2017 Auction Items

***Download the complete list of auction items here.***

Ready Mixed Concrete-Focused Items

Donor: ABC Polymer – Concrete Fibers
Item: Four (4) Pallets (648 lb/pallet) of Mono Tuf (micro) or Fibril Tuf (Fibrillated) Fibers – ABC Polymers has been producing micro and fibrillated fibers for well over 20 years with the addition of macros soon after.  ABC has a full portfolio of micros, macros, nylon, glass and steel fibers.  ABC Polymers also supports your business with engineering services and an outside sales team that has a sole focus on driving demand for fibers – shipping in continental US included

Donor:  American Cement Company
Item: 5 Loads Bulk Portland Cement – Five (5) loads (approximately 125 short tons) of  bulk Portland Cement, FOB manufacturing facility in Sumterville, FL.

Donor: American Concrete Institute
Item: ACI CCS-O & ACICCS-OS (16) Concrete Fundamentals – This book is intended for anyone who wants an introduction to concrete and concrete construction – provides a good starting point for someone in the concrete industry to learn about materials, basic construction practices and testing – 10 copies in English and 10 copies in Spanish, to be sold separately.

Donor:  Argos Cement
Item: 5 Loads Type I Bulk Portland Cement – Five (5) loads (approximately 125 short tons) of Type I bulk Portland Cement, FOB manufacturing facility at either Harleyville, SC, Newberry, FL or Roberta, AL.

Donor: BASF
Item: $30,000 Admixture Package – including RheoTEC™ workability-retaining admixture, RHEOCOLOR® L liquid-coloring admixture and DELVO® hydration-controlling admixture (or any combination of BASF admixture products at buyers choice equaling this amount)

Donor: Beck Industrial, Inc.
Item: $10,000 Voucher toward purchase of new Beck Industrial Concrete Mixer in 2017 – Take $10,000 off the already competitively priced mixers built to your specification – from the new standard for concrete mixer safety, durability & performance – Beck Industrial.

Donor:  CalPortland
Item: 5 Loads Bulk Portland Cement – Five (5) loads (approximately 125 short tons) of bulk Portland Cement, FOB Cement plant or Terminal site.

Donor: Capitol Aggregates, Inc.
Item: 4 Loads Cement – Four (4) Loads Type I, Type IL, Type IP or Type III Cement, FOB San Antonio, TX.

Donor: CEMEX
ItemTen (10) Loads Type I/II Portland Cement – FOB CEMEX US plant or terminal location.

Donor: CHRYSO Inc.
Item: Admixture Package – Buyer’s choice from a variety of options on chemical admixtures from CHRYSO Inc. up to a value of $10,000 at list price.

Donor: Command Alkon
ItemCOMMANDbatch System – A new COMMANDbatch system with options up to a value of $25,000 based on published list price. Does not include installation or training.  FOB manufacturer.

Donor: CON-E-CO
ItemCON-E-CO Model PJC-300S Silo Dust Collector – 304 square feet of cleaning area with high pressure air-pulse jet cleaning system and 1,250 CFM capacity – includes weld on adapter flange and spring loaded pressure relief valve with weld on flange.  Shipping/Delivery to winning bidder is included.

Donor: Con-Tech Manufacturing, Inc. (CTM Mixers)
Item: One (1) new Con-Tech HP mixer drum – with 3/16 shell and 1/4 fins, buyer’s choice of size 9-11 yard; includes one color paint; FOB at Dodge Center, MN manufacturing plant. Must be claimed within 90 days of purchase.

Donor: Continental Cement
Item: 2 Loads Cement – Two (2) Loads Portland Cement, FOB any Continental plant or terminal location

Donor: Eagle Materials – Central Plains Cement Company
Item:  3 Loads Portland Cement – Three (3) loads (approximately 75 short tons) Portland Cement Type I-II, FOB Sugar Creek, MO cement plant.

Donor: Euclid Chemical Company (The)
ItemCuring and Sealing Compound Package – including 2 pallets of any combination of Euclid Super Diamond Clear or Super Diamond Clear 350 (total of 72 five-gallon pails), plus 2 Chapin X-Treme contractor sprayers (model 19049), 2 cases of Euclid Universal color packs (you pick color) and 2 cases of EucoGrip non-skid additive – includes shipping within the continental US – must be claimed by 4/1/17.

Donor: Fibermesh by Propex
Item: One pallet each of Fibermesh 150 and Fibermesh 300 Microsynthetic Fibers – expressly formulated to address early age cracking, these fibers prevent 80-100% of cracks in the plastic state – complies with National Building Codes and ASTM C 1116/C 1116M, Type III fiber reinforced concrete.  Specifically engineered and manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility for use as concrete reinforcement at varying rates per cubic yard.  Applications:  residential slabs, commercial slabs, transportation, shotcrete/underground and precast – shipping/delivery included in donation within the continental U.S.

Donor: FORTA Corporation
Item: FORTA-FERRO® Macro Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement – Two (2) pallets, totaling 960 lbs – packaged in 2.5 lbs. mixer-ready bags – known for mixing uniformity and a superior surface finish – shipping/delivery included.

Donor:  GCC
Item: 5 Loads Type I/II Bulk Portland Cement – Five (5) loads (approximately 125 short tons) of Type I/II bulk Portland Cement, FOB Cement plant or Terminal site.

Donor: GCP Applied Technologies
Item$30,000 Admixture Package – including Recover® Hydration Stabilizers, V-MAR® 3 Viscosity Modifier and STRUX® 90/40 Synthetic Macro Fiber Reinforcement.

Donor:  GivenHansco
Item: Keystone Full Featured Accounting Suite – Keystone Accounting System Software includes:  Two (2) user licenses; accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash management, general ledger, payroll (15 employees; additional employees can be added at additional cost), payroll direct deposit; includes up to 40 hours for implementation, service and training (customer responsible for travel expenses).  Upgrades can be made at additional cost.

Donor: Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Item: Eight (8) Goodyear Authorized Retreads – winning bidder to provide casings in order to retread them – limited to on-the-road concrete trucks – buyer responsible for shipping/delivery.

Donor: Headwaters Resources
ItemFive (5) loads of Fly Ash –  FOB any Headwaters plant or terminal.

Donor: Illinois Cement Company
Item: 3 Loads Portland Cement – Three (3) loads of Type I Portland Cement (approximately 25 short tons per load) – FOB at Illinois Cement Plant

Donor: Innovative Concrete Solutions & Systems
ItemOne Chute Wash Recovery System – an efficiency tool saving producers up to 15 minutes per load – meets Federal EPA guidelines for handling chute wash water and leaves zero footprint at customer’s site with no pumps, hoses, buckets or valves to cause problems.  ROI of 3-5 months common with current customers

Donor:  LafargeHolcim
Item: 15 Loads Type I Bulk Portland Cement – Fifteen (15) loads (approximately 25 short tons per load) of Type I/II Portland Cement, FOB at LafargeHolcim facility in the US.

Donor: Lehigh Hanson, Inc.
 15 Truckloads of Cement – Fifteen (15) loads of cement; pickup limited to United States locations.  Truckloads are limited to 27st/load.

