CIM Graduates

CIM Graduate

Paul Ozinga

School: Middle Tennessee State University

Graduation Date: December 2006

Employer: Ozinga

“The CIM program has given me a base and a confidence in understanding how our industry operates.”

What school did you graduate from and in which year?

I graduated from MTSU in December of 2006 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Concrete Industry Management and a minor in Business Administration.

What is your current position and responsibilities at Ozinga?

I am currently working in our customer sales department and am responsible for handling key accounts in our Chicago metropolitan service area. My primary responsibilities include ensuring continued customer satisfaction, maintaining relationships and accurately pricing the market.

Why did you choose this position and this company?

I have chosen the current position because of my continued interest in learning all areas of the company and industry. I enjoy the necessary personal interaction, problem solving, and maintaining and building new relationships with customers for the betterment of the company. The main reason I chose to work at Ozinga is because I am part of the fourth generation of Ozinga’s to work in the family business. My interest is personal in the way that I would like to be part of watching and helping the company, its employees and the community, and ensuring that future generations continue to serve and grow.

How has the CIM program prepared you for your current job responsibilities?

Having grown up in the industry, I performed many different tasks that ready mix requires. The CIM program gave me a solid in-depth explanation for the basis of each task. I was given Handson training as well as expert advice from experienced professionals throughout the industry.

Why did you choose the CIM program?

I chose the CIM program because I had a thirst to learn more about how the concrete industry works and figured that since I grew up in the industry, I might actually get pretty decent grades too!

What advice would you give to current CIM students?

Build relationships with those you are going through the program with, these are your future colleagues, competitors, employees or employers that you will be working with the rest of your career.