CIM Graduates

CIM Graduate

Fabian De La Hoz

School: New Jersey Institute of Technology

Graduation Date: May 2015

Employer: Ferrara Bros.

“Thanks to the CIM program, I have gained the skills to analyze the limitations, strengths, and weaknesses of each of the concrete’s components.”

What school did you graduate from and in which year?
I graduated from New Jersey Institute of Technology in May 2015.

What is your current position and responsibilities at Ferrara Bros?
I was hired by Ferrara Bros. as a Technical Services Representative. My responsibilities with the company are: planning and conducting tests in accordance with applicable industry standards; developing all the necessary mix designs to licensees; and providing technical support as needed for licensees. I am responsible for accurately recording test measurements, applying the mathematical formulas associated with the tests, and calculating test results in accordance with test procedures. I also apply knowledge in laboratory process-development procedures, including safety and chemical handling, to maintain a clean, safe laboratory environment.

Why did you choose this position and this company?
I chose this position as a new challenge in my professional life in the concrete industry. Ferrara Bros. is a company with more than 45 years in the market and a strong reputation in the metropolitan area of New York. I personally think Ferrara offers great opportunities to grow as an employee and an excellent work environment where I can apply all the knowledge acquired in college.

How has the CIM program prepared you for your current job responsibilities?
The CIM program gave me the opportunity to reinforce the theoretical knowledge with activities such as socials, guest speakers, conferences, field visits, and many other important activities. Thanks to the CIM program, I have gained the skills to analyze the limitations, strengths, and weaknesses of each of the concrete’s components. The program has prepared me to identify which properties of the materials used to make concrete can be improved to obtain a high-quality concrete at the lowest possible price.

What advice would you give to current CIM students?
The Concrete Industry Management program allows students the invaluable opportunity to reinforce theoretical knowledge with priceless activities such as socials, guest speakers, field visits, conferences, competitions, and other exciting activities. The recommendation I would give to current CIM students is to absorb all the knowledge they can gain from each of the different activities this great program offers. The program has excellent teachers who have many years of experience in the industry and with much desire to transfer their knowledge in the best way. I would also recommend that my future colleagues actively participate in all training and events the program provides, such as internships and research projects, which will serve as references in their professional lives.