CIM Faculty/Staff

CIM Faculty/Staff Member

Anlee Orama, Academic Advisor, New Jersey Institute of Technology

School: New Jersey Institute of Technology

Which CIM program are you involved with and what are your responsibilities?

I am thrilled to be part of the CIM program at NJIT. My responsibilities as CIM Specialist include performing recruiting and educational activities on and off campus, writing and preparing promotional materials for the CIM program, traveling with and coordinating travel plans with CIM students to multiple venues, assisting students in securing internships, and networking with patrons and industry and much more.

How did you become involved with this school and the CIM program?

Upon admission into NJIT, CIM was not offered and I was not aware that the program even existed. I initially majored in civil engineering, and despite doing well in my courses, I found myself unmotivated by my third year. I had an appointment with then chairman of the CE department, John R. Schuring, to discuss my academic progress. I felt I needed a change in my course of study and the first thing he told me was “Are you aware of the CIM program?” From that moment on, I became the first CIM student at NJIT and never looked back.

Why should incoming students consider CIM as a major course of study?

CIM is a turbo-charged major pumping out highly qualified concrete industry professionals. Students interested in the concrete industry can venture into many facets of the program including concrete construction, sales and marketing, decorative concrete, sustainable design, quality control and management. CIM helps to prepare students to be the future leaders in the concrete industry. In addition, job placement is currently 100 percent for NJIT CIM graduates. The sky is just the starting line for students that choose CIM as their future.

What are your thoughts about the industry/academic partnership between CIM and its industry partners?

As a 2009 graduate of the CIM program, I have experienced first-hand the high interest employers have taken in the program. My previous employer, Craig Testing, attended a patrons meeting at NJIT to learn more about the CIM program. I am often asked if any CIM students are interested in taking open positions available. Industry partners not only provide much appreciated financial assistance to the program, but also provide support in the form of time and effort speaking to students, facilitating industry visits, attending meetings, and just being there for us.

What is your vision for the CIM program?

I believe the need for CIM trained students will always be high. The key is to continue marketing CIM to the masses and secure a steady flow of prospective students into the program to match the needs of industry. At NJIT, we are fortunate to have the demand from patrons and industry and we are working to increase the supply and even out the curve.