Donor: Mack Trucks, Inc.
Item: 2016 Mack Granite® Axle Forward Truck Chassis – Chassis #GU713, 030431 GSO #93244 VIN: 1M2AX04C6GM030431.  Interior – Pedigree Slate Gray; Engine – Mack MP®7-365M; Emission Control – Mack ClearTech™ HHS SCR with fully-catalyzed diesel particulate filter; Fan Drive – Behr electronic modulating; Alternator – 130A Delco 24SI; Transmission – Allison 4500 RDS Gen 5, 6-speed; Front axle – Mack UniMax™ FXL20, 20,000 lb.; Rear axle – Mack S462R, 46,000 lb.; Carrier: Mack CRDP 150/151; Ratio – 4.80 Rear; Suspension – Hendrickson HMX 460, 46,000 lb.; Axle spacing – 54-inch; Wheelbase – 248-inch; Frame – Mack Cornerstone™ 9.5 x 300 x 90 mm; Bumper – Mack flush aluminum; Bendix ABS; 72-gallon aluminum fuel tank; Mack fuel – water separator; Hadley/KAM motorized and heated mirrors; Mack Powerleash engine brake; Alcoa aluminum wheels; Front tires – 425/65R22.5 Continental HTC1; Rear tires – 11R22.5 G Continental HDR2.  Chassis holds an 11-cu yd McNeilus Bridgemaster Mixer (see McNeilus listing below).  Truck mixer will be onsite at the show and the buyer will be responsible for taking possession and removing the vehicle at the conclusion of the World of Concrete Show. Download the truck specification sheet here.

Donor: Martin Marietta
Item: Five (5) loads of Type I/II Cement (not to exceed 135 tons) – FOB Martin Marietta’s cement plant at Hunter, TX.

Donor: McNeilus Co., a Div. of Oshkosh Truck
Item2016 McNeilus 11-cu yd Bridgemaster Mixer – M80 Transit mixer body; 11-cubic-yard M80 paver drum with 46″ opening; 3/16″ AR shell and 1/4″ AR fins; HBB head impeller; SAT air lift charge hopper with 4″ drop; Air disc chute lock; Three extension chutes on vertical hanger passenger side rear; Aluminum fenders; Remote roller lube; Upper ladder gate and upper wash hose; Slump meter; Night pour lights; 150-gallon aluminum cross mount water tank; Body painted white McNeilus. Command Center EP touch drum controls include the following features: Auto constant speed drum control; Auto neutral with any key off; Remote drum start/stop; Remote Bridgemaster® start/stop; No discharge over set speed; Joystick drum control in addition to touch pads; Three drum counters; Load/mix/auto constant speed feature.  This mixer is mounted on a Mack (see Mack listing above) GU713 and is set up as a Federal 66,000 GVW. Four axle. Truck mixer will be onsite at the show and the buyer will be responsible for taking possession and removing the vehicle at the conclusion of the World of Concrete Show. Download the truck specification sheet here.

Donor:  Mitsubishi Cement Corporation
Item: 5 Loads Type II/V Bulk Portland Cement – Five (5) loads (approximately 125 short tons) of Type II/V bulk Portland Cement, FOB Cement plant or Terminal site.

Donor: Mountain Cement Company
Item: 2 Loads Portland Cement – Two (2) loads of Type I/II Portland Cement (approximately 25 short tons per load) – to be picked up at either MCC’s Laramie or Denver facilities.

Donor: National Cement Company
Item: Three (3) truckloads of Type I/II Portland Cement – at approximately 25 short tons per load, picked up (FOB) at National Cement plant in Ragland, AL.

Donor: RexCon Concrete Products
Item: Central Mix Plant Drum Liner Kit & Poly Blade Liner Kit – One (1) 12-yard polyurethane drum liner kit and one (1) 12-yard polyurethane wrap around blade liner kit – buyer responsible for shipping

Donor:  Roanoke Cement Company, LLC/a Titan America Business
Item: 5 Loads Type I/II Bulk Portland Cement – Five (5) loads (approximately 125 short tons) of Type I/II bulk Portland Cement, FOB Troutville, VA site.

Donor: Salt River Materials Group
Item: Four (4) Loads Fly Ash – Four (4) loads of high quality Class F fly ash, picked up at SRMG power plant facility (Cholla, Four Corners, San Juan, Escalante, or Coronado).

Donor: Schwing America
Item10.5 or 11 yard Schwing America Concrete Mixer OEM drum – FOB manufacturing facility – must be claimed by 12/1/17.

Donor: SEFA Group (The)
ItemTwo (2) Loads Fly Ash – Two (2) loads of fly ash from either the Cumberland or Kingston Fossil Plants in Tennessee.  Buyer picks up from plant site.

Donor:  St. Mary’s Cement Inc. (US) a Division of Votorantim Cement North America
Item: 5 Loads Type I Bulk Portland Cement – Five (5) loads (approximately 125 short tons) of Type I bulk Portland Cement, FOB at St. Mary’s cement plants or terminals in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio and/or New York.

Donor: Stalite
Item: 2 Loads Structural Lightweight Material – Two (2) loads (approximately 50 tons) of 3/4″ or 1/2″ Stalite Structural Lightweight material. FOB Gold Hill, North Carolina (pickup only, delivery not included).

Donor: Stephens Mfg
Item: SOS-1020 Silo Dust Collector – Cartridge type, 450 sq ft of cloth area – works well for cement or fly ash – cartridges are washable and easy to change without confined space issues. Buyer responsible for shipping/delivery.

Donor: TRUCKAST, Inc.
Item: 6-Month Usage of the TRUCKAST Application– TRUCKAST provides both contractors and producers real-time job site data, such as:  access to real-time information from order entry to job visibility, from batch ot pour-out and return to plant.  Monitor KPI’s in real time.  Reduce anxiety with instant reliable information. Create mutual clear accountability for delivered orders. Decrease down-time and delays at the project site.  Improve job communication, planning and utilization. Instantly access organized and complete job information. Decrease downtime, delays and job site stress. Improve ordering, reordering and job organization. Reduce call volume, time spent waiting on hold and redundant follow-up calls. Utilize 24/7 ordering and order review. Weather and evaporation rate. Truck location on map and estimated arrival time to job (no traffic monitoring).  Through our 3-year history of proven successes, TRUCKAST helps suppliers and contractors build relationships based on trust and transparency, which improves overall productivity and profitability.  Requires communication between dispatch system and mixer truck for conistent real-time data flow, one day for on-site setup (done remotely), on-site computer or virtual machine.  Use with high volume customers (usually  your top 10-15). Maximum users for this offer is 100.

Donor: Vince Hagan Co
ItemVH-245JP Silo Top Dust Collector – This unit has the following features and specifications: Silo mounted flange and top access hinged door. 245 square feet of cloth filtering area. Cloth is spunbound polyester. Seven (7) – 8” diameter cartridges. Cartridges are 36” long. Remove and replace cartridges from the top. Cloth weight s 8.1 oz/square yard. Permeability is 28-33 CFM/square foot at 0.5” water. Exhaust opening size is 0/226 square feet. Filter efficiency is 99.995 at 0.2-2 microns. Included air filter and regulator unit (60-70 psi typical setting, 75 psi maximum) mounted to air manifold. Unit requires approximately 9 CFJ at 70 psi in collector manifold to operate bag system. External air piping and wiring is not included. Electrical
specifications are 115V/1PH/60HZ for the power unit input (EACH). PREP: All steel shall be wire brushed and chemically cleaned (SP2 cleaning). PAINT: 1 coat of epoxy primer and one coat of urethane paint. COLOR: Hagan Yellow, Dunes Tan, White or Gray.  Buyer responsible for shipping or pickup at Dallas, TX facility.

Donor: Washout Watchdog
 Two (2) Washout Watchdog units – premiere chute rinse down system for ready mixed concrete trucks. It is affordable, highly durable, lightweight, and gravity fed for driver ease and reliability No pumps or air lines required. Won’t clog or breakdown. Each unit is designed to provide full containment of washout materials. There are several models available for front and rear discharge as well as volumetric mixers.  Units will be sold separately.

Donor: Washout Watchdog
 Five (5) Washout Watchdog Fold Down Steps – New Fold Down Steps Make It Safer For Your Drivers to Get Up and Down When Rinsing Out Their Chute! Attaches to rear DOT bar on driver or passenger side; Allows driver to get up and down without injuring themselves; Simple to install handles available to ensure 3-points of contact; Secured with polyurethane strap that lasts a long time; bolted on outside so not to snap back in drivers face. Units will be sold separately.

