CIM Graduates

CIM Graduate

Narguis Benyamin

School: New Jersey Institute of Technology

Graduation Date: May 2014

Employer: Peerless Concrete Products

“CIM is always current with the ever-evolving concrete industry, from new technologies and testing procedures to application techniques and business approaches.”

NARGUIS GRADUATED FROM NEW JERSEY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY with a dual degree in the Concrete Industry Management (CIM) program in 2014 and the Construction Management Technology (CMT) program in 2013. We asked Narguis a few questions about what she has been up to since her graduation from CIM three years ago.

Where are you currently working and what are your main responsibilities?
Two months ago, I began working full-time as an estimating engineer at Peerless Concrete Products. It is a family-owned business and they specialize in manufacturing and delivering a wide range of precast concrete products including manholes, outlet structures, septic tanks, seepage pits, catch basins, trench drains and many others. I estimate projects and, when awarded, I construct shop drawings.

Prior to Peerless Concrete, I worked for State Line Construction as a project engineer and safety director for three years. It is a family-owned business, established in 1977 and they specialize in excavation, masonry and concrete construction. State Line is a leader in the construction of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings and parking garages.
I’m currently working for them on a part-time basis designing rebar shop drawings. I am thankful and very lucky to be working with both of these prestigious companies. And of course, where I am now would not have been possible without the CIM program.

How has the CIM program prepared you for your current job responsibilities?
The program prepared me in numerous ways to excel in my field. It gave me an understanding of both the science of concrete and the business aspects of the industry. I am confident that the skills and knowledge I’ve gained in the CIM program helped me ease my transition into the workforce. CIM is always current with the ever-evolving concrete industry, from new technologies and testing procedures to application techniques and business approaches. Also, the valuable internships help guide students choose the areas of the industry they would like to pursue. All of this makes a CIM graduate valuable and marketable as an employee in the concrete industry.

Why did you choose the CIM program?
CIM has been able to create a curriculum that reflects the needs in the industry which allows students the opportunity to make a substantial contribution to the workforce upon graduation. In addition, the CIM program has substantial industry support.

What advice would you give to current CIM students?
My best advice to current students would be to start your internships early which allows you to gain as much industry hands-on experience as possible. Also, get involved and stay active in the program. Networking is your most valuable resource.