CIM Program Director involved in $1 million research project

Dr. Mohamed Mahgoub, CIM’s program director at NJIT, has joined an international team working on an innovative system to detect dangerous weaknesses in bridges and other large structures. With a grant of just over $1 million from the Qatar National Research Fund, the team is developing a wireless sensor network to monitor vibration, sagging and other factors that affect structural integrity and safety.

The new system would not only warn of serious problems after they occur and possible impending deterioration, but also signal the need for periodic preventive maintenance.“Our part of this project is to determine where to place the sensors, what types of data to collect, how to interpret it, and then how to make decisions about the extent of intervention
needed,” said  Mahgoub, one of the project’s principal investigators. “While the network can be installed on existing structures, the aim is to embed it in steel components before concrete is even poured.”

The research is featured in the NJIT Spring 14 Magazine. Click here to read the article.

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