Contractor-Focused Items

Donor: ABC Equipment Rental
Item: $500 voucher – toward any rental of equipment of $2,500 or more from one of these three locations – Catonsville, MD, Jessup, MD or Towson, MD – redeemed toward equipment rental only, not sale items, applicable tax, fuel, damage waiver, freight, etc.

Donor: Allen Engineering Corp.
Item: High Frequency Vibrator – Model AHFV22-VIB PV FS PU 35CC 4-cycle Honda GX35.  2″ head, 115V, 16′ Hose, 49′ Cable.

Donor: American Concrete Institute
Item: ACI CCS-5 (16) Placing & Finishing Decorative Concrete Flatwork-provides details about the materials, equipment and techniques required to successfully install concrete flatwork – topics covered include mix design, stamping and texture and cleaning & sealing methods – includes 10 copies

Donor: American Society of Concrete Contractors
Item:  Concrete Executive Leadership Forum Registration – For 2017 Forum at Palmetto Bluffs, Bluffton, S.C. on July 20-23, 2017.

Donor: Bee Access Products
Item: Safety Equipment Set – “Grab-Me” Lifeline 5/8″ x 600 ft; “Hold-Me” Lifeline Anchor; “Protect-Me” Lifeline Insulator.

Donor:  Blastrac N.A. Inc.
Item:  One Week Rental of 1-10 DSGI Shotblaster and BDC66 Dust Collector – One week rental of walk-behind & self-propelled shot blasting system idea for medium and large jobs, and heavy-duty vacuum dust containment system providing continuous operation and high performance.

Donor:  Calculated Industries
Item:  ConcreteCalc Pro Concrete Calculators and DigiRoller Plus Digital Measuring Wheel – Model 4225 ConcreteCalc Pro concrete calculators with Armadillo case (four are donated); Model 6575 DigiRoller Plus III Digital Measuring Wheel (one donated).

Donor: Caterpillar Inc. and Caterpillar Dealers
Item: Skid Steer Rental – One month rental of choice of 272D, 277D or 279D skid steer, multi terrain or compact track loader or equivalent from a Caterpillar dealer located within the United States, subject to availability; winning bidder is responsible for standard rental terms outlined from the providing dealer; rental includes standard bucket or equivalent; rental is from the dealer location – winning bidder is responsible for transportation costs and other fees.  Contact the local servicing Caterpillar dealer for rental specifics.

Donor: Caterpillar Inc. and Caterpillar Dealers
Item: Excavator Rental – One month rental of choice of 938M, 930M or 924M or 316F or 313F excavator or equivalent from a Caterpillar dealer located within the United States, subject to availability; winning bidder is responsible for standard rental terms outlined from the providing dealer; rental includes standard bucket or equivalent; rental is from the dealer location – winning bidder is responsible for transportation costs and other fees.  Contact the local servicing Caterpillar dealer for rental specifics.

Donor: Curecrete Distribution
Item: Three (3) Pails Ashford Formula – 3 pails of Ashford Formula concrete hardener and densifier. On the market since 1949, the Ashford Formula is the leading concrete densifier on the market. Through inorganic chemistry, this product grows news crystals within the surface of exposed concrete floors, making it dense and easy to clean. Additional properties include hardening of the floor surface to resist abrasion, and rendering the floor free of annoying concrete dust from erosion and efflorescence. All results are permanent, and warranted for 20 years. Each pail will treat approximately 1,000 square feet of concrete.

Donor: Dayton Superior Corporation
Item: $5,000 Gift Certificate – entitles the holder to $5,000 of Dayton Superior product, selected from their complete portfolio offering that includes more than 17,000 standard items across their accessories, chemicals, paving and forming product lines – may be applied to the purchase of new product and/or the rental of forming, shoring and tilt-up bracing equipment

Donor: Dayton Superior Corporation
Item: Three (3) one-year subscriptions to Tilt-Werks – Dayton Superior is the leading, single-source provider of concrete accessories, chemicals, forming and paving product solutions, including Tilt-Werks® – A fully-integrated, web-based design and detail technology used by architects, structural engineers, contractors and other professionals to create  tilt-up buildings and construction packages, including the Building Information Modeling (BIM) data.

Donor: Doosan Bobcat
Item:  BX120WH Plate Compactor – 244 lb forward plate compactor with 5700 lb centrifugal force, powered by a 4.8 hp Honda GX 160 gasoline engine. Shipping included.

Donor: Equipment Lock Company (The)
Item: Anti-Theft Locks – Four (4) Anti-theft locks of choice (up to $800 total value) from full product line

Donor: HD Supply Construction & Industrial White Cap
Item: ICS Saw with Twinmax Chain – Gas Powered Concrete and Utility Pipe Chain Saw, model ICS 695GC14/695XL

Donor: Hi-Tech Systems/Progressive Fastening Systems
Item: PE-85 M.I. Moisture Insensitive Flexible Control Joint Filler with Soaper and Shaver Tools and Materials – The PE-85 M.I. is a moisture insensitive flexible control joint filler for interior concrete slabs, tinted to a color choice chosen by the winning bidder.  This package includes twelve (12) 22-oz cartridges of PE-85 M.I. as well as our remodeled “Soaper” tool for applying soap to the top surface of each side of the joint to keep the product from staining the surface, 4 bars of soap, a 22 oz hand tool for dispensing, a remodeled 5″ shaver to remove the filler (with extra blades) and 6 extra static mixing nozzles.

Donor: Hi-Tech Systems/Progressive Fastening Systems
Item: PE-85 M.I. Moisture Insensitive Flexible Control Joint Filler with Battery Tool and Extra Static Mixing Nozzles – The PE-85 M.I. is a moisture insensitive flexible control joint filler for interior concrete slabs, tinted to a color choice chosen by the winning bidder – contents include 12 cartridges (22oz each) of PE-85 M.I., a 22 oz battery tool to easily dispense the cartridges, and 6 extra static mixing nozzles.

Donor: Hi-Tech Systems/Progressive Fastening Systems
Item: PE-85 M.I. Moisture Insensitive Flexible Control Joint Filler with 8″ Shaver and Static Mixing Nozzles – The PE-85 M.I. is a moisture insensitive flexible control joint filler for interior concrete slabs, tinted to a color choice chosen by the winning bidder – contents include one (1) 10-gallon kit of PE-85 M.I., one (1) 8″ Hi-Tech Shaver with extra blades and 6 14″ static mixing nozzles.

Donor: Hi-Tech Systems/Progressive Fastening Systems
Item: Spall TX3 Pre-Polish Filler with Trowel – Hi-Tech Spall TX3 is used as a pre-polish filler to fill in small pin/bug holes and other imperfections on concrete floors that are to be polished.  It will be tinted to a color choice chosen by the winning bidder – contents include 1 (2 gallon kit) of TX3 and 1 straight trowel for easy application.

Donor: Hi-Tech Systems/Progressive Fastening Systems
Item: Spall RX and Hand Tool – A kit of our newest and thinnest-ever structural crack repair product for the deepest penetration into concrete slabs called Hi-Tech Spall RX; kit includes six (6) 22-oz cartridges of RX in the winner’s color choice, 1 22-oz hand tool and 2 Blue Norton Finishing Pads.

Donor:  Hilti, Inc.
Item:  SF 6H-A22 ATC Cordless Hammer Drill/Driver and SID 4-A22 Cordless Impact Driver – The Cordless hammer drill/driver SF 6H-A22 ATC is the first cordless drill to incorporate Active Torque Control, to the highest volume tool on jobsites – the cordless hammer drill.  Active Torque Control provides added protection to operators in the case that the drill bit binds in the application and the tool body begins to rotate too quickly.  When this event occurs the drill will shut off immediately, preventing further rotation. The Cordless impact driver SID 4-A22 is a compact size for tight spaces along with industrial class performance. The Hilti Cordless hammer drill/driver SF 6H-A22 ATC and Cordless mpact driver SID 4-A22 are the core of Hilti’s new 22v cordless tool platform.  Hilti’s new 22v batteries and tools are 100% compatible with Hilti’s 18v Lithium Ion cordless platform.  State of the art electronics in Hilti’s 22v batteries will allow for a more complete charge, as well as a deeper discharge, giving customers even more work per charge than today’s leading platform.

