CIM Receives Award For Outstanding Contribution to Industry from ACI

The Concrete Industry Management (CIM) program  is pleased to announce it has been recognized by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) for outstanding contribution and dedication to the concrete industry.

ACI has awarded CIM with the Henry C. Turner Medal for notable achievements in, or service to, the concrete industry. “This honor was given to CIM by the ACI Board of Direction for our program’s mission of ’advancing the concrete industry by degrees’ through our program of identifying and supporting future leaders in the concrete industry,” commented Brian Gallagher, chairman of the CIM Marketing Committee. Click here to view a list of all ACI awardees.

“We are extremely pleased that ACI has recognized the CIM program with the prestigious Turner award,” said National Steering Committee (NSC) Executive Director Eugene Martineau. “ACI plays such an important role in the advancement of the concrete industry. For ACI to recognize CIM, whose mission is to develop the next generation of leaders of the concrete industry, is a true honor.”