CIM Graduates

CIM Graduate

Sara Andon

School: Middle Tennessee State University

Graduation Date: Fall 2010

Employer: Turner Construction

“CIM has forged a distinctive presence that industry professionals respect and I am thankful to be counted among the MTSU CIM alumni working across the country.”

What school did you graduate from and in which year?

I graduated from MTSU with my CIM degree in the Fall of 2010 and continued my education and attained my Masters in Business Administration in the Spring of 2013.

What is your current position and responsibilities at Turner Construction?

I am currently serving Turner Construction as an Assistant Engineer at Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital in Nashville, Tenn. My responsibilities onsite are split between superintendent and engineering duties as necessary to maintain project quality and schedule, while keeping our construction presence minimally invasive to patients, visitors, and staff. An exciting element that my position offers is spontaneity. No one day or challenge is like the other.

Why did you choose this position and this company?

Through an interview opportunity with MTSU CIM, I had two internships with Turner that allowed me to understand their commitment to their three core values: teamwork, integrity, and commitment. I chose to work with Turner because these values are not just jargon on a jobsite poster, but are made paramount daily. Executing these values has cemented Turner’s reputation as one of the top building service providers in the world.

How has the CIM program prepared you for your current job responsibilities?

The CIM department at MTSU has had close ties to the concrete industry since its inception. Through those close ties, CIM has been able to create a curriculum that reflects needs in the industry which allows me and my fellow classmates the opportunity to make a substantial contribution to the workforce come graduation day. MTSU CIM has substantial industry support. With that, it generated on-campus interviews that landed me three internships while in school, two of which were with Turner Construction, my current employer. The devotion of the MTSU CIM faculty to educating students and career development has made transitioning into my career seamless.

Why did you choose the CIM program?

Not having any family ties to the concrete industry, I’ve been asked several times, “WHY pursue a career in a male dominated field like concrete?” An MTSU CIM staff member, Sally Bradford, introduced me to the program and its many job opportunities. After exposure to the industry through interviews, socials, and MTSU CIM Patron sponsored trips I fell in love with the hardworking, down-home mentality of the professionals that populate the industry. CIM has forged a distinctive presence that industry professionals respect and I am thankful to be counted among the MTSU CIM alumni working across the country.

What advice would you give to current CIM students?

Work hard in the classroom and pay attention to those sitting to your right and left. Your current classmates, in a few years, could very well be your next co-worker, boss, or company new hire.