Donor: Honeywell Industrial Safety
ItemBoots and Fall Protection Harnesses – 11 Miller Aircore AC-TB/UGN Full Body Fall Arrest Harnesses, 11 Miller Aircore AC-TB-BDP/UGN Full Fall Arrest Body Harnesses, 3 Pair Oliver Boots (part numbers 65394 (brn 6″) or 55246 (blk 6″) and 3 Pair Muck Boots, part number ACP-STL0 (brn 16″) or CHH-000A (blk 16″).

Donor: Honeywell-Miller Fall Protection
Item: Full-Body Harness and Personal Fall Limiter – ACA-QC-BDP/UGN Miller Aircore full-body construction harness with side d-rings; and MFLC-12-Z7/9FT Miller Twin Turbo Personal Fall Limiter with G2 Connector with two 9-ft TurboLite PFLs with aluminum locking rebar hooks.

Donor: Husqvarna Construction Products
Item: Power Cutter with Blades – K760 14″ Power Cutter (item 967181002) and five (5) 14″ VariCut High Speed Diamond Blades (item 542751359).

Donor: ISKCO, Ltd
Item: Two Handy-Vib Internal Vibrators – Hand held, lightweight concrete vibrator.  Four head sizes 7/8″ – 1 1/2″ and four flex shaft lengths approx 3.5′ – 7.5′.  Also available the “Hard Shaft” DT series.  Features 11,000-13,000 vibrations per minute, interchangeable shafts, anti-vibration handles.

Donor: MAKO Enterprises LLC
Item:  MAKO Support System for Screed Rails and Structural Elements – can be used with any type of screed (hand or mechanical) – holds up to 1,000 lbs.

Donor: MEVA Formwork Systems Inc.
Item: Imperial Formwork – Rental of 2000 square feet of MEVA Imperial Formwork – steel formwork for cast-in-place concrete – for a time period of 28 days.

Donor: Multiquip Inc.
Item: Multiquip Whiteman HHNG5 – a high performance 8-foot mechanical ride-on trowel powered by a 35 HP Vanguard Air Cooled V-Twin Big Block Engine.  It features a CVT driveline that spins twin 5-blade rotors to a top speed of 180 RPM.

Donor: Neuvokas Corporation
Item: GatorBar Rebar – 10,000 linear feet of #3 (3/8″) GatorBar, 20′ lengths. GatorBar is a fiber reinforced polymer rebar that is lighter and stronger than steel rebar, and will never corrode. Includes standard shipping anywhere in the continental US.  Fees may apply for locations outside of the continental US.

Donor: Northrock Ind., Inc.
Item: Concrete Vibrator – Pro 1.5 concrete vibrator with 10′ flex. shaft and 1 1/2″ dia. head.

Donor: Oztec Industries, Inc.
Item: Oztec BP-50a Backpack Vibrator, Oztec 2″ RubberHead (HR188OZ) and Oztec 10″ Flexible Shaft (FS10OZ) – the Oztec BP-50a backpack provides ultimate and immediate adaptability on the job; utilizing rugged and dependable Honda gasoline engines, couped to our “speed up” transmission, vibrator heads develop 12,000 vpm and never drop below 10,000 vpm, even in the heaviest low slump concrete loads – Oztec’s patented RubberHead has a unique design that not only protects epoxy covered rebar, but will outperform any other vibrator on the market – rounds, square, high-cycle, etc…ANY TYPE! Oztec’s flexible shafts with our Quick Disconnect (“QD”) feature effectively transmit power from the engine to the vibrator head and allow for quick and easy changes from one shaft to another.

Donor: PNA Construction Technologies
Item: 35 Rolls of PNA HydraCure S16 Wet Curing Covers – Improve slab appearance and abrasion resistance with PNA’s HydraCure™ curing covers in your next project.  PNA reliably engineers systems to support delivery on the performance criteria you and your customers expect.  We collaborate with you to deliver to outperform conventional results for joint stability, joint protection and continuity of surface profile.  The HydraCure™ S16 moisture curing covers help to ensure a gradual, uniform and controlled concrete flatwork.  Made from inorganic materials, HydraCure™ covers deliver a residue and stain-free slab, provide effortless handling and are water-resistant during storage.     This offer includes 35 rolls of HydraCure™ S16 and will cover 140,000 SF (roll dimensions 10.5′ x 381′).  Recommended for curing *standard slabs; *indoor or outdoor environments; * premium slabs such as shrinkage compensating concrete; *paving projects.  Ideal for a range of weather conditions, HydraCure™ covers provide optimal hydration for proper curing.

Donor: Ritz Safety
Item: $3,000 in products from Ritz Safety – Ritz Safety is a full line safety supplier and our catalog showcases Personal Protective Equipment for employee safety as well as Facility safety products.  In addition, they are an authorized distributor for Honeywell, 3M, MSA and many other manufacturers and have access to their full line of safety products.  Buyer can select equipment/products from the current version of the full-line catalog or web page.

Donor: Robert Bosch Tool Company, The
Item: 18V Drill/Impactor Combo Kit – Item # CLPK233-181 – Includes a Bosch DDS182 drill driver, an IDH182 Impactor, charging station and two batteries.

Donor: Sky Climber LLC
Item: Sky Stage Ultra – 2M Standard Stage (369000-S02).

Donor: Somero Enterprises, Inc.
Item: 2016 Somero S-485 Laser Screed® – small lightweight ride-on Laser Screed® with OASIS laser control system, Quick GradeSet System™, soft landing, column block protection, soft start vibrator, and the ability to screed in any direction – applications include slab on grade, slab on deck, 3-dimensional paving, freezer slabs, ice rinks, in-floor heat, chaired mesh or rebar, including double mat rebar –  buyer responsible for shipping/delivery costs and sales tax.

Donor: Stanley Black & Decker
Item: Five (5) Sets of Dewalt Tools, Each Set including – 
DCB1800M3T1- 1800 WATT PORTABLE POWER STATION AND PARALLEL BATTERY CHARGER KIT –The 1800 Watt Portable Power Station™ and Parallel Battery Charger allows for AC power in remote locations for convenient portable power. Able to run most corded tools, it provides 1800 Watts (15 amps) continuous power and 3600 Watts peak power. The DCB1800M3T1 includes three DCB204 batteries and one DCB606 battery. DCR025- BLUETOOTH CHARGER RADIO –The DCR025 is designed to be the most versatile Jobsite Radio Charger on the market. The unit is able to run off and charge DEWALT slide pack battery packs including 20V and FLEXVOLT packs at 3 AMPs when plugged into an AC outlet. The unit is designed to include woofers, tweeters and air ports to provide clear and rich sound at all volume levels. 20V MAX* XR LITHIUM ION BRUSHLESS 3-SPEED HAMMERDRILL KIT –DEWALT-built high power, high efficiency brushless motor delivers up to 57% more run time over brushed XR Li-Ion batteries with fuel gauge provide 33% more capacity over standard packs. Heavy-duty 1/2″ ratcheting nitro-carburized metal chuck with carbide inserts for superior bit gripping strength.

Donor: Stanley Black & Decker
Item: Stanley Black & Decker Toolbox Set – Includes 023001W 23” FM water seal tool box, 11-921A 100 Blades, 10-778 FM retractable knife, FMHT33338 25’ FM auto lock tape, 20-046 FM Saw, FMHT51249 FM Antivibe Hammer, 84-557 4pc Plier set, FMhT42355 FM level, 55-525 Pry bar, STHT66511 6pc screwdriver set, DWHT70440 DeWalt jobsite headlamp, SWHTTR510 DeWalt multi tacker, DWHTTA7045 DeWalt staples, DWHT70291 DeWalt 10” adjustable wrench, DWMT74197 DeWalt ratcheting wrench set, DWHT 69233 DeWalt Ratcheting screwdriver, DWHT70262 DeWalt 8pc hex, DWHT20123 DeWalt folding jab saw and DCD780C2 20V compact drill/driver set

Donor: Sunbelt Rentals
Item:  Equipment Rental Certificates – Three certificates for $500 each off next equipment rental.

