the U.S., the workforce in the concrete, aggregate and cement industries is changing – with vast institutional knowledge leaving through retirement. We must fill this increasingly large void to be able to thrive and support the growing economy in Texas. The state is expected to add more than five million new residents in the next decade and leads the U.S. in the use of concrete, aggregate and cement. This trend will only continue and a robust CIM program is a critical tool to support this foundation of our economy. There is a huge need for qualified leaders in our industry and the CIM program at Texas State can create a valuable option for women and men seeking a rewarding career.

A unique industry / academic partnership

This approach creates a valuable educational experience for students. It also allows companies to get to know prospective employees and give them opportunities to gain valuable experience and knowledge before they enter the workforce full-time. A partnership and continual dialogue between Patrons/industry partners and the students/faculty of the CIM program allows it to be continually enhanced and improved.

Getting involved
There are numerous ways for you and your organization to get involved in CIM. Mentoring opportunities are a great way for Patrons and industry partners to get involved in the education process. From providing information and advice to students who are working on their capstone program, to participating in the final presentations and offering insightful questions, this is a tremendously rewarding process. Participate in the internship program by giving students a summer experience that will further enrich their classroom learning, while also provide your company with a “test run” for a potential new employee. Finally, get involved in the scholarship process. Assist with fundraising events, help with the selection process and encourage students to apply. This a great way to meet and get to know students and faculty.