Donor: Terex
Item:  Terex Work Jackets – Six (6) Terex Timberline Heavyweight Hooded Construction Jackets (TX-123) and Six (6) Terex Men’s Waterproof Jackets (TX-141).  Items will be sold separately.

Donor: Tools & Accessories Corp. – Contractor & Industrial Supplies
Item: Bosch PB360C PowerBox 360– The Bosch Power Box™ PB360C jobsite radio/charger/digital media stereo features Bluetooth® technology to connect to the user’s smart device (with a range of up to 150 Ft.) and stream Internet radio and stored music. This portable, high-performance, weather-resistant entertainment system delivers 360° enriched stereo sound. Its four-way speakers and a subwoofer provide outstanding sound quality in all directions. It is durable, with an aluminum/rubber roll cage and a weather-resistant design. The portable radio features a powered USB port. The Bosch Power Box™ can be powered by Bosch 18 V Lithium-Ion batteries or plugging into a 120 V outlet. Its built-in battery charger will charge the user’s Lithium-Ion batteries as well. The PB360C also features four 120 V power outlets for connecting tools or other devices.

Donor: Trimble
ItemTekla Structures – Construction Modeling Software – 12-month Subscription – Successfully field tested, Tekla software by Trimble improves concrete construction productivity.  With Tekla constructible information management tools, contractors planning concrete pours have unrivaled insight and control to reduce their risks.  Contractors, without experience or expertise, can quickly and easily create Tekla concrete models complete with detailed rebar, embeds and formwork.  Tekla automates the tedious, traditionally manual material quantity take-off (QTO) tasks for better estimates and schedules.  The benefit is from preconstruction to pour.  Consistent, accurate, construction-quality quantities are generated faster from a Tekla model than conventional methods.  Layout is faster and more exact because Trimble software and hardware integrate seamlessly.

Donor: Wagman Metal Products Inc.
ItemSteel-Reinforced Poly Power Trowel Blades – Quantity of Twelve (12), item #WX618SRP – 6″ x 18″ WX style steel-reinforced poly power trowel blades


Other Industry Segment Items

Donor: American Concrete Pipe Association
Item: Annual Convention Registration & Hotel Package – Includes registration for ACPA’s 2017 Annual Convention, March 19-21, 2017, along with three (3) nights’ lodging (Sunday through Tuesday) at the Westin Hilton Head Resort & Spa, Hilton Head Island, SC.

Donor: Besser Company
Item: Blockmakers Workshop® – The Blockmakers Workshops are taught on the campus of Alpena Community College at the World Center for Concrete Technology. We have a full schedule of courses being offered in 2017 including a new Advanced Concrete Masonry Technology course. Students from all industry segments can benefit from the Concrete Masonry Technology courses; those in the masonry and hardscape will benefit from all courses. Management staffs rave about our Executive Session; it’s a 3-day fast paced condensed version of the Concrete Masonry Technology and Vibrapac® Blockmakers Workshops® tailored to upper management. New products, programs and current issues are also discussed in a round‐table format with industry executives and professionals. Check out www.wcct.net for more information or to register. Travel and hotel is the responsibility of the attendee.

Donor: Heritage Glass Inc.
Item: Silver Coated Glass Aggregate – Fifty (50) pounds of silver coated clear glass aggregate, which adds a brilliant sparkle to decorative concrete projects – shipping within the continental US included

Donor: National Precast Concrete Association
Item: The Precast Show 2017 Package – Scheduled March 2-4, 2017 at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, OH. Package includes two tickets to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, two Precast Show educational courses, two tickets to the trade show floor, and two nights’ stay at the Drury Plaza.

Donor: Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute
Item: PCI Convention & National Bridge Conference Registration & Lodging – Package includes two (2) complimentary registrations to the 2017 PCI Convention and National Bridge Conference, scheduled for February 28 – March 4 in Cleveland OH, as well as two (2) nights’ lodging at the host hotel in downtown Cleveland.  Visit pci.org/convention for more details.


Items of Interest to Everyone

Donor: Allen-Villere Partners
Item: New Orleans Stay & Quail Hunt for Three (3) Hunters – includes Friday night stay in New Orleans @ The Windsor Court, the city’s most luxurious hotel, then your trek takes you to Covey Rise Lodge & Farms for a Saturday afternoon guided quail hunt.  Have  a chef-prepared dinner and spend Saturday night in a luxurious 3-bedroom, 2 1/2 bath cabin furnished in five-star comfort before returning to the airport on Sunday. Trip valid October 2017 – April 2018 to coincide with hunting season.  $1,200 travel allowance provided courtesy of Buzzi Unicem USA.

Donor: American Concrete Pavement Association
Item: Getaway to Hyatt Regency-Austin, Austin, TX – Enjoy two (2) nights in a standard room at this luxurious hotel located on the Colorado River and situated near the vibrant entertainment districts and exceptional dining options.

Donor: Anderson Concrete
Item: Golf at Muirfield Village, Dublin, OH – site of 2013 Presidents Cup – 2 Rounds of golf for three  players (play with member), at Jack Nicklaus’ world-renowned Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, OH.  Includes an overnight stay in an on-site cabin.

Donor: Argos North America
Item: Golf at Atlanta Country Club – 1 Round of golf for three  players (play with member), cart and lunch included. Must use by end of 2017.

Donor: Baker Concrete Construction, Inc.
Item: Kentucky Derby Package for Two (2) – includes three-night hotel stay (one room, arrival 5/4/17, departure 5/7/17), 1st Floor Grandstand tickets sections 126-128, daily breakfast, Lexington Horse Farm Tour, Distillery Tour and lunch on Friday, Derby Welcome Reception Friday evening at hotel, Bloody Marys and Mimosas Saturday morning at hotel, transportation to and from Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby.  $800 travel allowance courtesy of Buzzi Unicem USA.

Donor: Bay Area Friends of CIM/California State University CIM Patrons
ItemEscape to Seascape and Experience Beautiful Monterey Bay – Enjoy accommodations at beautiful Seascape Resort in Aptos, California for three nights in a fully-equipped 2-bedroom oceanfront luxury condo.  Enjoy golf at nearby Pasatiempo Golf Club, Experience a first-class cruise through the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary aboard the 70-foot sailing yacht Chardonnay II.  Visit the world-class Monterey Bay Aquarium, including its centerpiece “Ocean Edge Wing” 333,000 gallon tank for viewing California coastal marine life.  Indulge in fine dining with a $250 gift certificate to a local area restaurant.  All listed activities are for four (4) people.  Package also includes $1,600 air travel allowance courtesy of Ash Grove Cement.

Donor: Bradford Renaissance Portraits
Item: Exclusive Family Portrait – By world-renowned Bradford in either his New York or Palm Beach location – Package includes a 20″ wall portrait on canvas with lavish artistry plus a one-night stay at either the luxurious Ritz-Carlton Westchester or the 5-Diamond, 5-Star Eau Resort in Palm Beach (formerly the Ritz Carlton Palm Beach).  Must be of a family or individual (sorry, no pets).

Donor: Capital Genealogy
Item: Two (2) Hours of Geneaological Research – Pursue your family history one branch at a time, or focus on one particular lineage – This certificate applies to actual time spent researching – every project begins with a free consultation to clarify your goals and what you are looking for, and all post-research analysis and reporting is included – no additional purchase necessary.

Donor: CEMEX
Item: Attention Sports Junkies:  Sports Weekend Package for 4 in Los Angeles – Fly to Los Angeles and watch the LA Kings, Clippers and Lakers – All in 1 Weekend! Arrive in LA on Friday, 2/24 and enjoy the LA Clippers as they battle the San Antonio Spurs in a Western Division Hoops Classic. On Saturday, watch the LA Kings lace up their skates against cross-town rival Anaheim Ducks. Finish off this awesome weekend by watching the LA Lakers battle their rivals – the San Antonio Spurs, from the best seats (half-court, row 2) in the house on Sunday evening, February 26. Package includes 2 hotel rooms (double occupancy) for 3 nights (Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights) at the Marina del Rey Marriott. Also includes airfare for 4 from any US city. Ground transportation to/from the airport is included.

Donor: CEMEX
Item: Florida Gators Football Tickets – Four (4) tickets to the University of Florida Gators vs the Texas A&M Aggies on Saturday, October 14, 2017.  Game to be played in Gainesville, FL.

Donor: Central Concrete Supply Co, a U.S. Concrete Company
ItemSan Francisco Travel Package for Two(2) – Three nights for two (one room) at the award-winning historic Cavallo Point Lodge, offering breathtaking views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.  This resort was originally Fort Baker, built in the early 1900’s by the US Army to help protect the bridge.  Also includes a 3-hour dinner and dance cruise for two on San Francisco Bay with 4-course dinner of locally-sourced ingredients prepared fresh onboard by renowned chef and $400 per person reimbursement for airfare.

Donor: Charles Pankow Builders, Ltd.
Item2018 Rose Bowl Package – Four (4) tickets to 2018 Rose Bowl Game (choice of 4 seats together in end zone or two pairs of adjacent seats in different sections at 15 yard line or better), four (4) Grandstand seats for Rose Parade, parking pass that can be used for both the parade and game, and $1,000 in spending cash.  $1,600 airfare allowance provided courtesy of Ash Grove Cement.

Donor: Conco Companies (The)
Item: Napa Valley Weekend – includes three nights for four (4) people (in a 2-bed condo) at The Silverado Resort  Spa in Napa, CA, golf or spa credits up to $850, dinner for four at The Grill at Silverado Resort & Spa, and 6-hours of limo service for a wine tasting tour in the Napa Valley. $1,600 airfare allowance provided courtesy of Ash Grove Cement.

Donor: Concrete Supply Company
Item: Outdoor Sportsman’s Package – includes:  Summit 180 MAX SD Tree Stand, Max4 Marshland Float Tube (Cam0), Moultrie M-990i No Glow Game Camera, Midland 36-Mile 50-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio (Camo), 10×50 mm Binoculars, Bushnell 4×21 Laser Range Finder and Mifine® Waterproof LED Headlamp Super Bright 3000LM.

Donor:  ConcreteCareers.com
Item:  Deeply Discounted Placement Fee –   A reduction of 25% off of invoice will be given to the winner of this donated item.  As an example, if they place a new hire that makes $100k per year, the normal fee would be $25k.  With this certificate, you would pay $18,750, a savings of $6,250).

Donor: Bobcat Company/Doosan Infracore International
Item: Skidsteer, Excavator and Compact Track Miniature Models – 12 sets of models, each containing one of each models S650, T 650, and E55.

Donor: Dunn Investment Company
Item: Quail Hunting at Circle M Plantation in Mississippi – located in Macon, MS (approximately 2-hours’ drive from Birmingham, AL airport) – includes a full day of quail hunting for four (4) hunters, meals, lodging, beverages and shells – package also includes $1,000 travel voucher – website www.circlemplantation.com.

Donor: EMS – Environmental Manufacturing Solutions
Item: Old Bahama Bay Resort Package for 4 – Get picked up from Orlando International airport in a private Mercedes S600 Stretch limo for the 1 hour ride to our FBO terminal at the Melbourne International Airport to board a private airplane for the 45-minutes flight to the Bahamas where they will land at the private airport directly on property and be transported to a beach front oasis.  The condo is a 2 bedroom, 3 bath suite neighboring John Travolta’s suite.  This is a high-end luxury resort. Chose one of two packages: 3 days, 2 nights (arrival Friday departing Sunday) or 4 days, 3 nights (arrival Monday departing Thursday).  Excluding Holidays or Special Events. For more details on the property visit  http://www.oldbahamabay.com/home.  $1,200 in additional travel/entertainment funds courtesy of the CIM National Steering Committee.

Donor: Erie Strayer Company
ItemLenovo 15.6″ Laptop – Intel® Pentium® N3710 processor, Windows 10 home 64, 15.6 HD glossy (1366×768) with integrated camera, Intel® HD Graphics 405, 4.0 GB DDR3 1600 MHz (onboard), 1 TB 5400 RPM, DVD recordable, Network card, Lenovo AC Wireless, Bluetooth Version 4.0, ClickPad pointing device, battery 3 cell 24 watt hour Li-Cylingrical, English keybord, One year warranty.

Donor: Fastenal
Item: NASCAR Tickets – Two (2) Dover Nationwide Xfinity race tickets from June 3, 2017.

Donor: FMI Corporation
Item: World-Renowned FMI Field Leadership Institute in Floorisant, CO – One registration to the FMI Field Leader Institute held in Florissant, Colorado, which will help you discover how to leverage your leadership abilities for maximum effectiveness. This program is unique from any other leadership development you will ever receive. When you attend the Field Leader Institute, you can expect experiential learning, lively discussions, powerful assessments in a feedback-rich environment, an action plan and follow-up. The FMI Field Leader Institute is a tightly structured three-day program in which industry professionals examine themselves and their impact on their organizations through a variety of hands-on interactive experiences. Choose from February 21-23, 2017; May 16-18, 2017 or December 5-7, 2017 dates.

Donor: Frank Kozeliski Consulting Engineer
Item: Concrete Bowl – this bowl can be used to hold fruit, candy or other items to show off your love for Concrete – an original made in Gallup, New Mexico, USA –  Item will be available for pickup at conclusion of the auction

Donor: Frank Kozeliski Consulting Engineer
Item: Concrete Mason Jar – A Concrete Keepsake – beautiful craftsmanship in this Mason Jar-a-like made of Concrete – great for a vase or to collect your pennies –  Item will be available for pickup at conclusion of the auction

Donor: Frank Kozeliski Consulting Engineer
Item: Concrete Business Cards–  Made in Gallup, NM, this set of 25 business cards can be customized with 6 lines of content of your choosing – each card is made of 4000 psi with glass fibers, and weighs about 1.5 oz – These are very unique so your customers will remember you forever!  After providing donor with your chosen content, allow 45 days to receive the cards – shipping in the USA via the USPO is included with the bid.

Donor: General Motors Fleet
Item: Four (4) Grandstand Tickets and four (4) ColdPass credentials to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Race at Texas Motor Speedway on Sunday, April 9, 2017.  Must be 18 years or older to utilize ColdPass – Name, driver’s license number and state of issue must be provided no later than Thursday March 23, 2017 in order to receive ColdPass access (allows access to the Pit and garage area at select times prior to the race).

Donor: Holliday Rock
Item: Battle of Los Angeles Powerhouses – Lakers vs Clippers Tickets at LA Live Staples Center – Four (4) Premier Seating tickets with parking for Los Angeles Lakers vs Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday, March 21, 2017.

Donor: Housby
Item: $1,500 Gift Certificate to Golf Galaxy – over 81 locations in 30+ states with wide selection of golf clubs and accessories.

Donor: Houston Freightliner Western Star
Item: Deep Sea Fishing Charter – Everything is bigger in Texas, including the outstanding fishing along our Gulf Coast!  Houston Freightliner Western Star will host up to 4 people on a chartered Gulf of Mexico fishing trip out of Galveston or Corpus Christi area.  Whether you’re looking to test some of the state’s finest inshore fishing grounds, or chase after the monster pelagics roaming beyond the continental shelf, there’s no place you’d rather be than right here.  Venture further offshore, and expect to come across anything from Kingfish, Snapper and Dorado, to prime specimen of Tuna, Wahoo, and even the elusive Blue Marlin. This trip will include overnight hotel accommodations for each guest, meals, and all on-board expenses for the charter.  The winner bidder will determine desired target species for the trip as well as how long they intend to be out.

Donor: IronPlanet
Item: 2017 Grammy Awards Package for Two – Attend the 2017 Grammy Awards!  Package includes two (2) luxury box tickets, catered food and beverage, two tickets to the Grammy Museum, and two nights in one room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel (arrive February 11, depart February 13).  $800 travel allowance provided by the CIM National Steering Committee.

Donor: Irving Materials, Inc.
Item: Four (4) Indianapolis Colts Tickets – For the 2017/2018 season – lower level north end zone – buyer must request tickets one month prior to start of the season.

Donor: John Deere Construction & Forestry Division
ItemJohn Deere X570 Tractor with 48 Accel Deep Mower Deck – 24HP, air-cooled V-twin cylinder with cast iron liners, instrument display with hour meter; 12-V battery, hydrostatic transmission, twin touch pedals, cruise control, differential lock, cast iron front axle, storage under seat and toolbox, fender handles, manual two-wheel steer, 16″ turning radius, foot pedal implement lift, 48″ mower deck, side discharge.

Donor: L.M. Scofield Co.
Item: iPAD Pro 9.7″ – 32GB, WiFi enabled.

Donor: Las Animas Concrete
Item: Seascape Beach Resort Condo – Three nights’ stay in AAA 4-diamond 2-bedroom luxury condominium in the beautiful Seascape Beach Resort in Aptos, CA located directly on the coast of the beautiful Monterey Bay.   Enjoy this as part of the Monterey Bay package being auctioned in the Live Auction.

Donor: Lehigh Hanson, Inc.
 San Francisco Giants Tickets – includes a premier parking pass and four (4) Club Level tickets behind home plate for two home games the weekend of June 9-11, 2017.  This item is part of the “Explore San Francisco” package.

Donor: Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.
Item: I-Pad Pro – Apple I-Pad Pro 9.7″, space grey, 32GB, Wifi.

Donor: Martin Marietta Materials
Item: Dallas Cowboys Tickets – Four (4) luxury suite tickets to a Dallas Cowboys 2076 regular season home game with parking pass – the suite includes food and drinks.  Package includes two hotel rooms for two nights each at a premium hotel location in the DFW area.  Package includes $1,600 travel allowance courtesy of CIM National Steering Committee.

Donor: Matt Childs of Grapevine Wine Tours
Item: Two Gift Certificates to Grapevine Wine Tours – including two dinner tours and one night lodging at a Dallas/Fort Worth area hotel.  Tours include wine tastings at three Grapevine Texas wineries plus dinner and ground transportation.

Donor: Miles Sand  & Gravel
Item: Sailgating at University of Washington Pac 12 Champion Husky Game and Weekend in Seattle – The University of Washington Husky football stadium is located in Seattle on the shores of Lake Washington. Husky Stadium is called “the best setting in college football” for a really good reason: the giant lake you can see from the stands and the towering mountains behind it.  Enjoy Seattle’s version of tailgating by arriving by boat.  Experience “sailgating” at its finest aboard the one and only 94’ Big Dawg.  Winner will be picked up from the boat’s main dock on Mercer island, then sail to the stadium dock for approximately 3 hours of good food and drinks before walking to the stadium to watch a great game. Return ride home takes approximately 1 hour.  This trip includes four club season tickets to any 2017 season home game and two night’s hotel accommodations in the heart of Seattle. $1,200 travel/spending cash provided courtesy of the CIM National Steering Committee.

Donor: MTSU CIM Patrons
Item: Houseboat Rental – Rent a houseboat at one of over 30 lakes in the US or Canada – this voucher for $3,000 can be used towards any week long rental of a houseboat of your choice – click HERE to look at the lake and houseboat options.

Donor: MTSU CIM Patrons
Item: Nashville Experience Package for Two (2) People – Enjoy two nights’ stay at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel (one room), two tickets to the Grand Ole Opry, and two tickets for the General Jackson Dinner Cruise – $500 airline voucher included.

Donor: National Precast Concrete Association Foundation
Item: Apple iWatch – Series 1, 38mm case, Gold Aluminum Case with Concrete Sport Band.

Donor: NJIT CIM Patrons
Item: New York City Wine Dinner/Hotel Package for Two (2) People – The NJIT Annual Wine Dinner at Valbella Restaurant in New York City will take place on Saturday, February 22nd.  Enjoy a night full of fabulous food and taste a variety of top wines with your colleagues in the concrete industry.  The evening is topped off with music and fun in the kitchen as we make our own (2nd) dessert with the kitchen staff.  Don’t miss the concrete industry event of the year!!  Includes two (2) nights’ stay at The Edition Hotel.

Donor: Ozinga Bros., Inc.
Item: Sports Weekend for Four (4) in Chicago April 1&2, 2017 – includes four Bulls tickets courtesy of Ozinga Bros., Inc., four Blackhawk tickets courtesy of LafargeHolcim, domestic airfare for four people, two hotel rooms (double occupancy) for two nights each, and $350 allowance at well-known steakhouse.

Item: 2017 Indianapolis 500 Race Package for Two (2) People – Event Dates May 26-29, 2017 – Includes round-trip air transportation for two travelers from home city to Indianapolis, Indiana; three nights accommodations at the Omni Severin Hotel, or similar (based on availability) including taxes; round-trip sedan transportation between the Indianapolis airport and the Omni; daily buffet breakfast at Omni; Tower Terrace tickets and Legends Row Hospitality to the 101st Indianapolis 500 – hospitality includes fully catered food buffet, complementary beer, soda and water on Sunday, May 28; Friday evening welcome dinner with Indy Legend; ticket to the Driver’s Meeting on Saturday; round-trip deluxe motor-coach transfers to the Driver’s Meeting on Saturday; round-trip deluxe motor coach transfers with police escort to the race on Sunday; official Indianapolis 500 Gift Bag; admission to the Hall of Fame Museum; and dinner one evening at 1913 Restaurant.

Donor: Portland Cement Association
Item: InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile – One night complimentary stay at the InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile in an Executive Tower Guestroom with breakfast for two (2) people.  The InterContinental Chicago was built in 1929 and remains a true icon of this great city, situated right on the Chicago Magnificent Mile, one block north of the Chicago River.

Donor: Power Curbers Inc.
Item: Four (4) Carolina Panthers Single-Game Tickets – Four (4) 50-yard line tickets – seats are eight rows from the field on the visitors’ side – game to be mutually agreed upon between Power Curbers and buyer after the 2017 NFL schedule is released.

Donor: Ready Mix USA
Item: University of Alabama Football Tickets – Four (4) tickets for Saturday September 30, 2016 game against Ole Miss Rebels – game to be played in Tuscaloosa, AL

Donor: Rush Enterprises, Inc.
Item: Dallas Cowboys Tickets – Six (6) premiere suite tickets to a Dallas Cowboys 2016 regular season home game with parking pass – the suite includes food and drinks – winning bidder will need to select game at the beginning of the pre-season to ensure securing the desired game – exclusions may apply. Package includes $2,400 travel allowance courtesy of Buzzi Unicem USA.

Donor: Sandler Training
Item: Two (2) One-Day Sales or Sales Management Training programs for up to 25 people – Sandler Training, once again voted the #1 Training Organization by Entrepreneur Magazine and the recognized leader in sales and sales management training is offering a one day (8 hour) training session focused on sales or sales management skills development for up to 25 people.  Participants will actively engage in exercises and classroom learning as they learn the Sandler System for Sales or Sales Management;  each participant will receive a copy of the Sandler book “You Can’t Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar,” an audio CD and a participant workbook; the two programs will be offered separately at auction.

Donor: SEFA Group (The)
ItemNashville Predators Tickets – Two (2) tickets to Nashville Predators home game.

Donor: Sika Corporation
Item: 2017 Masters Package – All inclusive trip for two to the Saturday & Sunday rounds of the 2017 Masters tournament, Saturday and Sunday, April 8 – 9. Includes domestic airfare, three nights at the Augusta, GA  Hampton Inn (arriving Friday, April 7 – departing Monday, April 10), continental breakfast, full size rental car from Atlanta airport, transport to & from Augusta National, badges for Saturday & Sunday rounds, and passes to hospitality tent with breakfast, lunch, afternoon hors d’oeuvres and open bar each day.

Donor: Silvi Group Companies, Inc.
Item: Wine from Larry Silvi’s Personal Collection – including 2013 Kesner Pinot Noir (California); 2007 Patz and Hall Pinot Noir (California); 2007 Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (California); 2006 Cepa 21 Ribera DelDoura (Spain); 2010 Sottimano Nebbiolo (Italy); 2006 Ghost Block Cabernet Sauvignon (California).

Donor: Stego Industries LLC
Item: Anaheim Ducks Hockey Tickets – Four (4) seats four rows from the ice to see the Anaheim Ducks play the Boston Bruinsat the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA on , February 22nd – two parking passes are included.

Donor: Stoneway Concrete
Item: Seattle Mariners Tickets – Four (4) tickets for Seattle Mariners versus Texas Rangers on Friday, May 5, 2017 from Safeco Field in Seattle, WA – tickets are in section 129, row 19, aisle seat is behind home plate (next to player’s wives).

Donor: Texas State University CIM Patrons Board
Item: Gaylord Texan Getaway – A premier resort north of the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport on Lake Grapevine.  Close to shopping,Cowboys Golf Course and additional outdoor activities.  Also on property is the Glass Cactus Night Club featuring live music. Package includes Two night’s stay in a lakeview room, dinner for two at the award-winning Old Hickory Steakhouse and two massage treatments at Relache Spa.

Donor: Thomas Concrete Company
Item: Atlanta Braves Tickets – Four (4) tickets to spring baseball in Atlanta when the Braves battle the Washington Nationals on Thursday, April 20, 2017 –  Seats are in Section 15, Row 12, seats 1-4 and include a parking pass.

Donor: Thomas Concrete Company
Item: Atlanta Braves Tickets – Four (4) tickets to summer baseball in Atlanta when the Braves battle the New York Mets on Friday, June 9, 2017 –  Seats are in Section 15, Row 12, seats 1-4 and include a parking pass.

Donor: U.S. Concrete
Item: Dallas Sports  for Four – enjoy three amazing sporting experiences with an evening in a 4-person suite with dinner/drinks for a Dallas Mavericks game in the 2016/2017 season, and evening in a 4-person suite with dinner/drinks for a Dallas Stars game in the 2016/2017 season, and four (4) tickets in the Lexus Level for a Texas Rangers game in the 2017 season – buyer will need to coordinate with donor to select games for each event.

Donor: U.S. Concrete Atlantic Region
Item: Take a Bite out of the Big Apple – Package for Two to NYC in June 2017 – Choice of Two Weekends (either June 9-11 or June 23-25)  – Arrive Friday and check in to a Deluxe Room at the world-famous Carlyle Hotel for two nights (one room) in Manhattan – Enjoy an exquisite fine dining experience at the Carlyle Restaurant Friday night. Saturday you will spend the afternoon at Yankee Stadium watching the New York Yankees take on either the Baltimore Orioles (June 10th) or  Texas Rangers (June 24th) from seats in Section 110.  During your stay enjoy two (2) complimentary spa services at the Sisley-Paris Spa (value $700). Departure on Sunday. $800 airfare allowance courtesy of CIM National Steering Committee.

Donor: Vulcan Materials Company
Item: Players Stadium Golf and Sawgrass Lodging Package – Package includes two (2) nights’ accommodations for four (4) people at the Marriott Sawgrass in a two-bedroom four-bed villa and two (2) rounds of golf for a foursome on the famous Players Stadium Course – Also includes up to $1,000 towards airline tickets.

Donor:  Vulcan Materials Company
Item:  Washington Redskins Football Tickets –   Four (4) tickets to see the Washington Redskins take on the New York Giants from Fedex Field in Washington DC during the 2017 season (date to be announced).  Tickets are on the 45-yard line behind the visitors’ bench.  Includes Touchdown Club access, which opens 3 hours before kickoff.  Food and Beverages provided, along with marching band performance.  Parking pass included.

Donor: W. W. Grainger
Item: DeWalt FLEXVOLT Jobsite Radio DCR025 – This radio/charger includes a 20V/60V DeWalt battery charger when plugged into AC power, bluetooth connectivity up to 100 ft., Two (2) additional AC power outlets, NFC Wireless Connectivity.

Item: Concrete Sculpture “Ice Rock” sculpted by Nathan Giffin – The “Ice Rock” serves is a functional sculpture that serves as a vessel for drinks, popsicles, fruit, candy, or anything that will fit in the rock cavity. Its unique design allows melted ice to drain out into a flower garden or grassy yard. Walttools provided all materials and tools. The process started with a foam billet carved with hot wires and knives. The final shape was then coated with Structure Coat specifically design to cover a foam substrate. Tru-Pac X carving mix was then used for the carving and Texture Rollers were used to acquire the desired stone effects. Tru-Tint stains were used to achieve the coloration of the stone. The final step was to seal the surface with Tru-Block sealer. This is but one example of the many uses of foam core construction for vertical decorative concrete.  Donor will cover up to $250 in freight charges from the show to the buyer’s location.

Donor: Webcor
Item: Sailing San Francisco Bay – Spend an afternoon with your group of up to six people, sailing a 40′ yacht around Alcatraz Island, under the Golden Gate Bridge, and around the course for the 2013 America’s Cup.  Take the help, trim the sails, or site back and relax as you enjoy this world class sailing venue.  Do as much or as little as you please on this fully crewed vessel.  Picnic lunch aboard includes wine from Napa Valley and beer from local microbreweries.  This item is part of the “Explore San Francisco” package.

Donor: Wirtgen America, Inc.
Item: Welcome to Nashville, TN “Home of Country Music” – package includes airfare for two from anywhere in the continental US to Nashville, TN – car service to and from the Nashville Airport to the Sheraton Hotel located in scenic downtown – one room for two nights’ stay with breakfast included – during the day, enjoy VIP tickets for two to the Country Music Hall of Fame – one night enjoy dinner for two at Morton Steakhouse and tickets for two to the Grand Ole Opry with limo service included; package can be used during the week or weekend based on availability.

Donor: Woodland Tilt-Up
Item: Miami Dolphins Football Tickets – Four (4) tickets, including parking, for any 2017 Miami Dolphins home game.

Donor: World of Concrete
Item: $400 Marriott Gift Certificate – $400 Marriott Gift Certificate, good at any Marriott property.

Additional Donations

Donor:  Ash Grove Cement
Item:  $5,000 in travel funds to be used in various vacation packages

Donor:  Buzzi Unicem USA
Item:  $5,000 Cash Donation

Donor:  CIT Trucks/Kenworth
Item:  $1,000 Cash Donation

Donor:  Fluor
Item:  $5,000 Cash Donation

Donor:  Fraco Products Ltd
Item:  $2,000 Cash Donation

Donor:  Heavy Equipment Colleges of America
Item:  $500 Cash Donation

Donor:  Home Depot
Item:  $1,000 Cash Donation

Donor:  Putzmeister America, Inc.
Item:  $500 Cash Donation

Donor:  Structural Group
Item:  $5,000 Cash Donation

Donor:  T.A.S. Commercial Concrete Construction
Item:  $1,500 Cash Donation

Donor:  Volvo Construction Equipment
Item:  $5,000 Cash Donation

Donor: W.R. Meadows
Item:  $4,000 cash donation